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ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike header

ENGWE EP-2 Pro test – the e-fat bike bestseller is that good!

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 28. April 2024

Oversized tires, powerful electric motor and also foldable to transportable size: This is how the ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike presents itself.

Despite the entry-level price, the ENGWE E-Fatbike has some (positive) surprises in store. In this test, we clarify what it has to offer, what driving fun is involved and what needs to be considered.

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899 €
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Review: ENGWE EP-2 Pro

Just in time for the start of my vacation, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro rolled up for me at the end of July. In contrast to the previously tested FIIDO L3 and ADO A16 the E-Folding Bike from ENGWE takes a slightly different direction.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro Electric Bike Review

The company from China specializes in particular in e-bikes with extra wide tires. As a so-called E-Fatbike or E-Fatty, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro is not only an eye-catcher, the extra-wide tires also promise a lot of grip in almost any weather and on any terrain.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro: first impression

The e-bike was delivered safely packed in a typical cardboard box. It was sent directly from the EU warehouse (Poland) via the official ENGWE shop, so that no additional costs such as customs or import duties were incurred. Shipping only took a few days.

Offer (November 24, 2023)

ENGWE is also celebrating Black Friday and has reduced almost its entire range. The bestseller ENGWE EP-2 Pro is available at a bargain price of just 929 euros.

You can save another 30 euros if you use our exclusive discount code. This reduces the price to an unbeatable 899 euros.


Black Friday - ENGWE EP-2 PRO for €899

With this offer you can buy the ENGWE-EP2 PRO in the official ENGWE online shop for only 899 euros.
30€ Discount
until the end of the campaign

The code works for both the international model with a 750 watt motor and the EU version with a 250 watt motor. You can pay at ENGWE with, among other things, credit card, PayPal or Klarna conveniently by invoice. Shipping is free of charge directly from the European warehouse. The guarantee is 1 year.

Before unpacking, the innumerable cable ties that secured the folded e-bike in the box had to be loosened and the protective foam pads removed. You can now lift the e-bike out of the box, provided you have the strength to do it. With a weight of approx. 32 kg, the electric bike folded to 81 x 38 x 76 cm is actually quite heavy.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike packaging

What's in the box

Finally, the other scope of delivery also comes to light, which in addition to the e-bike also contains the following parts:

  • a pair of pedals
  • a charger (54,6V 2A)
  • a tool kit
  • a key pair
  • an instruction manual

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike scope of delivery

 Saddle, reflectors and co. are already pre-assembled. Extras such as an air pump or a smartphone holder, which are included with some other e-bikes, are not included. Otherwise the ENGWE e-bike is ready to ride out-of-the-box.

Construction and processing

At least almost, because the pedals first have to be turned in to drive off. This step is only taken once, however, because the pedals can then simply be folded up for transport. The tires are already filled with air, but you should check the tire pressure again before driving. A quick brake check is also important. In my test device, these were set a little too weakly. Quickly adjusted and the brakes grip cleanly.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike folded

The further assembly or unfolding of the folding bike is done within a few seconds and in a few simple steps. Here just straighten the folded handlebars and secure using the safety lock, unfold the e-bike using the folding mechanism on the center bar and also fix it using the safety device and then align the saddle. When unfolded, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro grows to a size of 167 x 53 x 118 cm. It is hardly smaller than a full-fledged bicycle.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike handlebar folded

Just as quickly as the e-bike is unfolded, it can also be folded up again in the reverse order. There is no device that holds the e-folding bike together when it is folded. Thanks to a support, the folded e-bike is stable on the ground without the chainrings touching it. A handle on the frame makes lifting easier. The e-folding bike just barely fits in the trunk of a small car.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike handlebar lock

The choice of materials and the quality of workmanship of the ENGWE EP-2 Pro are praiseworthy considering the price range. The weld seams are a bit rough, but clean. Noticeable rattling, dragging or squeaking was not noticeable after several test drives. The same applies to the folding mechanism, which holds securely even after being folded out and in several times. You should note the maximum load capacity of 150 kg.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike folding mechanism

The look, especially when it comes to the distinctive ENGWE sticker on the frame, is, as always, a matter of taste. In 5 available colors, there should be the right color for everyone. The only thing that disturbs the overall picture is the cable management on the handlebar. The cables protrude visibly from the handlebars and finally disappear just above the fork. That could have been solved more visually.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike unfolded

ENGWE EP-2 Pro: Equipment

When it comes to equipment, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro doesn't have to hide. The e-bike has a powerful electric motor, a large and at the same time removable battery and is also well positioned in other respects.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike rear

An important point worth mentioning is the lack of road approval in Germany. The reasons for this are the over-powerful 750W motor, an unthrottled speed of more than 25 km / h and the throttle grip that turns the electric bike into a compact e-moped. In other countries (including within the EU) it can look quite different. Before driving, you should definitely find out about the local regulations.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike luggage rack

