GearBest App Sweepstakes - Win Daily Prizes!

by Timo21. December 2018

GearBest App Sweepstake

With the GearBest App (Android and iOS) you can save again recently. in the App-exclusive raffle Do you have the opportunity daily GearBest credit to win. By collecting from "Cash-Bags" Not only you save, but also your friends. Are you sharing yours? action link with friends, you automatically get a share of the accumulated credit. Further information can be found below on the campaign page or directly via the app.

Click here for the GearBest App Giveaway


  1. Participants have the chance to win GearBest credits.
  2. Inviting friends increases the chance to win credit. Invite new customers to collect even more effectively!
  3. You can redeem the accumulated balance in your GearBest shopping cart.
  4. The credit expires within 24 hours! After expiration, you can restart the game.
  5. Each user has a total of 15 payout options, including a daily payout. In addition, each user has a total of 3 collection opportunities twice a day.
  6. The money appears in your local currency but is actually calculated in US dollars. Gearbest reserves the right to define the exchange rate.

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