Gearbest on New Mission - Quality, Affordable, Fun

by Timo27. February 2019
For the 5 anniversary, Gearbest has come up with a new motto. With the slogan "Quality, Affordable, Fun" and a new logo, one looks confidently on a successful sixth year. What Gearbest thought, you will learn in the following Beitag.

Gearbest - a new chapter begins!

With meanwhile more than 40 million customers counts Gearbest to the world's leading online shopping websites. Fitting to the new motto "Quality, Affordable, Fun" and for a successful sixth year, the dealer has considered a new design. Gearbest:

Last year, our design team has several key points regarding the direction of our new identity and how best to communicate this compelling experience.

  1. A definition of the underlying tone of Gearbest focusing on a brighter, more energetic brand message.
  2. Stay true to the Gearbest's origins, the maintaining brand consistency of the past five years.
  3. Project a clearer, simplified slogan to drive a modern vision of Gearbest

GearBest Logo White

The result is a new logo in plain yellow-black on a white background. The dealer has simply converted the "G" in Gearbest into a laughing shopping bag. In addition to a new logo was also the complete Shop website adapted to the new design, The shop is thus even tidier and overall friendlier. Which further goals Gearbest pursues with the new brand image, is not yet known.

Gearbest's New Look - Gearbest

Now you are asked. How do you like the new design?

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