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by 8. September 2018
An Action Cam that supports resolutions up to 4K does not have to be expensive. A good example of this is the reasonably priced China action cam "EKEN H9R", which at first glance delivers a favorable overall package. To what extent the EKEN H9R can also convince with regard to the recording quality and what else the camera has to offer, you will learn in this review.





Image processor: Sunplus 6350
Image sensor: OV4689 (OmniVision)
Viewing angle: 170 °

Display: 2.0 inch LCD
Resolution: 320 x 240

Connections: MicroUSB, MicroHDMI
SD card: SDHC / SDXC up to 64 GB
Battery: 1050mAh

video Resolution
4K @ 25fps
2.7K @ 30fps
1080p @ 60 / 30fps
720 @ 120pfps

picture resolution

* WiFi and App
* Time-lapse image
* Loop Recording
* Size: 59 * 41 * 24.6 mm
* Housing material: ABS

What's in the box

1x Bluetooth remote control
1x battery
1x Waterproof Case
13x mounts
2x cleaning cloth
1x charger
1x USB cable
1x user manual

The action cam is now also called "EKEN H9S"Available. The image sensor and the image processor, as well as the appearance are identical to the EKEN H9 or H9R. Slightly improved, however, was the 4K recording capability. Please find attached our review of the "new" EKEN Budget Action Cam.

To the EKEN H9S test report

First impression of the EKEN H9R

What's in the box

Unlike other China action cams, the EKEN H9R differs only slightly, which is why this camera is also supplied in a typical cardboard box with a wide range of accessories. In addition to the various brackets also a waterproof housing is included, which makes a good impression on the outside. Although the shutter closes a bit difficult, but otherwise the camera can be well served by the housing. The pressure points are not too soft, but not too hard. The size of the EKEN H9R is similar to the well-known SJCAM SJ4000, which makes the accessories compatible with each other. The enclosed battery has a capacity of 1050mAh. A matching charging adapter is included.

Particularly interesting is the included remote control, which can be paired with the camera. It can be used to trigger video or photo recordings remotely. An English-language operating manual for the camera and remote control is also included. Overall, the set includes 21 parts.

Eken H9R / H9 Action Cam review

Optics and workmanship

The EKEN H9R Action Cam is available in 7 different colors. The workmanship is average good. Only the cap of the battery sits in my test copy comparatively easy.

Front is the power or fashion button. On the back side, a large 2 inch LCD color display was installed. The menu navigation buttons are located on the right edge of the case. This also activates the WiFi of the camera. The connections are on the left side. These amount to a micro HDMI socket, a micro USB socket and an SD memory card slot. Memory cards are accepted with up to 64GB. In addition to the record button, on the upper edge of the case, there is still a large recording LED, which shows the current state of the camera. Except for the loose cover of the battery compartment, the EKEN H9R is neatly processed. Also the included accessories convinced.

Commissioning and user interface

With the battery inserted and the SD memory card inserted, the EKEN H9R is ready for use immediately. The included user manual goes back to all necessary steps in detail and explains both the settings, but also the remote connection via WiFi. When switched on, you will immediately receive the live edition. The icons on the edge indicate, among other things, the recording mode, the recording resolution, the current recording time and remaining recording time, and the battery level. With the Mode button you can switch between the video mode, the photo mode, the burst mode and the timelapse mode.

The setting options of the EKEN H9R are very limited. The following settings can be made.

Video resolution (1080p @ 60p / 30p, 4K @ 25p, 2.7K @ 30p 720 @ 120p) | Loop mode | Date stamp | Exposure | Image Resolution (12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 4MP | Series Mode | Interval Mode | Time Lapse | Refresh Rate (50Hz / 60Hz / Auto) | Language | Date & Time | Sounds | 180 ° Rotate | Auto LCD | Power Saving Mode | Format | Factory Default

Settings for WiFi mode can not be made. Thus, no individual password can be set, so anyone with the default password (1234567890) could access the camera.

Video and picture quality


The EKEN H9R uses an OmniVision OV4689 image sensor and a Sunplus 6350 image processor. This combination is rather weak-breasted and clearly attributable to the low price segment.

Although the Action Cam promises recordings with a resolution of maximum 4K, but these are artificially extrapolated, which is why this value is purely interpolated. The native resolution of the image sensor is just 4 megapixels. Native 12 megapixels were not to be expected at this price. The wide angle is the usual for Action Cams 170 °. The recording format is .mov, compressed with the .h264 codec and .jpg.

video recordings

The quality of the video recordings is good in good lighting conditions. In low light conditions, the picture looks pale and a clear blur can be seen. On the other hand, the brightness adjustment of the EKEN H9R is good and the maximum 60 images per second on 1080p are shown in a smooth flow. The recorded sound is comparable to conventional action cams and thus extremely quiet. Clearly recognizable is the blur towards the edge of the image.

Eken H9 / H9R | 4K Footage / Recording Sample

image capture

The pictures taken are unfortunately blurred and at the same time washed out. The colors look pale and the image dynamics are lost.


The special feature of the EKEN H9R is the large developer community behind this reasonably priced Action Cam. Firmware updates appear regularly to get the best possible video quality out of this camera. For example, the standard 10 images per second at 4K resolution has been increased to a whopping 25 images-per-second.

WiFi feature and app

WiFi can be activated on this camera with the lower menu guide button. The SSID and the password can not be set individually in the settings. To use the camera with your smartphone or tablet, you need the EZ iCam app, available for download from the Google Play Store and the iOS Store.

About the app a live image of the camera is output. The delay is low and the display ran in the test without any artifact formation. General settings are limited to white balance and refresh rate. In Video mode, you can only switch between 1080p @ 60 or 30 FPS. Despite these few setting options, the app is clearly implemented and easy to use. Recordings can be started directly from them, saved to the smartphone or tablet and even shared with friends via social media.

Price Comparison

You want to know where to buy the EKEN H9R? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

Price history

Current prices

10-30 working days
10-30 working days
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1-5 working days

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Prices last updated on: 10. July 2020 00: 09

Final Words


Extensive scope of delivery
connection options
Good workmanship
Acceptable recording quality
Remote control
Recent firmware


Exposed connections
Few setting options
Marginal app

First impression
User Interface
video quality
picture quality
Battery life

The EKEN H9R does not offer the best video quality and is by no means comparable to a much more expensive GoPro. Nevertheless, this camera achieves a liquid 4K resolution, which is quite admirable at this price. In addition, the Action Cam has a large developer community, which constantly releases new updates. Overall, the EKEN H9R does justice to its price and provides reasonable results.

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