FIIL Diva - HiFi Bluetooth headset with 3D sound

by Timo9. January
The FIIL Diva Bluetooth Headset is known by numerous technical magazines "THE Audio Gadget Highlight 2016" described. Only in late August 2016 has the China-based company "Fengfan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd." presented the headphones to the public and asked for support on various crowdfunding platforms. In October, the crowdfunding program on both Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and other platforms was successfully completed ($ 183,576 on IndieGoGo alone!) And a November release was on the way. Why the headphone is often described as a futuristic audio gadget? We went to the track!

Fengfan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.


FIIL Diva (Pro)


Audio driver: 32mm
Impedance: 32Ohm
Frequency (speakers):
* wireless: 15kHz ~ 22kHz
* wired: 10Hz ~ 40kHz
Sensitivity (speakers)
* 110dBSPL / V, 1kHz
Frequency (microphone):
* 100Hz-10kHz
Sensitivity (microphone)
* -42dBV / Pa
Active noise cancellation: Low frequency up to 96%
Passive Noise Cancellation: High Frequency up to 98%

Bluetooth Verison: 4.1
Supported Codecs: Music aptX® / AAC / SBC; Language mSBC / CVSD
Playback formats: FLAC / AAC / MP3 / APE / WAV / OGG

Battery: 580mAh LiPo
Playback time: Up to 30 hours
Standby Time: Up to 40 days

Colors: white or black
Size: 178 x 157mm
Weight: 215g

FIIL Diva - HiFi headphones

Modern design meets high quality workmanship

In the foreground of the FIIL Diva headphones is the appealing, modern design. The headphones are available in the colors, Matt black and matte white. With Dimensions of 178 x 157 mm Not only does the collapsible Diva headphone look compact, even that Weight is easy 215 g, The ear cups have on the outside the "FIIL" lettering, which lights up during active use. The ear cushions are made Memory Foam, a foam that adapts perfectly to the head shape. The casing of the ear cushions consists of protein leather, The distance between the auricle and the headband can be adjusted individually.

What makes the headphones so special is much more the inner life. An integrated 4GB flash memory allows you to save over 1000 songs. Music can thus be played without a connected smartphone or tablet. You can transfer the Music files (FLAC / AAC / MP3 / APE / WAV / OGG) via a USB socket, which is located on one of the earcups. For wireless transmission, the FIIL headphones with a Bluetooth 4.1 module fitted. The interference-free transmission range is about 10 meters. A wired music playback is about one 3.5 mm jack connection possible. By means of the integrated microphone The headset can also be used as a headset. For lossless transmission, numerous audio codecs are supported. Next aptX will also be AAC / SBC supported. The language codecs are MSNBC / CVSD.

FIIL DIVA: The Only 3D Audio, Voice Search & Noise Canceling Headphones

Smart operation through gestures, swipes and speech

The operation is also interesting. A smart controlamong others Gestures and swipes detects, actually makes this headphone to a futuristic overbearing audio gadget. With swiping movements over the case of the ear cups, the volume can be adjusted and songs can be changed. If you remove the headphones from the head, also stops the music playback. The FIIL Diva Pro even has one Voice search capabilitywhat the desired song can be searched for and played on. In English language test reports that have already been published, however, the smart controls as well as the language search have met with criticism. Unfortunately, the headphones behave like a "diva" and can not always be perfectly controlled.

HiFi sound and active noise cancellation

Highly praised is the sound of the FIIL Diva. The headphone has two 32 mm stereo audio driver with a titanium-coated membrane. The impedance is low 32 ohms. A 3D sound mode (MaxWide) conveys best cinema feeling through audiovisual effects. There is also a special one FIIL appon which the 3D sound can be customized. In order to guarantee a perfect sound while on the move, the headphones use one Sophisticated noise cancellation with 4 filter modes, A total of 4 microphones ensure perfect noise cancellation up to 28 dB, The filter modes are one "Active Reduction Mode", which eliminates any disturbing noises. Of the "Monitor Mode" Although suppresses noise, but not the spoken. A conversation while you have the headphones seated, is thus possible. With the "Open Fashion" No external noise is blocked. Of the "Wind Mode" blocks only wind noise.

Long-lasting music playback

Finally we come to the battery life. Installed is a rechargeable 580 mAh battery, The playback time is provided by the manufacturer 30 hours specified. The standby time is 40 days. Depending on the volume and playback option, the runtime obviously deviates from the manufacturer's specification. According to individual reviews, the runtime is quite realistic.

Price and availability

The FIIL Diva was released in November 2016. Backers of the individual crowdfunding programs have already received their copy and report quite positively about the headphones. Note, however, that it is a Standard version and a "Pro" version of the headphones. The crucial difference is that only the Pro variant has integrated the HD audio player with 4GB memory. The 3D sound mode is only available for the Pro model.

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