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Havit I95 TWS in-ear review

HAVIT i95 Review - TWS in-ear headphones

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on February 16, 2022

With a price of around € 95, the HAVIT I25 are a real declaration of war in the area of ​​true wireless headphones. The headphones want to keep up with solid workmanship and good sound. Can you keep the promise? We tested them for you.

Our rating
Technical data






Headphones: 22 X 15,5 X 13,8mm
Loading cases: 68.5 X 32.4 X 44.1mm
Frequency range: 20-20Khz

Headphones: 2 X 4g
Charging case: 39g

Default: 5.0
Range: up to 10 meters

* A2DP

Microphone: Yes
Operation: Touch
Battery charging case: ~ 500 mAh (fully charged in 3h)
Battery headphones: 2 X 30 mAh (fully charged in 2h)

What's in the box

1 x charging cradle
2 x earphones
1 x micro USB cable
1 x Operating Instructions

Design, workmanship and delivery

The HAVIT i95 are very compact with dimensions of 22 x 15,5 x 13,8mm. With a weight of only 4 grams per headphone, they are also quite light. The charging case, which comes with the dimensions 68,5 x 32,5 x 44,1mm, weighs only 39 grams. The case and the headphones have a total weight of 47 grams.

The design of the headphones is kept quite simple and dispenses with striking elements like a long shaft on the Xiaomi AirDots Pro or the Apple AirPods.

Havit I95 TWS with charging case

The workmanship of the headset was well done according to the price. At a price of € 25, scratch-resistant hard plastic can also be expected, which was installed here. Nevertheless, the general processing looks solid and there is no rattling or crunching. The headphones themselves are also made of hard plastic, with the various ear pads made of soft plastic.

The touch surface of the headphones feels valuable, can be scanned easily and found quickly.

The scope of delivery includes the charging case, a micro USB cable, the headphones, 3 pairs of ear pads (S / M / L) and operating instructions.


Setting up the headphones was no problem under the iOS and Android operating systems and is intuitive. When the charging case is opened, the two headphones start to flash alternately and are ready to pair. The HAVIT i95 can then be easily connected via the Bluetooth of the mobile device. If these are coupled, they can be removed and placed in the ears. A short tone sounds, which makes it clear that the headphones are actually connected.

Havit I95 headphones open charging case

Once the Havit i95 is connected, they remember the last connected device. If you open the charging cradle, the headphones search for the last connections and establish them automatically. However, this did not always work and I then had to establish the connection manually in the Bluetooth menu.

For charging, the two headphones are simply put back in the charging case. If the HAVIT i95 are being charged, they flash orange. The charging case itself has an LED on the back next to the micro USB port, which lights up as soon as the case is loaded. If this is off, the charging case of the HAVIT i95 is fully charged and can be removed from the power.

sound quality

Depths, mid and highs

Each individual headphone has a 6 mm driver built into it. The headphones are fully convincing in terms of sound. The lows are balanced and aren't too intrusive. In addition, the depths are clearly noticeable, especially with bass-heavy songs, and really make you want more.

The mids are also very balanced and come through well. The heights do not seem too plastic or exaggerated. Even when listening to louder music, the highs still come through cleanly without distorting.

ANC (Active Noise Canceling) is unfortunately to be found in vain with the HAVIT I95, but this is also tolerable in view of the price. The headphones themselves shield well anyway and let little noise into the inside of the ear.

Havit I95 headphones with ear pads

Operation and headset

Both headphones have touch controls, which can be used to control the music or the respective voice assistant.
The music can be stopped or continued. Calls can also be answered and ended. The volume cannot be controlled via the headphones. Even individualizing the commands cannot be changed via the setting, which is a real shame.

Another disadvantage is that the touch surface often accepts commands when the headphones are readjusted, which shouldn't actually be executed. So the music was often paused or a call ended without me wanting it.

The battery indicator can be easily read from the connected end device. The iOS status of the HAVIT I95 can be found under the playback option in the control center.

The voice quality when using the HAVIT I95 is convincing. There are no background noises or noise in the person opposite. In addition, the sound of videos or films is reproduced synchronously, so that films can be viewed and enjoyed on the end device without any problems.

Havit I95 charging case from the side


The headphones themselves have a very comfortable fit, which is also reinforced by their low weight. Due to the different sized ear pads, the headphones are very adaptable.

The HAVIT I95 always sat securely in the ear canal during sporting activities such as yoga, cycling, walking or weight training. However, the headphones slip out during other sports such as jogging or cross-trainer and had to be readjusted. You can help with memory foams, which can be attached to the headphones.


The batteries of the two headphones, which are 30 mAh in size, should last about 3 hours at medium volume. I can also confirm this after my long-term test. At a quieter or higher volume, the battery life should vary up to 30 minutes.

During the test, the headphones discharged equally quickly, so that no differences could arise when recharging. The case's 500 mAh battery is sufficient to fully recharge the headphones 8-10 times.

Havit I95 charging case closed

The charging time to charge the headphones from 0% to 100% is approximately 2 hours.

The battery level of the charging case can be read from the LED next to the micro USB. If this no longer lights up, the case is fully charged and can be removed from the power. The rechargeable battery of the headphones themselves can be read on the mobile device.

Havit I95 TWS in-ear review



Touch operation on the headphones
Intuitive setup
Simple design
Good and balanced sound
Good comfort
Adequate battery life


Charging case prone to scratches
Charging cradle closes quickly
Battery level of the charging case cannot be called up
Touch fields cannot be customized


The HAVIT I95 are well made and leave little to be desired in this price range. The choice of material is accordingly well chosen. The in-ear headphones can score with a good battery life and light weight. In addition, the comfort is an outstanding point.
The heart of the HAVIT I95 is the sound, which can really be heard at a very low price.

What is unfortunately noticeable are the non-individualized touch surfaces on the headphones. After getting used to it, however, you have noticed where which commands are hidden. What I also want to complain about is the unintentional closing of the charging cradle. A steeper angle could have avoided that.

All in all, the HAVIT I95 are very solid headphones that can deliver with good sound and a good price-performance ratio.

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