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Fnatic Gear Flick G1 test

Fnatic Flick G1 review - gaming mouse

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on February 16, 2022

The Fnatic Flick G1 is a gamers gaming mouse for gamers. The mouse is marketed by the e-sports organization Fnatic itself. Whether the gaming mouse convince us or you only pay for the well-known name you will find out in this review.

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First impression of the Fnatic Flick G1

The Flick G1 is delivered in a hinged box, which already gives a first glimpse of the mouse. The scope of delivery includes the mouse and a brief instruction manual in English. Fnatic does not include a driver CD, but the operating instructions contain a link to download the driver.

The design is kept simple. The Flick G1 is symmetrically shaped and is therefore also suitable for left-handers. Only the side buttons on the left are inconveniently placed for left-handers and are difficult to reach. The mouse has a total of 6 buttons. In addition to the side buttons already mentioned, there are the two main buttons for left and right clicks, a clickable mouse wheel and a button underneath for changing the mouse speed.

The entire housing of the Fnatic mouse is provided with a soft-touch surface, which makes the Flick G1 slip-proof and comfortable to hold. There are 4 sliding pads on the underside. The mouse wheel is illuminated and can be assigned different colors and effects via the software. Above the side buttons there is a 3-point LED display that shows the currently selected mouse profile. The mouse cable is 2 meters long and covered with textile. 

Fnatic Flick G1 software

The mouse is connected via USB 2.0 and can be used as so-called plug & play peripherals without any drivers. However, if you want to enjoy all the features of the mouse, a special driver must be installed. This can be downloaded directly from the official Fnatic homepage.

The user interface of the Fnatic software is completely in English. The language cannot be changed. The software is divided into various subcategories in a clear structure. Here is an overview:

Basic Settings

A total of 3 mouse profiles can be created individually. Among other things, the vertical and horizontal CPI or DPI within the framework of 50 to 5000 can be set separately here. In addition, there is an 11-level "Pointer Sensitivity", an 10-level "Scroll Speed" setting, as well as the "Double Click" click speed and the polling rate (125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz).

Backup & Restore (backup & restore)

All mouse settings or profiles can be saved as a file and restored.

Button Assignments

The control buttons of the mouse can be assigned individually. In addition to a conventional key assignment, it is also possible to assign the keys with multimedia functions, macros or other shortcuts.

Color Settings

This can be the lighting of the mouse wheel turn on, off and change. The color and saturation can be freely selected, there are 6 effect profiles, the brightness can be adjusted and the illumination interval can be set between 1er and 10 seconds.

Fnatic Gear Flick G1 | color effects

Macro Recorder (macro recording)

Any number of macros can be recorded and saved via this sub-item. In addition to mouse clicks, keystrokes are detected. Unfortunately, saved macros can not be edited later, and there are no expanding settings, for example, to include a delay.

Practical test of the Fnatic Flick G1

I have tested the mouse especially in the game PUBattlegrounds and CS: GO extensively. I found my preferred settings quickly with 800 DPI, a pointer sensitivity of 6 and a sampling rate of 1000 Hz. When switching between the 3 profiles, there is no delay, so you can switch to the favored profile without interruption even in battle.

The mouse uses a Holtek HT68FB560 processor in combination with a Pixart PMW-3310 sensor, which is identical to the Avago ADNS-3310. This sensor is one of the best and "error-free" optical mouse sensors on the market and allows DPI adjustment in steps of 50. Jittering was not noticeable at all. So-called “Angle Snapping”, ie automatic line straightening, is also not available, much to the delight of gamers. To the disadvantage of CAD users, line straightening cannot be activated via the software.

In the game, the Fnatic mouse behaves very precisely and movements are handled first-class. The Omron switches have a good pressure point and sit firmly in the mouse housing. The handling of the mouse was also impressive, even though as a left-handed person I couldn't use the side buttons correctly. The mouse has good gliding properties thanks to the sliding pads on the bottom. The weight is on average at 90g. Unfortunately, there is no option to attach additional weights. What I particularly liked about handling was the soft-touch surface, which meant that the Flick G1 - whether in "Palm Grip" or "Claw Grip" - felt perfectly in the hand.

Fnatic product page:

Fnatic Gear Flick G1 test

Fnatic Flick G1


Symmetrical design
Versatile LED lighting
Soft-touch surface
Good click feeling
Optical PMW-3310 sensor
No jittering
No angle snapping


Software only in English
Hardly any macro settings


Although I was rather skeptical at first, whether an e-sports organization like Fnatic also produces good gamer peripherals or you only pay for the well-known name, the Fnatic Flick G1 convinced me. Equipped with one of the best optical mouse sensors, the Flick G1 is equipped with the best hardware. The gaming mouse also scores points on the outside and impresses with its appealing design and excellent handling.

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  1. Kido

    19. May 2017 21 to: 45

    Great review, but what is a “good” sensor? And how does the mouse compare to mice from Razer, Logitech, etc.?

    • Timo admin

      20. May 2017 14 to: 54

      This is a sensor without jittering, without algo-correction, mouse acceleration, etc. So a sensor that detects your actual mouse movements as best as possible.

      • Kido

        20. May 2017 18 to: 09

        Okay thanks. And is the mouse better than a Razer or similar?

        • Timo admin

          21. May 2017 16 to: 26

          Better or worse cannot be said across the board. Razer serves different price ranges. However, when I look at the price-performance ratio of the Flick G1, the mouse clearly plays along with the "big ones".

  2. grafZahl

    21. May 2017 15 to: 48

    Krass, with its Avago 3310 for the price, that's really awesome. I have a Zowie myself with the sensor and this has been my best mouse so far. Will you bring more such reviews in the future? I would be very interested !!!

    • Timo admin

      21. May 2017 16 to: 27

      Hi, yes the gaming category will be expanded. ????

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Fnatic Flick G1


Keys: 6
Switch: Omron
Lighting: LED
Cable: 2m
Weight: 90g

Memory: 256kb
Macros: Yes

Type: Optical
Model: Pixart PMW 3310 (Avago 3310)
DPI: 5000 DPI
Acceleration: 30g
Tracking speed: 130 IPS
Polling rate: 1000 Hz

What's in the box

1x gaming mouse
1x user manual