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With this Edwaybuy Offer you can buy the Dreame D9 Robot vacuum for only 269 € instead of 329 € The dispatch takes place directly from the German warehouse within 2-5 working days. There are no additional costs for this item.
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Update 03. February 2021

The online retailer Edwaybuy has the Dreame D9 robot vacuum at the current best price of only 269 Euros on offer. Comparative prices are around 329 euros. The shop ships directly from all over Europe Germany. Shipping takes 2-5 working days.

Robot vacuum cleaner with laser

This is the new one Dreame D9 Vacuum robot. The new model of the Xiaomi-related company is already for less than 300 Euro available, but still places itself in the luxury segment. Technically, the Dreame D9 falls into the category of Vacuum robot with laser room measurement. This is currently the most precise way of navigating in space. In combination with the SLAM algorithm, the vacuum robot creates a Space map, on which even the smallest obstacles are drawn. Room divisions and restricted zones can be set up comfortably via the app.

Dreame D9 (1)

High suction power

Compared to that Dreame F9 (8cm), is the Dreame D9 (9,6cm) slightly higher due to the additional laser tower. Besides the laser tower help 13 more sensors when navigating safely in space. This effectively prevents falls on the edges of stairs or collisions with obstacles. The manufacturer gives the suction power of the Dreame D9 3000 Pa at. The suction power is in 4 levels customizable. On carpets (Heels up to 2 cm) the performance increases automatically on request. Dirt is directed to the main brush via a rotating side brush and then migrates into the 0.57 liter dust container, On HEPA-Filter prevents the finest dust particles from escaping again.

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Swipe, voice assistant and battery

In addition to vacuuming, the Dreame D9 can also wipe wet. One Water tank with microfiber cloth is included in the scope of delivery. This can be attached separately to the underside of the robot vacuum cleaner. The water is released via a electric water pump controlled. How much water is dispensed when wiping can be regulated in 3 stages via the app. Speaking of controls - the Dreame D9 is with different language assistants (Alexa and Google Home) compatible. One battery charge (5200 mAh battery) is sufficient for an area of ​​250 m² or a running time of 150 minutes. The charging time is approximately 5 hours.

Dreame D9 specifications

GeneralBrand: Dreame (Xiaomi)
Type: robot vacuum
Model: D9
DetailsSuction power: 3000 Pa
Navigation: V-SLAM
Dust container: 0.57 liter
Water tank: 0.27 liter
Battery: 5200 mAh
Working time: 120 - 150 minutes
Charging time: 5 hours
height and weightWeight: 3.8kg
Size (L x W x H): 35.30 x 35.00 x 9.60 cm

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