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Dreame L10s Ultra launches in September Header

The Dreame L10s Ultra vacuum and floor mopping robot will be released on September 15th

Clear the stage for Dreame - at this year's IFA, the manufacturer specializing in floor care presented the new Dreame L10s Ultra vacuum and floor mopping robot.

The key points of the new high-end model are a high 5300 Pa suction power, two rotating mops including carpet detection and a fully automatic cleaning station, which not only empties the dust container, but also cleans and dries the mops.

Dreame L10s Ultra

The robot vacuum market is particularly competitive this year, because in addition to the well-known big players, more and more smaller robot vacuum manufacturers are entering the high-end sector. The new Dreame L10s Ultra, which combines the most desired features in one device, has potential for the vacuum robot throne.

Dreame L10s Ultra at IFA

The Dreame L10s Ultra could already be inspected at the IFA.

High suction power, rotating mops

A good vacuum robot nowadays has to be able to do a lot more than just “suck”. A wiping function is at least as important for many households as good suction properties. It is precisely at this point that the Dreame L10s Ultra tries to combine the best technologies currently available.

First and foremost is a high suction power of 5300 Pascal to suck up even stubborn dirt on carpets and hard floors. Instead of a bristle roller, a rubber brush is used, in which hair is less likely to get caught and can be removed more easily.

Dreame L10s Ultra rubber roller

Experience has shown that rubber rollers are easier to maintain.

The Dreame L10s Ultra supplements vacuuming with a wiping function with two rotating mops. The big advantage over the competition with the same wiping technology is the automatic carpet recognition. If a carpet edge is driven over, the vacuum robot lifts its mops by 7 millimeters. Vacuuming and wiping are therefore possible in parallel without the wet mops touching the carpet.

Dreame L10s Ultra carpet lift

The wiping pads are simply lifted up on carpet edges.

Automatic cleaning station

Dreame realizes a cleaning process that is as uninterrupted as possible with the help of the all-in-one cleaning station. At the end of a cleaning process, the vacuum robot navigates back to the station, where the 350 milliliter dust container is emptied into a larger 3 liter dust bag by suction from the side. Annoying tapping over the trash can is no longer necessary.

Dreame L10s Ultra cleaning station

Water tanks and dust containers are separated from each other.

However, the cleaning station has even more to offer. Inside there are two 2,5 liter water tanks for clean and dirty water. If the 80 milliliter water tank of the vacuum robot is empty, it can be refilled automatically at the fresh water station and the cleaning can continue. The fresh water tank is enough to clean an area of ​​200 square meters. At the end of the cleaning process, the dirty mops are cleaned over the base plate of the station and even dried with hot air.

AI and 3D navigation

To navigate, the Dreame L10s Ultra uses a laser distance sensor, infrared sensors and an RGB camera. With the RGB camera, the vacuum robot can even detect small objects or obstacles such as e.g. B. Identify and avoid cables, shoes or toys lying around. In addition, the camera can also be used for room surveillance. A live image can be accessed via the app, subject to local privacy laws.

Dreame L10s Ultra app

Smart control via app and voice command (Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant).

From the collected data, the artificial intelligence of the vacuum robot creates a 3D room map with room outlines, obstacles drawn in and information on the condition of the floor, which is used to suggest an ideal cleaning sequence.

Price and availability

The Dreame L10s Ultra including cleaning station is available at a price of 1.199 euros (RRP). At the market launch, the vacuum robot will be available from September 15 for a short time at the exclusive special price of 1.099 euros (RRP).

Source: Press Release

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  1. Janine

    13. September 2022 16 to: 25

    Hello Timo, I would like to buy a vacuum robot and I am a bit overwhelmed by the huge range. So far, Roborock has been recommended to me. My neighbor has a Dreame and is very happy with it. Now I've come across the Dreame l10s Ultra and it sounds very promising to me. Which one would you recommend?

  2. Timo admin

    13. September 2022 18 to: 01

    Hi Janine,

    Unfortunately, there is no general answer to your question. Where is your budget and which functions are particularly important to you? Should it mainly vacuum or do you attach great importance to a good wiping function? If you answer the questions for me, I can better help you in your search. 🙂

    • Merit

      14. September 2022 18 to: 28

      Hi Janine, I faced the same problem. I actually wanted the S7 MaxV Ultra or the Omni X1, but they were both a bit too expensive for me.

      Then, on the off chance that I was lucky, I finally ordered the L10s Ultra from Saturn and picked it up yesterday. So far I'm very happy with it. Mops and vacuums better than my girlfriend's S7 MaxV. But he doesn't recognize obstacles very well. I have a lot of toys lying around because of my cats and he just drives over them. I'm going to try it out a little bit more these days.

      By the way, there was a cartridge with cleaning agent in my water tank. Do you happen to know where to buy them?

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