Epson EB-U04 Test - 3LCD Full HD Projector

by 6. September 2016
With the "Epson EB-U04" Epson presents a mobile 3LCD projector, which should be suitable for home theater as well as for business applications. To what extent this projector combines both areas of application and how it beats, you can read about in this test for Epson EB-U04!



Epson EB-U04



Resolution: Full HD (WUXGA)
Picture format: 16: 10
Projection size: 30 - 300 inches
Focus: Manual
Color / white brightness: 3.000
Technology: 3LCD
Contrast: 15.000: 1


2x HDMI (1x MHL)
Audio L / R
WLAN (optional)


Lamp life: 5.000 / 10.000 (eco) hours
Projection ratio: 1.38 - 1.68: 1
Speaker: 2W
Keystone Correction: Yes

What's in the box

1x EB-U04 projector
1x transport bag
1x VGA cable
1x power cable
1x remote control
2x AA battery
1x Operating Instructions (CD-ROM)

First impression of the Epson EB-U04

Epson EB-U04 3LCD Beamer / Projector under test

What's in the box

The scope of delivery of the Epson EB-U04 is manageable. The beamer itself is in a comfortable and accurately fitting carry bag, Additionally included are one VGA Cable, One Remote Control with two needed AA batteries, as well as one power cable to the power supply. A detailed Manual is on a supplied CDROM. The optional WLAN module is not included!

Design and workmanship

With a Size of only 297 x 244 x 77mm and a weight of 2.6kg the EB-U04 has a compact design. The design is modern, yet restrained and simple. The processing convinces. The all-plastic projector has no unsightly gaps or unclean processed areas, as well as the individual controls can operate smoothly and located on the top of the housing control buttons have a pleasant pressure point.

connection options

The Epson projector serves almost all common connection options. Next two HDMI sockets owns the device too two USB sockets (USB type A and B), one VGA socket, one Composite input, as well as one RCA audio input.

One of the HDMI sockets is also MHL compatible, MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link What about mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, can be connected by cable to the projector. This interface can transfer high-resolution audio and video files as well as charge the mobile device at the same time.

The advertised with the EB-U04 WLAN function is optional, This requires a special WLAN USB stick (ELPAP09 or ELPAP10), which must be purchased separately. Also available for Android and iOS "IProjection App" can only be used if the beamer is connected to the WLAN.


On the bottom of the Epson EB-U04 there are screw options for one optional ceiling mounting, On the housing side is an additional device for a security cable appropriate. The back is also a Loudspeakersover which the sound of the playback material can be played.

  • Manual zoom by the factor 1.2
  • Manual focus
  • Keystone Automatic Vertical: ± 30 °, Manual Horizontal ± 30 °
  • Projection ratio 1.38 - 1.68: 1
  • Projection size 30 inches - 300 inches


The commissioning of the beamer is very simple and requires no prior knowledge. After connecting the device to the power, the projector is already ready to go. If you turn on the device, followed by a short Warm-up phase of about 45 seconds, Afterwards the beamer is in the main menu. The EB-U04 is controlled via the enclosed remote control or the control buttons on the projector housing.

main menu

Here is an overview of the available and also connected sources. In addition, you can select the most important functions (keystone, split-screen, ECO settings and color mode), you can switch to the settings, call up the help and you will get the assigned WLAN data.

main menu


The settings menu is extensive, but nevertheless clearly arranged. Here is a rough overview of the most important settings.


Overall, 5 has different color modes to choose from. These amount to one presentation mode, one dynamic mode, one Cinema mode, one sRGB mode and one panel mode, If you have selected the appropriate color mode, you can adjust the brightness, the contrast or the color saturation, among other things. Also settings for adaptive iris diaphragm are made about this.


Here are settings for the active source. Among other things, the aspect ratio can be adjusted, or the overscan can be activated.


The menu item "Settings" contains the general settings of the beamer, such as the volume, the split-screen mode, settings for the IR receiver or the "keystone".


Here are special settings for the start screen, the hints displayed or to the language.


This menu item is optional and is used to configure the WLAN stick.


The ECO menu item controls the Energy saving functions the projector. Here you can choose between the normal mode and the ECO mode as well as set the sleep mode.


Display of the porjector information, such as the lamp hours or the serial number.


This can be used to reset the EB-U04 to the factory settings.

Business application

The fact that the Epson EB-U04 is not a pure home theater beamer, can be seen already after the first switching on the device. By default, the projector is in the so-called "normal mode" with active "presentation mode" as the color mode. The picture displayed here is very bright (maximum 3000 lumens)why the projector can be used easily in the non-darkened room. Clearly noticeable is the noisy fan.

In active "Presentation mode" the color representation is very cool. Colors appear very pale, which is why this mode is mostly for pure text projection. The same applies to the dynamic mode, in which the colors are much more distorted.

Home theater capability

The home theater capability of the Epson EB-U04 convinces from the point of view of value for money. If you switch from "normal mode" to "ECO mode", the fan noise decreases audibly. In return, the image is darkened slightly, which is why in this mode a largely darkened room is required.

If you additionally activate the color mode "Cinema", the color display also appears much warmer and more accurate, which is also the case 3LCD technology thanks to it, which ensures a more natural and intense color representation. However, the black value appears, despite improved color fastness, as greyish instead of a rich black. Especially with dark film scenes, a greyish veil covers the picture.

To improve the black value in "Cinema Mode" the adaptive iris diaphragm be added. The black level is thereby only minimally improved. In return, a loud creaking of the IRIS aperture is heard at each light change, which bothers rather than useful in the long run.

The native resolution of the projector is included 1920x1200 pixels at a Aspect ratio of 16: 10, Full HD video footage is rendered accurately and crisp. The smallest details remain clearly recognizable.

Opinions of other test persons

For the test, opinions of other test persons were also obtained who were presented with the Epson EB-U04 and who actively used and used the beamer itself. For this purpose, the test subjects in 3 sentences should write down their views on the projector and name what they like and what they like less or not.

"The picture is as sharp as on my HDTV. I especially like the mobility. I do not like the loud IRIS aperture. "

"Super easy to use, great picture and easy to carry. I think the sharp picture is great. I did not like the loud fan and the creaking noise. "

"The picture is bright, the colors are full and the resolution is good. I particularly liked the versatile connection options and the high-resolution picture. "

"The projector is inconspicuous and you can put it anywhere or take it with you. It's easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to set up. The presentation is very sharp and looks natural, but black colors are a bit too gray for me. "

Final Words


Clear image
Strong colors
Compact design
connection options


WiFi only optional
Loud iris aperture
Black level under expectation

First impression
everyday practicality
picture quality

The Epson EB-U04 meets a good midfield between presentation beamer and home theater solution. Due to its compact design, the projector is extremely mobile and, due to the high light output, is very well suited for outdoor public viewing.

The native Full HD resolution makes the picture crisp. In addition, the 3LCD technology ensures accurate color yield. The black value, however, remains below expectations. Improvement is also the very loud IRIS aperture, which can be particularly disturbing in the cinema mode. It would also be desirable to integrate the WLAN module in the projector and not offer it as an option.

In spite of everything, the Epson EB-U04 is an affordable projector.

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Tom Office Series

Unfortunately, this Epson projector has no lens shift, so the exact orientation on a screen in the home theater is particularly important. Otherwise, a great projector for the price.


The new projectors are class. Above all, one knows that everything works out on the business presentation. I know enough people in the circle of acquaintances who had more theatrical performances with the projectors in the presentation rooms than anything else.