Large and removable battery

First, let's take a look at the ENGWE EP-614,4 Pro's 48 watt-hour battery (12,8V 2Ah) (note: the new upgraded version uses a slightly more powerful 48V 13Ah battery). Ideally, this is housed directly in the frame, where it is best protected from external influences. Further advantages are optimal weight distribution, because the battery is one of the heaviest parts of the e-bike, higher frame stability and a better look, because hidden, the large battery does not spoil the overall picture.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike battery

The battery is secured with a lock, which is located below the frame next to the folding mechanism. Only when the lock is unlocked with one of the enclosed keys does the battery pack supply power or can be removed from the frame. The lock acts as an anti-theft device for the battery and as an ignition at the same time. The only disadvantage is that the key has to be permanently inserted while driving and the lock is difficult to hit. The key would probably have been better placed on the handlebars. You can find more details on the range and charging time in the test below.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike lock

750 Watt motor

The 750 watt rear-wheel drive makes the ENGWE EP-2 Pro a real performance beast. Thanks to the high 80 nm torque, the e-bike pulls off easily.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike support

Basically, the e-bike can be driven in the following 3 modes:

  •  Mode 1: pedal operation. To get the folding e-bike moving, we have to pedal.
  •  Mode 2: Pedal Assist Mode. As the English term already suggests, this is the pedal assistance. The motor only provides power when you lightly step on the pedals. The support level can be selected in 5 levels.
  •  Mode 3: throttle. In this mode you don't have to pedal, you can regulate the speed using the throttle grip on the handlebars.

As with the ADO A16, there is also a hidden menu on the ENGWE EP-2 Pro that can be called up by holding down the plus and minus buttons. The hidden menu gives you, among other things, the option of reducing the speed to 25 km / h or adjusting the tire diameter, which ultimately affects the speed display.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike handlebar

We also have dozens of other settings here, but you should stay away from them if you don't know what the settings are doing. Which setting does what is described in the operating instructions.

Tires, lights and computers

A highlight are the fat 20 x 4 inch tires that turn the ENGWE EP-2 Pro into an E-Fatbike or E-Fatty. A major advantage over conventional e-bikes is the high off-road capability of e-fatbikes. The wide tires not only offer better grip, but are usually only filled with 0,2 to 0,8 bar. This in turn ensures a particularly shock-absorbing effect.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike Stand

This is exactly why many fat bikes do without additional suspensions. The ENGWE EP-2 Pro has a suspension fork, but dispenses with rear suspension. Nevertheless, the driving behavior is buttery smooth. More on that later.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike pedals

 Metal fenders are available on the front and rear wheels. The luggage rack doubles as a pillion seat, although you shouldn't lose sight of the maximum load capacity of 150 kg. Other features include mechanical disc brakes, a brake light that comes on when you brake, and a bright LED headlight.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro E-Bike rear wheel

The bike computer (Yolin YL80C) is located in the middle of the handlebar and its illuminated display remains legible even in the dark. The speed, the battery level, the PAS level, the total range and the trip with the current range and average speed are displayed. To the left of the display there is the bicycle bell and the switch-on or plus-minus button for operating the bicycle computer.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike gearshift

There is no electric horn, as it is installed in so many other China e-bikes. Finally, on the right side of the handlebars, we have the throttle and the paddle of the Shimano 7-speed SIS gearshift.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro: Driving test

 Now the question of all questions. How does the ENGWE EP-2 Pro actually drive? 

Pedal assist mode

Strictly speaking, there is only pedal operation when the e-bike is switched off. When switched on, the electric bike is automatically in Pedal Assist Mode level 1, which switches on the motor with a delay of about 3 seconds after you step away. The sensitivity of the torque sensor can be adjusted in the advanced settings.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike suspension

With pure pedal force, you can reach a speed of approx. 7 km / h in the 15-speed Shimano gearbox before the cadence gets too high. The gear changes from 1 to 7 gears are clean. The Shimano SIS circuit is known for the fact that you have to readjust here and there.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike gear shift

If you switch the PAS up to level 5 parallel to the gears, you will reach a top speed of approx. 35 km / h on a straight stretch. At least I was able to measure this speed with a body weight of 85 kg. Those who are lighter can possibly tease out up to 40 km / h from the ENGWE EP-2 Pro. If you stop pedaling, the PAS stops with a slight delay. Braking ends the PAS immediately.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike control

