Dreame XR - new cordless vacuum cleaner emerged!

by Timo12. February 2020
The Chinese vacuum cleaner manufacturer "Dreame" recently launched the top model Dreame V10. Now, with the Dreame XR, another model has appeared on AliExpress that looks a bit different in design, but is identical to the specifications of the V10. Let's take a look at that.

Dreame XR high-end vacuum cleaner

Take what you already have and put it in a new housing. The Dreame XR is ready! New model names usually go hand in hand with somewhat different technical data. However, the Dreame XR is just a Dreame V10 in a new design.

Update 03. August 2020

New Dreame XR offer on Aliexpress. Currently there is the hand vacuum cleaner reduced for only 186 euros. Simply call up the discount code via the coupon box and enter it in the shopping cart. The shipping takes place from the European warehouse the dealer.

Aliexpress offer - Dreame XR

With this offer you can buy the Dreame XR cordless vacuum cleaner reduced for only 186 €.
30€ Discount
Valid until 31.08

It is striking that Xiaomi's subsidiary is primarily oriented towards Dyson and has given the XR a very similar container cover. The copper-colored cover looks really chic, but let's be honest, does Dreame really need to copy Dyson?

Dreame XR test

Dreame XR specifications

Anyone who knows the specifications of the Dreame V10 will also know those of the XR. Dreames is installed Space 3.0 turbo engine technology with improved suction power and increased energy efficiency. The main engine does it 100.000 revolutionswhat a performance of about 450 Watt equivalent. Additional motors are integrated directly into the main brush, the double spiral carpet brush and the anti-mite brush. The suction force is with 22.000 Pa specified.

Dreame XR Review

The 2500 mAh battery lasts depending on the suction level up to 60 minutes by. In medium mode, suction is possible in about 28 minutes. In "Max" mode, the runtime is reduced to approx. 10 minutes. The cordless vacuum cleaner is charged within 3 1/2 hours. Dirt gets through a Five-stage filtration system filtered effectively. The dust chamber has a capacity of 0.5 l.

What is your opinion on the Dreame XR? From there in the comments!

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