GranVela V1S Test - In-Ear with Dual Driver

by 9. September 2015
I noticed this V1S from GranVela because of the spacey look. I mean, who has in-ears with two driver units? If you want to know if the V1S have something on their case, you have to keep reading.



GranVela V1S


* Driver units: 6,0 mm * 2
* Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
* Sensitivity: 110 dB
* Frequency response: 20Hz -24000Hz
* Distortion: 1%
* Channel balance: 2 dB
* Maximum power: 20mW
* Gold plated connectors: 3,5 mm

What's in the box

* GranVela V1S
* storage case
* Tote Bag
* 2 pair of silicone pads

First impression of the GranVela V1S

The GranVela V1S In-Ear comes in an attractive cardboard box. When unpacking you come across a small hardshell box, which is ideal for transport. In addition to the in-ears are still a small cloth bag and two silicone pads in other sizes, included. So you can choose between three, different sized silicone pads.

The in-ear has a really spacey look through the two driver units. Each driver unit is 6mm in size, which provides neat power. The silicone pads also sit slightly angled on the drivers, making them better support in the ear and a fall out should be largely prevented. An indication of how the In-Ears are used around is missing, but you do not need it because of the angled shape.

The cable is quite thin and rubber coated. In the upper third of the cable is a microphone, which can make calls. Calls can be answered via the control. Music playback is also controlled by the control. The volume can be adjusted individually and you can also control the song selection. Incidentally, the remote also works with iOS! The 3.5mm jack plug is gold plated.

Granvela V1S in-ear test


Thanks to the two driver units per ear, one of the GranVela V1S provides proper bass. Nevertheless, the sound is still very neutral and clear in the middle and highs. GranVela has created a very nice interplay between deep and powerful basses and sonically appealing mids and heights. The fundamental sound is very rich. The V1S are also very sound-insulating, making noise hardly noticeable. The room image is very realistic.

Granvela V1S test driver


The comfort is pleasantly good. The in-ear is barely noticeable in the ear and through the angled ear cushions falling out is hardly possible. The fact that the in-ear is comparatively large, does not negatively affect the wearing comfort. Even during sports, the GranVela V1S kept in the ear.

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Final Words


Powerful sound with rich bass
Two driver units
Good workmanship
Great design


A lot of bass

First impression
everyday practicality

I am completely satisfied with the GranVela V1S. The workmanship is really great and I also find it visually very appealing. The delivery I found interesting. Above all, that at the same time attach two transport containers.

Sonically, the V1S are really good. Many in-ears have a terrific bass, but then fail mostly at the heights, or they sound just flat overall. The V1S create a really balanced sound. Unfortunately, I can not judge directly whether it's due to the two driver units, but the way the V1S do it, they do it extremely well. But the sound, as always, is more of a personal matter.

Overall, I like the GranVela V1S very well. In terms of price, the V1S are located a bit higher, but you still get a proper in-ear performance.

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