Feiyu G4 Test - 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

by 7. July 2016
Someone who happens to come across this Feiyu G4 Review may be wondering what makes this "selfie stick" so expensive. However, an 3-Axis gimbal is much more than a selfie stick and has also built in a lot of technology that you would not expect this handheld gimbal outwardly. In the test we took a closer look at the Feiyu G4 gimbal.



Feiyu G4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal


* GoPro 3, 3 +, 4
* Thieye

Engine: Brushless 2804F
Pitch: -160 ° to + 160 °
Roll: -50 ° to + 50 °
Heading: -160 ° to + 160 °

Size: 239 x 75 x 65mm
Weight: 265g

What's in the box

1x gimbal
1x 18350 charger
1x USB cable
1x update dongle
2x thread
4x 18350 battery
1x Owner's Manual & Warranty Card

First impression of the Feiyu G4

Thankfully, the Feiyu G4 Handheld Gimbal has been reviewed for this review TOMTOP.com provided.

What's in the box

Feiyu G4 is delivered well and safely packed. All accessories and also the motors of the gimbal are embedded in foam and thus protected against transport damage. The scope of delivery includes the Gimbal, 4x 900mAh Batteries IMR 18350, a fitting Charging station with USB cable, The USB flash dongle to load a new firmware, two USB bridge cable for video transmission and charging the connected camera, two spare thread, as well as one English manual and warranty card, Not included is a hard shell case. This is supplied only from the Feiyu G4S.

Feiyu G4 3-Axis Gimbal Test / Review & Hands-On

Workmanship and hands-on

The application Feiyu G4 succeeded. The anodization is clean and smooth, the threads of the connectors are full, as well as the control buttons have a good pressure point and sit without play in the housing. The retaining clip of the camera slot is removable and is connected to the slot by means of two extended threaded screws. This slot is perfect for the entire GoPro series, but synonymous to comparable cameras brands SJCAM, ThiEYE, etc. One should make sure that the Case height of Action Cam, 4.1cm does not exceed.

Somewhat unfavorably placed is the power button of the Feiyu G4. This was hidden at the bottom, where there is also a thread to attach a possible extension. So if you want to use an extension, the gimbal must be turned on before you attach it. The cap of the USB port is also negatively noticeable. This small rubber cap is merely attached and is not firmly connected to the gimbal. When carelessness, the rubber cap is lost quickly.

Overall, my first impression of the Feiyu G4 3 gimbal is very positive. It fits comfortably in the hand, has a good weight and the workmanship is convincing.


Before putting the device into operation, you should always read the information leaflets as well as the operating instructions. It is essential not to turn on the gimbal without the camera inserted, because otherwise the "brushless motors" are damaged and the joy of the new gimbal is quickly lost.

If you have inserted two of the four 18350 batteries and connected the action cam with the gimbal, this is immediately ready to go. The gimbal is operated via a multifunctional control button. As an extension, there is also a remote control, which can be purchased additionally. One of the two enclosed jumper cables charges the Action Cam by powering the gimbal. The second cable is for video transmission.


Overall, the Feiyu G4 Gimbal offers four modes of operation, Here is an overview including an explanation of the individual modes.

Heading Following Fashion: Slight right and left movements follow the camera gently. On the other hand, vertical movements are balanced so that the camera is held in place. The maximum heading (horizontal direction of movement) is about 320 °.

Heading and Pitch following fashion: Here, the camera follows both right and left movements, as well as the movements up and down. The maximum slope is also 320 °, with the roll axis limited to 100 °.

Heading Lock Mode: All movements are blocked. The camera is held in position throughout.

Inverted Mode: With this the gimbal can be used in the opposite direction.

All modes can be accessed via different key sequences using the multifunctional one-button operation activate.

First recordings with the Feiyu G4

The commissioning was easy for me and my first recordings were impressive. As soon as you have an overview of the individual modes, the change succeeds fluently. The engines were well calibrated with the first commissioning and work altogether accurately. Nevertheless, even with extreme movements, a small irregularity in the engines has become noticeable. Especially when a motor is loaded too much, this is quickly overwhelmed and you can feel how the gimbal vibrates slightly. This problem can also occur with bad or too weak batteries. Nevertheless, the video recordings remained trouble-free.

Feiyu G4 vs. No Stabilization | Footage / Sample


The firmware of the Feiyu G4 is updated regularly. To perform an update you need a Windows computer, the latest firmware and the included dongle. The software required for updating as well as the firmware can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer. The update process is explained in detail in the manual and can also be performed by laymen.

Feiyu G4 vs. G4S

At the time I wrote this review, there was already the successor, the Feiyu G4S. This gimbal offers a much improved operation by means of a directional pad, as well as a practical carrying case is included. The maximum inclination, rotation and roll angle have also been increased. With a price difference of about 50 €, the successor currently offers the better overall package.

BUTIf you do not have a GoPro Action Cam and need a gimbal, for example for an SJCAM, you will not be able to use it with the G4S. On the camera insert of the Feiyu G4S is a micro USB port, which is perfectly matched to the housing of the GoPro Hero 3, 3 + and 4. Action cams from other manufacturers that do not have a micro USB socket at the exact same location can not be placed inside the slot.

Price Comparison

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Final Words


Good workmanship
Easy to use
Compaitbel with many action cams
Good stabilization
Four operating modes
Regular firmware updates


Poorly placed power button
USB cap
Slight vibration during extreme movements

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The Feiyu G4 3 Axis gimbal is well implemented and has met my expectations. The commissioning and the usability are easy and even as a beginner bloody fantastic pictures can be made after a short acclimation. Also interesting is the compatibility with Action Cams from different manufacturers.

If you own a GoPro Hero 3, 3 + or 4, the Feiyu G4S offers the better overall package.

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Thanks for the review. Do you know if I can use the Xiaomi Yi with the Feiyu G4S as well?


If you rebuild the gimbal, it would be possible. However, then the USB port is still in the way!


Hi can one help me? There is no connection between G6 and sjcam 8 pro. Otherwise runs super, I would like to control the cam on the gimbal.