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FeiyuTech Vimble 2

FeiyuTech Vimble 2 - Gimbal Selfie Stick

The Feiyu Vimble 2 is an 3-axis smartphone and action cam gimbal, combined with an extendable telescopic pole. The gimbal was presented at this year's CES 2018. All information has been compiled in this article.


At the beginning of 2017, FeiyuTech released the  Feiyu Vimble C , a beginner-friendly and with a price of less than 100 € also extremely inexpensive 3-axis gimbal. A year later, the manufacturer presented another consumer gimbal with the Feiyu Vimble 2, which was priced just over € 100, but at the same time had a revised design including a selfie stick and improved hardware.

Feiyu Vimble 2 test


The design of the Vimble 2 has been completely revised in contrast to the previous model. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, similar to a joystick, FeiyuTech promises easy handling with an improved recording experience. A major innovation is the extendable telescopic rod. This means that the stabilizer can easily be converted into a “selfie gimbal”. The maximum extension length of the metal telescopic rod is a moderate 18 cm.

The handle is made of plastic and offers various control buttons that are easy to reach with one hand. Rotating and swiveling movements can be carried out using a control pad. A function or mode button is used to change the stabilization modes. A trigger button takes pictures and videos at the push of a button. The newly introduced "trigger button" is located on the back, easy to reach with the index finger and enables a quick function change between lock, pan and follow mode. There is also a 1/4 inch tripod thread, which allows separately available accessories to be connected to the gimbal.

Vimble 2 Review


The decisive factor for a good gimbal is of course its ability to stabilize. According to FeiyuTech, a newly introduced stabilization algorithm and improved, brushless motors should ensure precise image stabilization under a wide variety of conditions. The conventional pan, tilt and following modes, as known from the predecessor and other image stabilizers, are available. The maximum pan, tilt and roll movement range is 320 degrees. Smartphone and Action Cam can be inserted into the gimbal both horizontally and vertically. The mounting frame is between 57 and 84 mm. The manufacturer specifies the maximum load capacity as 210g.

In combination with the Vicool app, the Vimble 2 is able to track objects and people, and all parameters of the gimbal can be configured within the app. An integrated video editing function simplifies subsequent editing of the recordings. Firmware updates can be received and installed directly via the app. The connection between the gimbal and the mobile device or app is established via Bluetooth.

Horizontal and vertical orientation

Battery and others

The integrated battery has a capacity of 1300 mAh (7.4 V - 9.62 Wh). The running time is approximately 5 hours. It is important to note that the running time depends heavily on the respective use. The charging time is around 2 hours. The battery can be charged using a smartphone charger or a power bank. The charging socket is of the MicroUSB type. The Feiyu Vimble 2 is available in gray, pink and white.

Gimbal in different colors


With a price of just over 100 €, the FeiyuTech Vimble 2 could be quite an interesting 3-axis gimbal. The previously published render shots have an appealing and compared to the Vimble C also covered design expected. The extendable telescope extension would be at least a unique feature of the Vimble 2. Whether the new Feiyu beginner gimbal but prevail against the competition of DJI and Zhiyun will have to show. Especially in terms of the app and the build quality has at least disappointed the previous model.

The image stabilizer is currently still on sale in advance. As soon as we receive a test copy, the detailed test report will follow here! 

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