Moped mode

The moped mode or throttle mode does not have to be activated separately either. As soon as there is no pedaling movement, you can accelerate using the throttle grip. The acceleration is only minimally delayed. If you hold the throttle for 8 seconds, the e-bike switches on the cruise control. The speed is now kept constant.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike display

driving experience

Thanks to the wide 20 x 4 inch tires, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro provides a harmonious and safe driving experience. People up to 1,95 cm tall can ride the folding bike without any problems. Although the e-bike is only sprung at the fork at the front, it rides comfortably smoothly even on uneven surfaces. The ENGWE e-bike has grown for trips on roads, field lanes or across the forest. Depending on the situation, the suspension can be locked using the lockout. The bicycle saddle with a central cut-out is comfortable and is also suitable for longer tours.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike saddle

Battery and range

As promised, a few last words about the battery and the range. The range is always difficult to quantify, as it depends very much on the driving style, the weight of the driver and geographical factors. The range measured in the test was on average 35 km with the throttle grip. This at least applies to a body weight of approx. 85 kg and a predominantly flat terrain. In PAS mode, a slightly higher range can be tickled out. Up to 60 km is a realistic value here.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike folding mechanism

Theoretically, the battery does not have to be removed from the e-bike for charging. You can access the charging socket through a small hole on the frame. However, it is more convenient to remove the battery and charge it separately from the bike. The charging time is a good 6 hours.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike charging socket

ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike header



Portable 20 incher
Good workmanship
Ready to drive in a few simple steps
Practical floor support
Comfortable saddle
Removable frame battery
Very high driving pleasure (grip, acceleration, maneuverability)
Good brakes with LED brake lights
Shimano 7-speed gearshift
Luggage racks


No (German) street legal
No fixation when folded
Unsightly cable routing from the handlebar to the fork
Bad placement of the lock


The ENGWE EP-2 Pro convinced me all along the line and is the best e-bike I have tested so far. Of course, there are also some points of criticism here, such as the unfavorable placement of the lock, the lack of fixation in the folded state or the unsightly cable management from the handlebar to the fork.

However, the positive impressions predominate. Thanks to the wide tires, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro offers surprisingly good handling, even on rough terrain. True mountain bikes offer significantly better handling characteristics, but one should not forget that we have a compact e-folding bike in front of us. Disregarding the lack of street approval in Germany, there is a clear recommendation for the ENGWE EP-2 Pro!

Price Comparison
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Timo is the founder of and a real technology expert. From smartphones to e-bikes, from home cinema to smart homes, he always has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends.



  1. Andrew Markwitz

    25. March 2022 21 to: 41

    Hello Timo.. We own 2 of these bikes and are very satisfied. Super driving characteristics. Unfortunately, one display is defective due to the lack of a lock when folded. We haven't found a replacement yet as everything was described in English. We're also missing a German instruction manual. Maybe someone can help us here. In any case, we'll be enjoying our bikes again on the island of Fehmarn from Easter Sunday. Kind regards and a nice weekend wish you Brigitte and Andreas.

    • Timo admin

      26. March 2022 10 to: 56

      Hi Andrew,
      I'm glad you like the EP-2 Pro. You can download the German instructions under this link.

      The thing with the display is of course a pity. ENGWE gives a 1-year guarantee on defects that also affect the display. Of course only if the defect was not caused by yourself. Alternatively, you can also order a replacement display directly from the manufacturer. Among other things, there is the display with shipping from China for about 62 euros on Aliexpress. Here the link:


    • Bear Uwe

      15. June 2023 20 to: 32

      Hello Timo,
      I received my engwe EP 2 pro today, everything was great, aaaabut unfortunately it only goes 25kmh, is there a way to optimize the speed.
      Thank you Uwe

  2. A. Rüter

    12. April 2022 18 to: 47

    Hello Timo,
    could you say something about the noise level of the engine?
    Is it possible to cruise silently or does the bike roar like a lion?
    Yours sincerely,
    A. Rüter

    • Timo admin

      15. April 2022 09 to: 53

      Hello A. Rüter,
      In my opinion, the bike is not noticeably loud or no louder than other e-bikes. Of course you can hear the engine noise, especially on inclines, but it doesn't bother me personally. The bike is really far removed from the loud roar.


      • Andrew Markwitz

        21. May 2023 18 to: 13

        Hello Timo. I have now received the third display and it was wrong again. Ordered extra with photos of the original number of the display and the plug. Apparently nobody is there who can read. I can switch on the last one without inserting the key, but it then shows error code 030, i.e. the brake is defective. I would like to change the electronics there, please, it said in an email. I installed my wife's display, everything works. Replacement display on my wife's bike, same error. I've been waiting for an answer for three weeks now. Apparently it's not possible to send it back either.. so we're going on vacation without our bikes. Now we're really disappointed, although we really liked being on the road with it. Greetings Andreas OK

    • Alexander

      28. April 2023 18 to: 39

      Hello Timo
      How can I throttle (throttle)
      turn off disable?

