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by Timo1. November 2020

GearVita Vouchers, Coupons and Promotion Codes

How do I redeem a voucher / coupon?

  1. Put the product you want to buy in the shopping cart.
  2. At the top right next to the search line you can see your personal shopping cart.
  3. Click on “Checkout” in the shopping cart to enter the voucher in the next step.
  4. You should now create a new account or sign in with an existing account.
  5. At the very bottom under “Shipping Options” you can enter the “Discount Coupon”.

Insert GearVita coupon

Here you will find the latest GearVita vouchers, discounts and deals from all categories of the shop. To get a voucher you just have to click on "Show voucher!" click. All promotion codes are checked daily and new codes are added as they appear.

Brand-new coupons

No current coupons!

Who or what is GearVita?

Numerous shipping options

GearVita is another online store based in China. The shop is mainly up Consumer electronics and well-known brands, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus and many more. specialized. Mostly goods are sent from warehouses based in China. To keep the shipping customer-friendly, GearVita offers numerous shipping options, Alone for shipping to Germany are partially listed on 8 shipping methods. The most popular shipping method is "Germany Priority Line"with which customers are already delivered after 5-12 working days. Only drawback: Unlike many other shops, shipping costs extra!

Customer service and warranty

The Customer Service is exclusive by email reachable. There is no contact form or live chat! In the self-test, the customer service responded quickly and friendly. The following guarantees are offered by the shop:

  • 7 days “Dead on Arrival”: If the goods arrive damaged, the customer can complain within 7 days of the goods. GearVita requires photos of the product showing the damage. Subsequently, the customer must return the goods to GearVita. This will be checked by the shop. If a defect actually arises, the customer will be reimbursed the value of the goods including the return costs.
  • 60 days return: Customers may return unopened merchandise within 60 days. The return costs are not refunded!
  • 1 year repair: The dealer gives an 1 year warranty on all products. The return costs are borne by the customer!

What's your experience with GearVita? Share your experience in the comments. If you have questions about the shop, you can also ask them in the comments.

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Hey, how is it going with GearVita? I wanted to order a smartphone there but I do not really look over. There are extremely many types of shipping and I do not know what to choose. You write something about Prirority shipping. Does anyone have experience with the shop?


Has anyone else experience with GearVIta or has ordered something there? How long does this Priority shipping take and how about inches?


I already ordered 2x from Gearvita. Everything went smoothly and lasted only 9 days until the postman rang. As for the customer service, I do not know. But that will probably not be better / worse than the other shops.