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by 20. April 2016
Elephone is known for cheap Chinaphones and was able to establish myself the "P-Series" quite in the highly competitive market of smartphones from China. With the Elephone P9000, the manufacturer wants to continue the successful course of the predecessor model. Whether the P9000 actually maintains this course and what novelties the smartphone has to offer, I summarized in this current test for Elephone P9000 for you.



Elephone P9000


OS: Android 6
Display: 5.5 inch LTPS 1920x1080
SoC: MediaTek Helio P10 Octa Core
Memory: 4GB RAM, 32GB Internal
SIM: Dual-SIM (Hybrid)

4G: FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20
TDD-LTE: B38 / B40
3G: WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8
2G: GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8

Battery: 3.000mAh (not changeable)

Gyroscope, accelerometer, brightness sensor,
Proximity sensor, Hall sensor, GPS, NFC

Bluetooth: V4.0
WIFI: 802.11a / b / g / n Dual Band 2.4G / 5G

What's in the box

1x Elephone P9000
1x USB Type-C cable
1x SIM pin
1x Silicone Protective Case
1x user manual
1x advertising card

First impression of Elephone P9000

Update: The test report has been adapted again to the current OTA update P9000_20170112.

What's in the box

That was delivered Elephone P9000 in a modern plastic box. Included were next to the smartphone still one USB Type-C charging or data cable, SIM Pin to open the SIM slot, a multilingual Manual, also in German, one Silicone back to protect the smartphone, as well as a advertising cardsThat points to the smartphone's near-charge possibility. Anyone who wonders now if the charger was forgotten in the list, I have to disappoint. The Elephone P9000 comes without a charger. The promotional card indicates a Quick Charge charger, which can be purchased for about 13 €.

Elephone P9000 - Unboxing - Review [Deutsch / German]

Design and workmanship

The smartphone itself was convincing in the first hands-on. At a Weight of about 145g the P9000 is very easy. The case frame is a beautiful one anthracite-colored aluminum frame, The arrangement of the function keys is interesting. These are located almost in the center, which allows the keys to reach faster and the 5.5 inch device can be operated more easily. In addition to the ordinary Power button and the Volume rocker, the Elephone P9000 has an additional button, the so-called "Smart Key", which can be used as a quick launch button for a user-defined app. All physical controls are designed to fit, made of aluminum and sit in the rack without much play.

At the upper edge of the case, the P9000 has one 3.5mm jack audio output, At the bottom of the frame are the USB Type-C female, the microphone and the speaker. The SIM tray is inserted on the left side. It should be noted that the SIM slot is a so-called "Hybrid Slot" is. Here, either the dual-SIM function (2x Micro SIM) whoever wants to use the memory expansion option must "sacrifice" one of the slots (1x Micro SIM, 1x Micro SD).

The front side of the Chinaphone looks comparatively simple. On physical keys was waived and also the capacitive buttons, only amount to the main button below the display. However, these were assigned several functions. Above the display is the auricle, right next to it the 8 megapixel front camera, to the left of the auricle is the proximity sensor.

The non-removable back panel of the Elephone P9000 is made of plastic and has a texture similar to sandpaper. Below the 13 megapixel main camera there is still the Fingerprint scanner, In addition to the main camera, a dual LED flash and a laser focus were added.


As soon as you turn on the P9000, it comes with you 1.6 mm very low precipitating display bezel (Bezel) on. The display has a Diagonal of 5.5 inches and solve it 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD) on. The LTPS Panel is from LG.

The colors shown are very strong and the black value is good. Individual pixels are no longer recognizable due to the high resolution. The maximum brightness of the display could be a little better. Especially in strong sunlight, the display can not read so well.

In my test device has also the so-called "Clouding" made noticeable at the bottom of the display. Here are usually at the edges of the display different brightness marks. To what extent other devices of the row are concerned I can not judge, but the effect holds with the P9000 tested by me in the frame and is understandable only with everyday atypical situations.

The display settings have been changed "Miravision" extended, whereby the presentation can be customized. In addition to two predefined profiles, all settings within MiraVision can also be freely selected by the user.

All input made in the course of the test was accurately recognized by the touch screen. Multitouch is supported with up to 5 fingers.


The Elephone P9000 uses one MediaTek Helio P10 SoC (MT6755), one 64bit octa-core processor, the one with 2GHz overclocked. The SoC GPU amounts to one Mali-T860, The RAM is included 4GBwhich is internal memory 32GB.

