FIMI PALM - Handheld gimbal for the pocket

by Timo28. November 2019

An 3-axis gimbal with camera for your pocket? Is there already and that the DJI Osmo Pocket! However, those who shy away from the high purchase price of over 300 €, for which FIMI has brought an almost 1: 1 copy on the market. The FIMI Palm not only looks like the Osmo Pocket, it even promises similar features and for just 130 €!






Sensor: Unknown
Wide angle: 128 °
Resolution: 4K / 1080p

Codec: HEVC (H.265)
Bitrate: up to 100 Mbps

Pan: -245 ° - + 65 °
Tilt: -105 ° - + 105 °
Roll: -90 ° - + 90 °

Display Type: Unknown
Display diagonal: 1.22 inches
Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
Display brightness: 600nit

* 5-way joystick
* App (WiFi / Bluetooth)
* touch screen

Capacity: 1000 mAh
Runtime: up to 240 minutes (1080p30)
Charging socket: USB-C

Dimensions: 127 x 31 x 23 mm
Weight: 120 g
* 1 / 4 inch thread


Copying, counterfeiting and optimizing is a daily business in China. In the meantime, Chinese manufacturers are competing with each other so much that even products from their own ranks are copied down to the last detail. Of the FIMI Palm is a very good example. At first glance, the stabilized handheld camera could be quite as DJI Osmo Pocket go through! Incidentally, FIMI is no stranger. The company specializing in cameras and drones is responsible, among other things, for the production of the Xiaomi Action Cams and drones!

Left FIMI Palm - Right DJI Osmo Pocket

Even the hand is the same ?!

Fits the trouser pocket

The FIMI Palm is a tiny. With Dimensions of 127 x 22.7 x 30.5 mm and a Weight of 120g the handheld camera is amazingly compact. Even so compact that the Palm is smaller and lighter than a conventional smartphone and easily fits in your pocket. The housing is made of plastic. A back 1 / 4 inch thread allows mounting on a tripod. Friends of the lanyard will also get their money. On the side there is an inlet for attaching the hand strap.

FIMI Palm dimensions and weight

Like the Osmo Pocket, the Palm is unfortunately not waterproof. After all, FIMI is known to bring separately available accessories on the market, so can be expected with a waterproof housing quite.

5-Way joystick and touch display

One way to control the gimbal is the 5 Way joystick. in the Mode 1 The respective movements of the joystick control the 3 axes of the gimbal. in the Mode 2, which is activated by pressing the joystick button, the user has access to zoom and exposure functions.

In addition to the physical control buttons, the FIMI Palm is equipped with a touch display. This solves at one 1.22 inch display diagonal with an 240 240 x pixels on. FIMI has not yet commented on the display technology used. However, it is known that the display a Luminance of 600nit reached and thus should remain readable even in strong light.

FIMI Palm Hadrwar features

Finally, the Palm is also by means of App controllable. By Bluetooth or WiFi Connected to the smartphone, you have access to all the functions of the gimbal. Saved recordings can also be transferred from the inserted memory card to the connected device. The integrated into the app "Story Mode" helps with the subsequent editing of the recordings and provides the user with various templates aside.

4K camera and smart modes

For the installed camera sensor FIMI leaves us largely in the dark. It is known that the FIMI Palm with a 128 ° wide angle camera equipped, the maximum in 4K with 30 pictures-per-second receives. Recordings are in HEVC with up to 100 Mbps coded. The sound is directed forward and sideways Microphone added. An external microphone can be connected with the appropriate adapter via the USB-C socket. To save the recordings will be a MicroSD memory card needed. There is no internal data storage.

Of course, that should not be missing are intelligent shooting modes. The mode "Smart Tracking" makes it possible to keep people and objects fully automatic in the picture. There is one specifically related to the control of the 3 axes of the gimbal "Pitch Lock Mode", "FPV Mode", "Follow Mode" and an "All Locked Mode", Also present are gimmicks such as Timelapse, motionlapse, hyperlapse and panorama.

FIMI Palm Battery with 1000 mAh

Long-lasting battery

The battery of the Palm comes with a Capacity of 1000 mAh therefore. That's about 240 minutes of recording time on 1080p30. The gimbal is loaded via USB-C.

FIMI Palm Vs. DJI Osmo Pocket

FIMI Palm and DJI Osmo Pocket Comparison of product features

On the datasheet, the FIMI Palm wants to be the better handheld camera gimbal!

Our assessment

Measured by the DJI Osmo Pocket, the FIMI Palm presents itself as superior in many areas. Thus, some of the above specifications are much better, as well as there are some features that the Osmo Pocket does not even offer.

Nevertheless, there is a bitter aftertaste. FIMI gives hardly any insights to the camera sensor. Are we expecting a high-quality Sony camera sensor and if so, which one? After all, FIMI in the above comparison does not elaborate on the fact that the Palm, in contrast to Osmo Pocket "only" in 4K @ 30 instead of 4K @ 60.

So it remains exciting how the 130 expensive handheld camera beats in reality. Of course, as soon as we know more or we get a test copy, the article will be updated.

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