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Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Released - The ultimate lighting for gamers

The company "Govee", which is known for smart lamps, is further expanding its product portfolio for gamers. The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box creates real-time lighting effects and promises gamers an immersive environment for maximum gaming fun.

HDMI instead of camera

Govee has now published an impressive portfolio of smart light sources for gamers. Last time we had them  Govee Flow Pro Light Bar  examined more closely in the test, which reads color information from the screen with the help of a camera and synchronizes it with the light source.

With the AI ​​Gaming Sync Box, Govee wants to make the gaming experience even more immersive by generating color and lighting effects with greater accuracy and speed. Instead of using a camera, the color information is synchronized with the lamp in real time via HDMI.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Features Overview

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is connected directly to the PC / console. There are 3 HDMI inputs in total. Signals with a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and a high 4K resolution are supported.

AI controlled light technology

The information is processed by the company's own CogniGlow AI technology. The deep learning algorithm analyzes the gameplay and selects the ideal matched effect from over 30 user-defined lighting effects for the respective action.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box User Profiles

In addition to the predefined lighting effects, you can also create your own effects using the Govee Home app. Simply select the game action and adjust the lighting movements, speed and colors as you wish. At launch, Apex Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends will be supported. More games are to follow.

For added excitement, Govee DreamView is also supported via the app. This allows users of the AI ​​Gaming Sync Box to sync all Govee light strips, wall lights, fairy lights and more together for 360° lighting throughout the room.

Price and availability

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is now available in a set with the RGBIC monitor backlight on and  Amazon  available at a price of 299,99 euros.

Source: Press Release

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