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DYU A5 product image

DYU A5 e-bike for €580

45° 580€ 629€ (-8%)
Updated by Julian Maas on the 31. May 2024

With this DYU offer you can buy the DYU A5 electric bike for only €580 instead of €629! Shipping takes place directly from the German warehouse within 2-5 working days. There are no additional costs for this item.

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DYU A5 product details

News from DYU! The e-bike manufacturer has brought a foldable mini e-bike onto the market just in time for the camping season. The DYU A5 brings back memories of that Niubility B14, which was spotted more frequently at campsites a few years ago.

DYU A5 completely from the side

Tiny 14-inch tires are one of the features of the DYU A5.

The A5 is also a compact 14-inch e-bike that can be folded down to a handy 73 x 33 x 65 cm thanks to its foldable design. This means it fits into most vehicles without any problems and takes up hardly any space in the camper. Compared to the Niubility B14, the dimensions are almost identical!

DYU A5 man on e-bike

Drivers up to 1,95 cm tall should be able to ride it.

But the little speedster is an ideal means of transport not only when camping, but also in the city. The agile vehicle is powered by a powerful 350 W motor which is powered by a 360 Wh battery.

According to the manufacturer, the range should be up to 40 km. Enough to get from A to B on one charge. The battery can be separated from the bike for easy charging in the home. DYI specifies the charging time as 4-6 hours.

DYU A5 LED headlight front

There is a bright LED headlight at the front.

When it comes to speed, the DYU A5 adheres to the official maximum speed of most countries. This is limited to 25 km/h, perfect for driving on German roads.

DYU A5 rear brake light

An illuminated brake light at the rear.

The clear LCD display on the handlebar provides information about speed, battery level and riding mode at all times. There are a total of three speed levels that can be changed via the display.

DYU A5 disc brakes

Braking is done with disc brakes.

Despite the small tires, the A5 should glide smoothly over bumps thanks to the suspension fork and sprung saddle. The frame is infinitely height-adjustable and supports people up to 120 kg.


General Brand: DYU
Model: A5
Type: E-Bike / Pedelec / electric bike
Power: 350W (500W peak)
Battery: 7,5Ah / 48V
Parameter Range: 40 km (electric) to 60 km (pedelec)
Speed: 25 km / h
Incline: up to 15 °
Load capacity: max. 120kg
Dimensions Weight: 22,4 kg
Size (unfolded): 127,5 x 52 x 101 cm
Size (folded): 73 x 33 x 65 cm
What's in the box Contains: 1 x e-bike, 1x charger, 1x tool, 1 x English user manual

DYU A5 reviews

German review

Surprisingly comfortable folding e-bike with 48V battery: DYU A5 - ideal camping companion for 599 EUR

English review

DYU A5 14 inch The Best Foldable Electric Bike in 2024!! Is Incredible.

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