      • Timo admin

        30. April 2023 11 to: 54

        Hi Alexander,

        it works like this:

        1. Turn off the bike.
        2. Hold the throttle fully open and the right brake pressed.
        3. Turn on the bike and hold down the power button until the display shows the speedometer.
        4. Keep the throttle grip and brake pressed for another 10 seconds.

        The throttle grip should then be switched off. You can also activate the throttle again with the same steps.

  3. Richard

    18. May 2022 23 to: 14

    Hello, I'm super happy with the bike, but there's something wrong with the range. So far I've only ridden a little over 100 kilometers with it, but after 25 km the battery on my bike is empty. I rode at level 9 without using much pedals. Is the battery really that bad?

    • Timo admin

      19. May 2022 12 to: 39

      Hi Richard, that's a plausible value if you mainly drive electrically. The range is very dependent on how you ride the bike, how heavy the rider is, whether you climb a lot of hills, etc.


  4. Matthew

    29. May 2022 08 to: 10

    Hello Timo, the bike is great. How can I make the bike roadworthy?

    • Timo admin

      1. June 2022 09 to: 53

      Hi Matthies, unfortunately this will not work. In order for it to pass as a pedelec, it should have a maximum nominal power of 250W. For everything else, the operating license is missing.

      • Joachim Volz

        10. August 2022 22 to: 28

        Joachim All nonsense you get it approved and assured Greetings Joachim

        • Stephan

          7. October 2022 21 to: 35

          Then please tell me how, I would like to buy it.

        • Uwe Petersen

          15. December 2022 11 to: 25

          Hello Joachim,
          how did you get the approval?

          Request for Info.


  5. Michael Iffert

    30. May 2022 20 to: 39

    Hi Timo
    can you say something about wear parts on this bike?
    The brake is from "Wuxing" .... where do you get brake pads for this if they are worn out accordingly...

    and additional question: can you also drive slowly with it, i.e. actually max 25-30?

    Greetings Michael

    • Timo admin

      1. June 2022 09 to: 56

      Hi Michael, the parts can also be easily exchanged for spare parts from other manufacturers. You can get original spare parts from the ENGWE Shop on Aliexpress, which I linked in the comments above.

      You can set the speed via the advanced settings of the bike computer.


  6. Martin Seeger

    16. June 2022 07 to: 36

    Is there a way to legally operate the bike in Germany (e.g. with moped insurance or a motorcycle driver's license or self-limitation of the driving level)
    Martin Seeger

  7. Yelkencioglu

    12. July 2022 14 to: 26

    What about registration and insurance for this pedelec?

    Best regards

  8. Tono Palabka

    23. July 2022 22 to: 41

    Hello Timo. Thanks to your rating, we have 2 new EP2s at home since yesterday. I must say that the minuses you gave them are insignificant. Today we have aired and fine-tuned them a little. They are amazing. We also have larger e-bikes at home, the Czech Crusis. I can select the possible range element on their display. Here I found in the manuals that consumption or instantaneous power can be displayed. However, I haven't figured out how to get into this menu. Can you advise me please? Tono, Slovakia

  9. Peter

    5. September 2022 13 to: 40

    Moin Joachim, how do I get it insured. The insurance company wants to see an approval.
    Greeting Peter

  10. Edward

    18. November 2022 07 to: 56

    Hi Tim.
    I didn't find the knob which I should push in order to start bike work.
    Can you help me to switch it on?

    • Timo admin

      18. November 2022 09 to: 30

      Hi Edward,

      it's below the plus-minus buttons.

  11. Eddie Wright

    10. January 2023 23 to: 31

    Thank you for your excellent appraisal of this bike. Real food for thought!

  12. Christian

    24. November 2023 12 to: 27

    I would be interested to see what the bill looked like. delivery with
    Polish sales identification number?
    Was the VAT shown separately on the invoice?
    So net plus tax = gross price
    Thank you Christian

    • Timo admin

      24. November 2023 15 to: 25

      Hi Christian, unfortunately I can't give you an answer to that. The e-bike was on loan and was returned to the manufacturer after the test.

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Type: Brushless
Leistung: 750W
Speed: up to 45 km / h

Type: Lithium-ion
Voltage: 48V
Charge: 12,8Ah
Energy: 614,4 Wh

Range: 60 km (electric), 120 km (assisted)
Charging time: ~ 5-7 hours

Gears: 7 (Shimano)
Translation: ratio: Unknown
Operating modes: manual, pedelec, moped

Tire: 20 "x 4"
Disc brakes: Front + Rear (Tektro)

Computer: yes
Splash guard: Yes
Suspension: Yes (air shock absorption)

Material: Aluminum/stoneware
Load capacity: 150 kg
Size (folded): 81 x 38 x 76 cm
Size (unfolded): 167 x 53 x 118 cm
Weight: 32 kg