HAVIT HV-MS728 gaming mouse review

by 10. April 2016
Peripherals especially for gamers have become more and more established in recent years. In addition to well-known sizes such as "Razer" or "Roccat" smaller manufacturers are continuing to expand their product range. A small and still relatively unknown manufacturer from China is "HAVIT", which produces gamers peripherals for the narrow wallet. In the test I took a closer look at the HAVIT HV-MS728 gaming mouse.





Sensor: Laser sensor Avago A9800
Sampling rate: max. 1000Hz
DPI: max. 8200

Keys: 7, freely programmable
Connection: USB
Driver: Plug & Play or software

Cable length: 1.8 meters
Other: Lighting

What's in the box

1x gaming mouse
1x Software (MiniDisc)
1x user manual
1x warranty card

Unboxing and first impression

Was delivered the HAVIT gaming mouse in an appealing cardboard box on which the technical data are printed succinctly. Included were next to the HV-MS728 gaming mouse still a multilingual user manual, One Driver MiniDisc and Guarantee or satisfaction card.

Unpacked leaves the mouse so far a good impression. The HAVIT mouse is aimed at both left handed, as well Rechtshänder, By the compact design The mouse is also ideal for smaller hands. The housing is completely made of plastic. Rubberized mouse buttons have been omitted in this gaming mouse. On the side, however, is a nubby rubber slip-resistant. On the left side two additional buttons were attached. Above there are also two shortcut keys above the mouse wheel. Overall, the mouse thus offers 7 user-programmable mouse buttons, Parts of the frame and the HAVIT logo are additionally illuminated, whereby it is possible to choose between pre-set colors between 6. Within the mouse software, the color can also be adjusted individually. More on that later.

On the bottom are Teflonpadswhich allow improved lubricity. In addition, in addition to the Laser sensor (A9800) a small switch is attached, with which the mouse lighting can be switched on or off.

The cable of the HAVIT HV-MS728 is 1.8 meters long and textile coated. The mouse is connected via USB. Because the mouse "Plug & Play" This can also be used without the included software.

What I noticed negatively, are the partly loose-fitting keys. Just the left and right mouse button have some play.

HAVIT HV-MS728 software

On the website of the manufacturer you will find the latest software version of the HAVIT HV-MS728. On the positive side, the manufacturer has uploaded the driver to Google Drive and you do not have to download it from slow and partly broken servers in China. The installation is fast and easy. Here is an overview of the settings options:

Programmable buttons

All mouse buttons are individually programmable. Macros, but also numerous media functions can be assigned to the keys. A macro manager was specially integrated in the software.

DPI switch

The DPI switcher manages 6 DPI profiles. The minimum DPI setting is 50, the maximum is 8200.

color settings

In the color settings of the HAVIT HV-MS728 the lighting can be switched on and off. You can adjust the luminosity and the luminous frequency. When choosing colors, 8 basic colors are available. However, colors can be set freely according to an RGB pattern.

Advanced Settings

Here you can configure the mouse wheel speed, the mouse pointer speed including the mouse acceleration, the sampling rate (125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz) and the double-click speed.


Furthermore, a total of 5 user profiles can be saved, the driver can be reset to factory settings and you can update the software, as well as the firmware of the mouse.

mouse sensor

The HAVIT gaming mouse uses one Avago A9800 laser sensorwhich is also used by well-known manufacturers such as Roccat, Corsair or ASUS. The maximum sampling rate is 1000Hz, the maximum DPI on 8200, The Avago A9800 was then in the criticism to cause problems with the mouse acceleration. This error was corrected by the chip manufacturer with a firmware update. To what extent this error concerns the HV-MS728 is not known, but in the practice test of the gaming mouse, I noticed no problems with respect to the mouse acceleration. Here it can be assumed that the error does not affect the HAVIT HV-MS728. Overall, the sensor works very accurate and error-free.

Final Words


Good laser sensor
Comprehensive software
Macro function
Lateral slip protection
Compact design


Keys with game

First impression
Gaming suitability

After a two-week endurance test, the mouse did not let me down. Considering the price, some processing was saved, as shown by the somewhat loose keys, but this circumstance had no effect on the usability of the gaming mouse.

The extensive software surprises with many configuration options and an integrated macro manager. The LED lighting is visually appealing and the high-quality Avago A9800 laser sensor delivers precise results.

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