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FIMI X8 Mini 8KM FPV With 3-Mechanical Gimbal 4K Camera HDR Video 30mins Flight Time 258g Ultralight GPS Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF - Standard Version

FIMI X8 Mini Pro version for 300€

133° 300€ 313€ (-4%)
Updated by Timo Altmeyer on July 2nd, 2017.

With this coupon you can buy the FIMI X8 Mini Pro version at Banggood from only €300 instead of €313! Shipping is free of charge from the Chinese warehouse. There are no additional costs for this item.

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FIMI X8 Mini product details

Update 28. June 2022

Attention drone friends! Banggood has reduced the FIMI X8 Mini for 300 euros. This is the light Pro version with a 2250 mAh battery and a take-off weight of 245g.

In contrast to the heavier standard version (2400 mAh and 258g), the FIMI X8 Mini Pro does not need an EU certificate of competence because of the take-off weight of less than 245g.

Buy the FIMI X8 Mini at Banggood.

The dispatch takes place within a few days directly from the EU warehouse. All taxes are already included in the price. Simply call up the discount code above and enter it in the shopping cart. By the way, you can also pay with Klarna at Banggood.

FIMI has launched a new drone that could make DJI work up a sweat. The FIMI X8 Mini is significantly less than a DJI Mini 2, but offers very similar specifications and functions. The drone can be folded to a compact size of 145 x 85 x 56 mm and is therefore perfect for taking it with you in your backpack when you travel. When unfolded, it grows to 200 x 145 x 56 mm.

FIMI X8 Mini Drone Quadcopter

Takeoff weight under 250g

The declaration of the FIMI X8 Mini according to the EU drone regulation is a little tricky. Here you have to pay attention to which battery you put in the drone. The standard battery (2400 mAh) weighs 102g, which would give the drone a takeoff weight of 258g. According to the EU drone regulation, you can only fly the drone with the small drone license. If you instead insert the Pro battery (2200 mAh), which weighs only 86g, the take-off weight is only 245g. The drone then falls into the OPEN category and can be flown without a drone license.

FIMI X8 Mini Standard and Pro battery

High range

The flight characteristics of the FIMI X8 Mini are impressive. The flight range is approx. 4 km, with the transmitter transmitting stably up to 8 km. The drone can be controlled using the supplied remote control, into which the smartphone can be clamped for live image transmission. The maximum flight, climb and descent speed are 16, 5 and 3.5 m / s identical to the DJI Mini 2.

FIMI X8 mini transmitter

Lots of security

The global navigation satellite systems GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU achieve precise positioning. If the drone is on the wrong track, it will automatically find its way back to the starting point with the help of the return-to-home function. There are also other safety features, such as the detection of no-fly zones, a wind warning, a battery warning and a warning in the event of a high power loss.

FIMI X8 Mini flight

Flight time up to 31 minutes

Depending on the battery, the flight time is approximately 30-31 minutes. However, the value relates to ideal wind conditions and a moderate airspeed. The batteries can be charged quickly using the 9V 3A quick charger that is also included.

4K HDR video

As far as the camera is concerned, the FIMI X8 Mini doesn't have to hide either. The 1 / 2.6 ″ CMOS is 3-axis stabilized and records videos in high-resolution 4K at 30 frames per second. The LOG mode offers more options in post-processing so that the maximum range of contrast is available. The drone also saves photos in DNG. A number of intelligent flight modes facilitate the recording of cinematographic video material. The Smart Tracking mode automatically tracks the specified target without the pilot having to worry about the controls. Further modes are One-Tap Shots, Flight Plan Shooting, Timelapse, Livestream, Panorama and Night Shooting.


data Brand: FIMI
Model: FIMI X8 Mini (FMWRJ04A7)
Type: Mini Drone / Quadcopter Flight range: approx. 4 km
Flight duration: up to 31 min.
Airspeed: 16 m / s
Max. Rate of climb: 5 m / s
Max. Rate of descent: 3.5 m / s
Positioning: GPS + GLONASS + BEIDUO
Battery: 7.2V 2400mAh Li-ion 2SCamera sensor: 1 / 2.6 ″ CMOS
Aperture: f / 2.0
Wide angle: 90 °
Stabilization: 3-axis gimbal 0 ° 〜-90 ° (pitch)
Resolution: 12 MP
Max. Video: 3840 × 2160 30/25 / 24fps
Max. Bit rate: 100Mbps
ISO: 100 - 3200
Shutter speed: 32 -1 / 8000S
Dimensions Weight (departure): 245g (Pro) / 258g
Size (folded): 145 x 85 x 56 mm
Size (unfolded): 200 x 145 x 56 mm

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iconChinese warehouse
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iconChinese warehouse
iconDelivery time 15 to 20 working days
iconChinese warehouse
iconDelivery time 15 to 20 working days
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