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HIMO L2 Max Electric Scooter Review Header

HIMO L2 Max E-Scooter Review - There's a catch!

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 24. October 2023

We already reported about e-bikes from HIMO some time ago. With the HIMO L2 Max, the manufacturer has now launched an e-scooter that tries to impress in terms of value for money. In the test, we took a closer look at the practical means of transport.

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Test: HIMO L2 Max

In big cities they are on almost every corner. We are talking about e-scooters, which for many are a practical and time-saving means of transport, but for some they are an annoying nuisance in city traffic.

HIMO L2 Max Electric Scooter Review Header

If you don't want to rent an e-scooter, you can buy your own. The selection is huge and especially in Germany the regulations of the StVO and StVZO must be observed. If you opt for a model without road permission, driving on public roads can be quite expensive for you!

In the following test, I describe my experiences with the HIMO L2 Max e-scooter, which can be bought for almost 600 euros on relevant shopping platforms. The e-scooter is widely advertised with CE conformity, confirmed by the SGS-TÜV. However, that is not enough. But one after anonther.

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HIMO L2 Max: design and finish

Wide running board

There is nothing wrong with the look and workmanship of the HIMO L2 Max. I really liked the wide footboard (20 cm), which is bent forwards and backwards like a skateboard. The running board is almost completely rubberized for a secure footing while driving. You should note the maximum load capacity of 100 kg.

HIMO L2 Max folded.

When folded, the e-scooter is easy to transport.

IPX4 water protection

According to IPX4, the HIMO L2 Max does not offer the best water protection, but it is protected against splash water and rain. Driving through puddles should be avoided.

HIMO L2 Max unfolded.

The e-scooter is ready to drive in no time.

The battery pack (36V 10.4Ah) is packaged somewhat unattractively on the underside, which is located in a plastic box. Other manufacturers show nicer solutions here. The battery is charged via a charging connection on the side. The easily accessible stand, which can be folded out quickly and easily, is practical.

10 inch pneumatic tires

When it comes to tires, HIMO relies on large 10-inch pneumatic tires with a tire width of 62 mm. More on how this affects driving comfort later. The 350W electric motor is typically located in the front wheel.

HIMO L2 Max front wheel.

The front wheel with the 350W electric motor.

For braking, the e-scooter is equipped with an electronic brake at the front and a mechanical disc brake at the rear. In addition, there are reflectors on both sides of the wheels and an electronic brake light.

HIMO L2 Max rear wheel.

The rear wheel with the mechanical disc brake.

Practical folding mechanism

The folding mechanism works smoothly, although some force is required to close or release the safety lever.

HIMO L2 Max folding mechanism.

At this point, the handlebar is folded.

An additional latch on the safety lever prevents the lever from loosening while driving. The folded handlebars can be attached to the rear wheel using a device so that the scooter, which weighs around 19 kg, can be carried.

HIMO L2 Max hook for hanging.

The folded handlebar can be hung here.

 When unfolded, the scooter measures 118 x 49.5 x 120 cm. When folded, the size shrinks to 118 x 49.5 x 50 cm. This means that the e-scooter just about fits into the trunk of standard limousines. Small car drivers should measure their trunk beforehand. The scooter does not fit in the trunk of a Toyota Yaris!

Handlebar with LED display

If we hike up along the handlebars, there is an LED headlight in the lower third that can be switched on and off using a switch on the handlebars. The handlebar itself is equipped with an LED display in the middle that provides information about the speed, battery level and riding mode.

HIMO L2 Max LED display.

The LED display is easy to read even in sunshine.

The throttle lever is on the right. The brake levers are on the left and right. We would also have a mechanical bell and the power button on the handlebars.

HIMO L2 Max: practical test

Operation and functions

Operating the HIMO L2 Max is simple. Climb on, gain momentum and regulate the speed with the throttle. You change the driving mode by briefly pressing the power button. A colored "S" on the display indicates the respective driving mode. White means a maximum speed of 5 km/h. Strictly speaking, the mode is there to make pushing easier. Yellow means a maximum of 18 km/h and red switches on the turbo, i.e. up to 25 km/h.

HIMO L2 Max Throttle.

The throttle also includes the power button and the light button.

These are actually all the functions of the HIMO L2 Max. There are no frills, such as cruise control, anti-theft protection or a suitable app.

street legal

And this is also the catch of the HIMO L2 Max, if you want to drive the e-scooter on public roads within Germany. Firstly, the scooter does not have an ABE (general operating permit). You also do not get an EBE (individual operating permit), because the e-scooter does not comply with the design-related maximum speed of up to 20 km/h. This means that the HIMO L2 Max is unusable for German roads and may only be driven on private property in this country. Pity!

HIMO L2 Max license plate holder.

There is space for the insurance sticker. But not street legal!

driving behavior

At this point you could actually stop testing the HIMO L2 Max. However, we tried the scooter on private property.

We really liked the pleasantly soft ride, even on rocky paths. Thanks to the large running board and the large 10-inch tires, you stand securely on the scooter. Acceleration is smooth. Curves can be easily taken without a large steering angle. The e-scooter masters small inclines with ease.


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Video impressions of the HIMO L2 Max

We also liked the braking behavior of the HIMO L2 Max. The braking effect is easy to dose, so that gentle braking is not a problem.


The 36V 10.4Ah battery pack consists of 40 type 18650 lithium-ion cells and is TÜV-tested according to HIMO. A BMS (Battery Management System) monitors and protects the battery pack against short circuits, overheating and overcharging. The automatic switch-off function offers additional protection if the e-scooter is not moved for more than 5 minutes.

HIMO L2 Max LED headlight.

At the front there is a small LED headlight.

According to HIMO, the range is up to 40 km. Since we only tested the e-scooter on private property, we couldn't even come close to bringing the battery to its knees. Experience has shown that the manufacturer's specifications refer to ideal conditions, i.e. low payload, gradient-free route and low speed. In everyday practice, you should expect a range of between 20 and 25 km. The charging time is up to 6 hours.

HIMO L2 Max Electric Scooter Review Header

Good workmanship
Agreeable folding mechanism
Wide tread
Large 10 inch tires
Stable driving behavior
Safe braking


Not street legal in Germany
IPX4 water protection only
No smart functions (app)
Range a little too optimistic


It's a pity that we won't be able to see the HIMO L2 Max, at least legally, on German roads. Because despite good workmanship, simple operation and solid handling, the HIMO L2 Max is not street legal if you want to drive the e-scooter in Germany.

Interested parties from other European countries should definitely take a look at the HIMO L2 Max, because the price-performance ratio is right, even if there are no gimmicks such as app control.

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    29. October 2022 11 to: 55

    Is it legal to use in Austria?

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