Feiyu Vimble C Test - 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal

by 18. May 2017
The Feiyu Vimble C is a smart 3 Axis smartphone and action cam gimbal that will surely take your breath away from any selfie stick fanatic. As a cheap yet beginner-friendly gimbal, the Vimble C promises to precisely stabilize amateur footage. Among other things, we took a closer look at the functions and stabilization options during the test.



Feiyu Vimble C


Axes: 3 axes
Material: ABS + aluminum
Smartphones: 5 - 8 cm
Action Cams: Yes
Load capacity: 200g

Tilting Angle: 320 °
Rolling Angle: 320 °
Panning Angle: 320 °

Capacity: 2200 mAh
Runtime: up to 4-5 hours
Charging time: 4 1 / 2 hours

Tripod socket: 1 / 4 inch
Operation: handle + app
Size: 11.6 x 10.89 x 24.5 cm
Weight: 420g

What's in the box

1x gimbal
2x foam pad
1x Micro USB Cable
2x user manual
1x warranty card

First impression of the Feiyu Vimble C

What's in the box

The gimbal is delivered safely packed, so that even the sensitive engines are well protected during transport. The delivery includes in addition to the gimbal another Micro-USB cable, two attachable Foam pads, two Manuals - once in English and once in Chinese - as well as one warranty card, Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not attach a transport bag.

Design and workmanship

The Vimble C has an interesting design. Especially by the massive Plastic handle The Feiyu Vimble differs from competitors' products. At the same time the gimbal is handy in the hand. On the handle itself is a control padwhat allows the rotational movements to be controlled individually. Below the control pad is the power button, which is also assigned a trigger function. On the right side of the handle became a Micro USB socket accommodated. This can be the firmly installed 2200 mAh battery to be charged as well Firmware updates played over an existing USB connection. On the back of the handle is an easily accessible rotating wheelthat in combination with the "Feiyu On" app is used for zooming and what can be changed when you press the stabilization mode. The bottom of the handle is with one ¼ inch tripod thread equipped and additionally upholstered by a rubber layer. The fact that the underside is flattened, the gimbal can also be put down. On the top there are left and right one multicolored LED indicator.

The 3-axis constellation of the Vimble C is made of aluminum. The Smartphone or Action Cam holder is extendable and therefore adjustable in size. A thin rubber padding with profile ensures a secure hold. The application Feiyu Vimble C is still appropriate for the price. The plastic handle, however, looks cheap. A rubberized padding of the handle would have been desirable.

Feiyu Vimble C Review | Unboxing & Hands-On

Preparations and commissioning

Before you even think about turning on the gimbal, you should have the smartphone or Action Cam firmly in the holder. If you ignore this step, damage to the motors may occur. The instruction manual already indicates this essential step at the beginning.

The holder itself is, as already mentioned, extendable and thus adjustable in size. Smartphones can be inserted with a maximum width of 8 cm. This is similar to a traditional 5.5 inch smartphone. The maximum load capacity is 200g. If you want to use the Vimble C with an action cam, depending on the size of the cam, the enclosed foam pads must be placed.

The gimbal can be used with the "Feiyu On" app - which is available for Android and iOS smartphones in the respective store - or also completely without an app with pure operation via the operating options of the handle. The gimbal can be switched on by pressing the power button for a longer time. The LED indicators on the top show the current status and stabilization mode. If the inserted smartphone is not balanced, so it still tilts left or right, you have to use the Adjusting screw of the "Roll" engine readjust.

Features and Feiyu-On App

The Feiyu Vimble C offers quite interesting features given the price. In addition to the control via the directional pad with maximum 320 ° tilting, roll and panning There are also 3 control modes.

Panning fashion

In this mode, tilting and rolling control directions are fixed. Depending on how you move the gimbal by hand, the left and right swivel movements are followed.

Panning and tilting mode

Here, only the rolling control direction is fixed. Pan movements to the left and right are followed, as well as the tilting movements are followed.

Lock fashion

In this mode, the inserted smartphone remains fixed. Movements are not accepted.

The modes can be triggered via the multifunctional control button on the back of the handle. Depending on the key press combination, the modes can be changed. The LED indicator shows the current mode. Another feature is the Change between horizontal and vertical stabilization, If the gimbal is tilted by 30 ° and the multifunctional control key is pressed, the change will be executed automatically.

The "Feiyu On" app is on the one hand the mobile control center of the Vimble, as well as the app includes one Recording function for photos and videos, About the app settings can be made to the gimbal itself, as well as for recording. In the gimbal settings, for example, the rotational speed of the motors can be adjusted. In the recording settings, the image and video resolution can be adjusted and there are settings for face tracking.

The Face tracking is one of the more interesting features of the app. Faces are automatically detected, marked on the live image output of the app and followed the movements. Zooming can be done directly via the rotary knob on the handle. The connection between smartphone and app is via Bluetooth.

Practice test of the Feiyu Vimble C

Commissioning is easy and understandable. Balancing the smartphone is a necessary step and must be adapted according to the inserted smartphone. But this step requires only a few simple steps and is carried out quickly. All functions are explained in detail in the manual, so that you can cope with the diversity of Feiyu Vimble C after a small period of adjustment.

Feiyu Vimble C Review | sample

The connection between smartphone and app is made easy and fast. The stabilization itself is accurate and the gimbal was already well calibrated by default. With heavy loads, the engines got along well in the test. Only at extreme inclinations, a slight vibration has made noticeable, which, however, did not adversely affect the video recording.

Improvement is the face tracking. Glasses wearers are rarely recognized correctly. But even with the correct recognition of a person, there were minor dropouts. It would be desirable to have an additional object tracking. The Battery life is not to complain about. Only after a good 4 ½ hours, the battery had to be recharged. Unfortunately, that too is Charge time good 4 hours, You can not replace the built-in battery.

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Final Words


Suitable for smartphones and action cams
beginner friendly
operating options
Good battery life
Precise stabilization
Can be used standing
tripod thread


Plastic handle looks cheap
Slight vibration with a steep incline
App to be improved
Battery permanently installed
Long loading time

First impression
beginner friendly
Battery life

Considering the price and beginner-friendliness, the Feiyu Vimble C is a good solution to give amateur photos more professionalism. Smartphones or Action Cams are precisely stabilized and the "Feiyu On" app offers interesting control options, which are still in some cases still in need of improvement. If you do not want to spend too much on a gimbal and still enjoy the benefits of professional 3 axis image stabilization, the Feiyu Vimble C offers the best value for money!

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Black rider

Really blatant that something like that already exists for little money. You also have the Smooth 3 in the test, right?

Black rider

Cool, I'm curious :).

Ulrich Peplinski

well described, unfortunately there is no German-language manual (only English and Chinese)
Ulrich Peplinski