In everyday life, the smartphone can be operated very smoothly. Multitasking is not a problem and even more computationally intensive games like Asphalt 8 could be played smoothly in the test. Even after prolonged use and numerous open apps, the memory usage was limited and a smooth operation was maintained.

User interface and functions

With Android 6 Elephone P9000 is one of the first Chinaphones with Android Marshmallow. The user interface differs visually hardly from Stock Android, but who changes in the settings, is surprised by a variety of additional settings and features. Here is an overview of the most important functions:

First of all, the additional extensions were not translated by the manufacturer!

Harlequin LED Notification: Control the notification LED located below the display. Here it can be set that the LED pulsates upon receipt of a notification, as well as it is possible to set at which day and night times the LED should be active. Unfortunately, no color settings can be made.

Finger Scanner: Here you can configure the fingerprint scanner. Overall, 5 finger profiles can be created. In the review, the scanner proved to be reliable. There were very few errors. The detection time was very low, which allowed the device to unlock in a timely manner.

Prevent Pocket Dial: This option prevents the smartphone from unlocking itself in your pocket, for example.

Safety: Functions have also been added in the security settings. It is thus possible to determine which apps are to be started when the smartphone starts up, the app authorizations can be individually controlled, individual files can be encrypted and an anti-theft function, which remotely locks or deletes the smartphone, has been specially integrated.

Smart Assistant: In the settings there is a separate category called "Smart Assistant". There are settings for gesture control and an already known from other manufacturers "Smart Wake" function, by means of which one can start by drawing a letter on the standby display, a predefined app. In addition, the side-mounted quick start button can be configured, there is a "Volume up key wake up" function, the laser focus on the back can be set, you can activate an additional navigation bar and you can set which apps should be closed at what time, for example, to empty the memory.

Another difference to Stock Android 6.0, is the app drawer. With Stock Android you can scroll through the app overview, with the Elephone P9000, however, you leaf through the pages. Due to the lack of capacitive keys, the user interface is controlled via the touchscreen on the one hand, and the capacitive key below the display on the other hand is multifunctional. Updates get the smartphone OTA (Over The Air).

Updates to the operating system

(Update Novemner 2016): The Elephone P9000 is one of the most widely used China smartphones, which is why the developer community is in constant growth. On XDA-Developers There are now numerous custom ROMs, tweaks and other useful tips for P9000. One of the most famous ROMs is the "Eragon" ROM, which was and still is very successful on the P8000. If you prefer to equip your device with CyanogenMod, there is a fully functional CyanogenMod 13.0 build. In mid-November is also a first beta of the Android 7.0 nougat update for the Elephone P9000 appear. However, it is still advisable to wait for the official release, as the current beta version still has some bugs to fight.

Android Nougat demo on #ElephoneP9000

(Update January 2017): With the release of the update P9000_20160810 For many devices, the recovery function has been damaged, resulting in an OTA update P9000_20170112 impossible. The remedy is to flash the recovery images again via the SP-Flashtool. The data is retained and an OTA update to the latest firmware is then possible! Detailed instructions can be found in the official Elephone Forum.


The main camera of the Elephone P9000 shoots recordings with up to 13 Megapixel, According to the manufacturer was one Image sensor from Sony, with the label IMX258 used. The f-number is included f / 2.0, Next to the main camera is a dual LED flashwhich triggers with different color temperatures to shoot even more beautiful pictures at night. Also next to the main camera is a Laser autofocus, Unlike conventional smartphones that focus on the contrast range, the Elephone P9000 focuses on the infrared laser. Especially in low light conditions, even faster focusing is possible.

Since I knew that a previous firmware of the P9000 just caused a lot of problems with the camera, I flashed the latest ROM, according to the manufacturer, these problems have been resolved. In practice, the Elephone P9000 shoots good pictures. The colors look crisp and natural. The sharpness is given in good light conditions and also the picture noise is limited. Nevertheless, the image quality, the camera app and the triggering time could be improved. In low light conditions, the images are increasingly blurred. Even in good light conditions, it may happen that the autofocus does not focus accurately and the images appear blurry. The camera app already has all the basic functions, but could be extended by additional shooting modes. The trip takes a relatively long time and the autofocus is still a bit sluggish.

The 8 megapixel front camera convinced. As an image sensor was a OmniVision OV8858 used. Even in low light conditions, this camera is suitable for useful selfies.

