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FIIDO L3 electric bike e-bike test test report review

FIIDO L3 Review - foldable e-bike with a huge battery

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 24. April 2024

The Chinese e-bike manufacturer "FIIDO" has announced new models for 2021 as well. It starts with the FIIDO L3, a foldable electric bike from the "Long-Range" model series. As the name suggests, the focus is on a long range, which FIIDO realizes with a large 48V 23.2Ah battery.

We have tested whether the purchase of the FIIDO L3 is worthwhile and for whom the compact 14-inch model with 350W electric motor is even suitable.

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FIIDO L3: first impression

The FIIDO L3 arrived right on time for the first rays of sunshine in mid-February. The electric bike, which weighed around 25 kg and was folded into a transportable 70 x 36 x 68 cm, was delivered in surprisingly small packaging.

FIIDO L3 e-bike folded (1)

The FIIDO L3 can be folded to a transportable size.

What's in the box

The scope of delivery is clear. In addition to the pre-assembled e-bike, this includes a 5-piece hexagon wrench set, the power supply unit (54.6V 3A) including instructions for use, a pair of keys and a brief English-language guide that provides information on the folding mechanism. The manufacturer issues a "Certificate of Compliance" to the Download ready.

FIIDO L3 e-bike folded (2)

When folded, the e-bike fits easily in the trunk.

Construction and processing

The FIIDO L3 is ready to drive "out of the box" in a few simple steps. A quick look at the illustrated brief instructions reveals the order in which you unfold the e-bike.

FIIDO L3 e-bike unfolded (1)

The FIIDO L3 is set up and ready to go in next to no time.

The FIIDO L3 is folded or folded at two points using a quick-release fastener. Once in the middle of the frame and on the lower head tube. The mechanism in the middle of the frame is also kept under tension by a spring. In both cases, a safety lever prevents the quick release from loosening while driving.

FIIDO L3 e-bike folding mechanism frame

The middle folding mechanism with safety.

The seat post, the handlebars and the upper head tube are also adjustable and equipped with a quick-release fastener. When assembled, the FIIDO L3 grows to a size of 126 x 59 x 97 cm.

FIIDO L3 e-bike folding mechanism handlebar

Another fold point on the head tube.

Just as quickly as the e-bike is set up, it can be folded up again. Conveniently, the pedals can be folded in by 90 °, which makes transport even easier in the trunk, for example. A support prevents the folded e-bike from tipping over while standing. With a handle on the frame, it can be carried like a suitcase. One point of criticism is that there is no mechanism holding the folded parts together.

FIIDO L3 e-bike pedals (1)

Practically. The pedals can be folded in.

As far as the workmanship is concerned, the electric bike from the Far East leaves a positive impression. The structure and frame appear robust. The welds are drawn evenly, albeit quite large. You should absolutely pay attention to the maximum load of the FIIDO L3, which according to the manufacturer should not exceed 120 kg.

FIIDO L3 e-bike unfolded (2)

Of course, the FIIDO L3 also has a bike stand.

FIIDO L3: equipment

Before we get on the bike, let's take a look at the equipment. Due to the lack of gears, the compact and transportable design and the large battery, the focus of the FIIDO L3 is on mobility in city traffic or flat short distances, such as on the campsite.

Long-lasting battery

Commuters in particular benefit from the long-range 48 V 23.2 Ah battery (1113 Wh), which can cover distances of up to 130 km with just one charge. Ideally, the battery pack is not permanently installed, but can be separated from the bike and charged separately. This also ensures more safety if you want to park the e-bike somewhere. If the battery is to stay on the bike, it can be locked with a lock.

FIIDO L3 e-bike battery (3)

The removable battery of the FIIDO L3.

350 Watt motor

The FIIDO L3 is powered by a 350 watt electric motor (brushless). According to the manufacturer, the top speed is 25 km / h. At least that of the European model. The Chinese model is unlimited and a little faster at up to 30 km / h.

As a "fixie", the FIIDO L3 has no gear shift. Instead there are 3 operating modes.

  •  Mode 1: Here the electric bike is driven purely by pedal force. The 48/16 gear ratio is particularly easy for beginners and quick.
  •  Mode 2: This is the Pedelec mode. As soon as you start pedaling, the motor is switched on as an alternative.
  •  Mode 3: This mode relies solely on the electric drive. Also known as moped mode, the e-bike drives without pedal force. The speed is controlled by the throttle on the handlebar.

 Note: Due to the moped mode, the FIIDO L3 no longer falls into the category of pedelecs that are not permitted in Germany. Road approval is required in Germany and in many other countries for use in road traffic. There is currently no general operating permit (ABE) for any FIIDO e-bike.

FIIDO L3 e-bike rear wheel with brake light

The e-bike rear wheel with brake light.