Update: Since the numerous OTA updates, the camera has also improved. Nevertheless, the potential is not exhausted! Meanwhile, the laser autofocus works a bit more accurately.

Shooting Elephone P9000 main camera


The sound from the external speaker is good at low volume. However, once you set the maximum volume, the sound is very tinny and can also partial scratching is not uncommon.

The sound over the 3.5mm audio output is good. A disturbing background noise has not made itself felt. Noteworthy is the maximum volume.

Telephony, Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC

All common frequencies in Germany are supported (also 800MHz / LTE band 20), 2G about 3G to 4G is possible. In the call test the Elephone P9000 could convince. My interlocutor could understand me clearly, as well as I could understand him well.

Active Bluetooth connections were stable and the range average. The WiFi has an excellent range and is very sensitive. Even far-off networks were displayed in the WiFi overview. Also the Dual Band Suitability is a big selling point of the P9000.

NFC (Near Field Communication) also works very well with the Elephone P9000. "Tags" I could easily describe and read out. A map emulation is possible. Also, the device can be used for mobile payment.

Another very interesting feature is the interface MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), This is an alternative to HDMI, which allows the smartphone to transmit both audio and video data to a screen while being charged via the cable. Unfortunately I could not test this function because of the missing cable.

GPS and other sensors

The GPS fix was found with the Elephone P9000 in no time. In free space the GPS was consistently accurate up to 2 meters. For improved navigation, the smartphone also has an e-compass. Other sensors include a gyroscope, an acceleration sensor, a brightness sensor, a proximity sensor and a Hall sensor.

Update: The update has improved both the GPS and the gyroscope. The GPS finds the "GPS fix" even faster and the gyroscope works precisely.


According to the manufacturer, the capacity of the battery is 3.000mAh, I could also understand this value with a USB multimeter. Since the delivery was not accompanied by a charger, I used an alternative quick charger, which the Elephone P9000 within 1 ½ hours fully charged was. Incidentally, the smartphone can also be charged wirelessly with a Qi charger. In everyday life, the battery was convincing. After a day of conventional usage, I still had 40% of the battery available in the evening. With moderate use, the Elephone P9000 will last for a good two days. With the latest ROM, the battery life has improved even further, which also fixed the WiFi bug.

Update: With the latest June 2016 ROM, the Quick Charge feature will not work as it should. If you were able to recharge your smartphone with the appropriate charger in no time, it takes much longer now.

Final Words


Good workmanship
Good handling
Android 6
High-performance Helio P10 and 4GB RAM
High resolution display
Good network coverage


Maximum display brightness
Easy clouding
Camera in need of improvement

First impression
User Interface
Fingerprint scanner
GPS & sensors

With the Helio P10 and 4GB RAM, the Elephone P9000 is a powerful midrange smartphone. The workmanship is good and the design is also appealing. With Android 6 Elephone uses the latest Android, which shines through clarity and is also very performant. The functional range is also impressive. Rarely does a smartphone of this price range have a quick-start button, a laser focus, NFC and even the latest USB Type-C standard.

The display is high resolution sharp and the color reproduction is successful. Only the maximum display brightness and the light clouding at the lower edge of the display have to be chalked to the smartphone here.

Both the main camera and the front camera produce good picture and video recordings. Nevertheless, the main camera is in need of improvement on the software side.

Overall, the Elephone P9000 is a recommended midrange smartphone.

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"NFC (Near Field Communication) also works very well with the Elephone P9000. ... A map emulation is possible. Also, the device can be used for mobile payment. "

With which app was the payment possible? For example, when trying to use Payback Pay, I get the message: "Uncertain device detected. The use of Pay is not possible with this device for security reasons. "
Incidentally, my mobile is neither rooted nor otherwise "dangled".

For any further reference I am grateful. Unfortunately, I have been able to find only posts in various forums, which was complained that the payment function with the P9000 can not be used.


The Elephone P9000 would certainly be able to be used for mobile payment, but it gets the manufacturer for months not on the series to properly sign the in-house ROM. Best to wait or play CM13. This should be possible mobile payment.


Thanks for the quick post! Too bad that the manufacturer is doing something to this very successful device!


How can I test the card emulation, are there any possibilities to describe the emulation?


With the NFC map emulation, the smartphone can be described as an NFC tag and read by NFC readers.