Tires, lights and computers

The tires are 14 x 1,95 inch pneumatic tires from CST. There are mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear. Mudguards are also available on both sides. The FIIDO L3 does not offer any suspension. Instead, you have to rely on the soft, padded saddle.

FIIDO L3 e-bike headlight

The LED headlight brings light into the darkness.

An LED headlight, an LED brake light, reflectors and a horn ensure more safety. The headlights and the electronic horn are operated via two buttons on the handlebar. A bike computer with an easy-to-read LC display is located on the handlebars. This shows the operating mode, the speed and the battery level.

FIIDO L3 e-bike handlebar computer

The FIIDO L3 handlebar with LCD bike computer.

FIIDO L3: driving test

 Now the question of all questions. How does the FIIDO L3 drive at all? 

Moped mode

We activate the "ignition" with the key using the lock on the battery. The electric motor is activated after we briefly press the mode button on the computer.

By default, the e-bike is in moped mode. If we now operate the throttle with our thumb, the FIIDO L3 would start moving. The thumb lever reacts pleasantly sensitively and almost directly. The so-called "Cruise Control" takes effect after about 8 seconds. We can now let go of the throttle and the speed will be kept constant.

The acceleration of the FIIDO L3 is impressive. With a body weight of around 85 kg, the top speed on a straight line is 23 km / h. From an incline of 20 ° we also have to pedal.


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Pedelec mode

The mode button takes us to Pedelec mode. When we step on the pedals, the electric motor does not switch on immediately, but with a slight delay. You can feel how the acceleration increases. If you stop pedaling, the motor switches off again with a slight delay. Braking switches off the motor assistance immediately. We would have liked a faster reaction of the electric motor in pedelec mode!

driving experience

With foldable electric bicycles from the Far East, one often has the image of the clown on the mini bicycle in mind. However, this only applies to a limited extent to the FIIDO L3. Although the e-bike is extremely compact, it can also be operated easily with a body height of over 1,80 m. As far as the adjustment of the saddle and the handlebars is concerned, we still have some room for improvement at a height of 1,82 m.

FIIDO L3 e-bike front wheel

Branded tires from CST

Due to the tiny 14 inch tires and the lack of suspension, you can feel the bumps on the track all the more. A slight compensation is the comfortably padded saddle, which does not sag even after a long distance. In terms of maneuverability, the FIIDO L3 is way ahead.

Battery and range

FIIDO L3 e-bike battery (1)

The battery can be easily removed and charged separately.

One of the selling points of the FIIDO L3 is the large battery. Where other e-bikes fail after approx. 40 km, we were able to tease out a full 90 km (moped-pedelec change) from one charge in the test. This is less than the manufacturer stated, but weight, driving behavior and weather also have a say.

FIIDO L3 e-bike battery (2)

The battery is inserted via this guide carriage.

You should take your time for the charging process. A complete charging process takes 10 hours!

FIIDO L3 electric bike e-bike test test report review



Portable design
Good workmanship
Quickly unfolded / folded
Large, detachable battery with a long range
Bright LED headlights and LED brake lights
Great driving pleasure (acceleration, maneuverability)
Beginner-friendly 48/16 translation


No (German) street legal
Delayed pedelec drive
No suspension
No fixation when folded


The FIIDO L3 is a practical means of transportation that not only offers a lot of driving fun, but is also comparatively inexpensive to buy. On short trips it would be an ideal companion, but the emphasis is on "would be".

The main knockout criterion is the legal situation, according to which the FIIDO L3 needs a road approval for operation in German road traffic, which it unfortunately does not have.

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1 comment

1 comment

  1. Tony Glass

    17. October 2023 19 to: 38

    Had mine for two years, not the lightest kid on the block and much easier to handle with battery and seat removed for storage.

    Always a pleasure to ride as long as you watch out for pot holes.

    Battery gives amazing range did a non stop 70 mile journey full moped mode (making battery work for its money) all in all a very comfortable journey.

    So good is the battery I have used it to power our motorhome too!
    Taking the 50v dc out through a 5 – 12 v dc buck converter. Plugging that (via a 65watt PD adapter) into an Allpowers S300 LiIon solar generator which outputs 300watt of either DC or AC power. With careful power management we can power the MHome for many days

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Type: Brushless
Leistung: 350W
Speed: up to 25 km / h
Torque: 43 Nm

Type: Lithium-ion
Voltage: 48V
Charge: 23.2Ah
Energy: 1113,6Wh

Range: up to 130km
Charging time: ~ 10 hours

Gears: 1
Translation: 48/16
Operating modes: manual, pedelec, moped

Tire: 14 "x 1.95" CST
Chain: S1 RB
Disc brakes: Front + Rear

Computer: yes
Splash guard: Yes
Suspension: no

Material: Aluminum/stoneware
Size (folded): 70 x 36 x 68 cm
Size (unfolded): 126 x 59 x 97 cm
Weight: 24.2 kg