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by 16. February 2016
With the brand "Dragon Touch" sells US manufacturer "TabletExpress" (Link to the manufacturer) Affordable tablets that can still come up with a sizeable hardware. The Dragon Touch X10 is an 10.6 inch tablet with IPS display and an Allwinner A83T octa-core processor, which is available for just 129.99 ÔéČ. What you can expect at this price and how the tablet beats in everyday life, you will learn in this test.

tablet Express


Dragon Touch X10


OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
Display: 10.6 inches 1366x768 IPS screen, 10 point touch
CPU: Allwinner A83T 8 core up to 2,0 GHz, 8 core GPU
Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory
Camera: Rear 5.0MP, front 2.0MP
Other: Bluetooth 4.0, Mini HDMI, Wi-Fi, Standard USB, Micro USB
Battery: 7200 mAh

What's in the box

1x Dragon Touch X10 Tablet
1x USB connection cable
1x 5V Charger (2A)
1x User's Guide

Impressions of the Dragon Touch X10

Dragon Touch X10 (DragonTouch_Direct) was including one Universal tablet power adapter (2.5mm, 5V - 2A), an imaged Operating instructions in English and a micro USB data or charging cable delivered. A Screen Protector was already applied to the tablet.

Dragon Touch X10 Tablet Review / Review / Hands-On

After the first inspection it has Dragon Touch X10 make a very good impression on me. The quality of workmanship of a Chinaphone or Tablets is often already recognizable on the screen protector, which is already applied on most devices from China. Often this is dirty and also applied with Staubeinschl├╝ssen, but the Dragon Touch X10 this was applied almost completely error-free.

The back of the Dragon Touch Tablet is made of plastic and is additionally gummed, which is why the tablet is very good in the hand. On the back there are also two loudspeakers visible. It is interesting that this tablet was not saved with connectivity. In addition to the usual micro USB socket (Type-B) the Dragon Touch X10 has one HDMI socket (Type-C), another one USB port (Type-A), one 2.5mm DC socket and one 3.5mm audio output, Incidentally, the X10 can be charged via the Power Connector as well as via the micro USB socket! All connections are also labeled on the back. In addition, the tablet has a micro SD card slotwhich hides behind a cover.

The function keys are located at the left upper edge of the housing. Here are a volume rocker and the power button. Both buttons are easy to reach and also have a good pressure point.

The Dragon Touch X10 also has two cameras. The front camera releases with 2 Megapixel on, the rear camera with 5 Megapixel, To the cameras but more later.


The display of Dragon Touch X10 solves with rare but occurring 1366x728 pixels on. Here TabletExpress uses 10.6 inch IPS panel, which convinced me with its strong, as well as natural colors and the really great viewing angle stability. The maximum display brightness I would call average. The dot density is on this tablet 160 DPI, Individual pixels can be seen on closer inspection, but you get here in view of the price of a really fantastic display.

For color correction, the device has an additional menu item in the display settings "Smart Color". This additionally corrects the colors, which makes them look a bit more powerful. Unfortunately, you can not make any advanced settings here, such as "Miravision".

Since IPS displays are known to have a slightly higher power consumption, another feature called "Intelligent backlight"Added. This function darkens the tablet to save energy.


The Dragon Touch X10 has one Allwinner A83T octa-core processor, This 32bit processor runs with a maximum Clock rate of 2.0GHz, The clock rate reaches the A83T simultaneously on all 8 cores. The GPU amounts to one PowerVR SGX 544MP.

Unfortunately, with the X10 something was saved with the RAM, which is why this below average 1GB is. Multitasking and games are still possible without any problem. Apps can be opened in a timely manner, as well as I could rarely detect performance dips.

Games like "Asphalt 8" or "Real Racing 3" I could almost always play fluid. Only "Asphalt 8" did not always run smoothly, but the fun was not negatively affected.

User Interface

On the Dragon Touch X10 was already Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Installed. Fortunately, the Android used here, barely changed, except for additional menu items. Third-party apps were not installed except for "ES File Explorer", as well as a minimum of pre-installed Google Apps. Thus one comes here to enjoy a clean stock Android.

The internal memory of 16GB can be additionally extended with a micro SD memory card. Thus, Larger apps and games can be installed worry-free on the X10.

What I miss with this tablet, however, is the possibility OTA (Over-The-Air) to update the system. This feature has been completely removed here. Nevertheless, system updates can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. The tools needed for flashing are also available there.


The tablet has one 5 Megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera, An LED flash was not installed. As a camera app, the Stock Android Camera App is preinstalled. If you expect a lot from these cameras, I have to disappoint you. As a buyer you should not put too much demands on the cameras of the Dragon Touch X10. According to the price can shoot pictures on which one recognizes what synonymous, but for usable shots one uses then rather a better smartphone or another camera. Especially in low light conditions a picture noise can be seen very clearly. But even in good light conditions, it is extremely difficult to shoot reasonably good pictures. In order to vacation on Skype or for "emergency recordings", however, both cameras are enough.

Camera (back)

Camera (front)

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Dragon Touch X10 can be through a stable and also high-signal WLAN convince. The 5GHz band is not supported. For Bluetooth, the X10 already uses Bluetooth 4.0, Again, I could not find anything negative regarding the connection. The tested connection to a BT speaker and a gamepad was stable, delay-free and the range was good.


The two speakers integrated on the back create a clean and clear sound. Even at full volume, I could not hear any clanking or noise. Unfortunately, the maximum volume is relatively quiet. A room is not sonicated with this tablet under any circumstances! If you have the tablet on the man, the maximum volume on the speaker is completely sufficient for example to watch a movie. The sound over the 3.5mm audio output is also good and trouble-free.


With 7200mAh The Dragon Touch X10 has a pretty big battery. I was able to fully charge it in about 4 hours with the supplied charger (5V 2A). The Screen On Time (SOT) is approximately 6 hours under normal usage.

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Final Words


Good IPS display
Clean Android 5.1.1
Good performance (despite 1GB RAM)
Numerous connection options
Good workmanship
Scope of delivery (screen protector already applied cleanly)
Clean and clear sound through speakers


Maximum volume
No OTA updates
Weak cameras

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

In view of the price, the Dragon Touch X10 is a solid tablet, which convinced me especially in the display. Although I would have wished at least 2GB RAM, nevertheless I could hardly notice performance slumps despite the 1GB RAM. The two cameras, I would call a nice additional feature. These are sufficient for skyping, but for usable photo or video recordings, these cameras are not recommended. I am also surprised by the many connection options. If you want to connect the tablet to an external monitor via HDMI, you will not have any problems with the X10.

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Sounds good. Am still between the Excelvan and the superior here. If the display is really that good, it will be the Dragon Touch.


Hello Martin, Personally, I prefer the Dragon Touch Tablet. Here you just get more for your money. Although the basic configuration is almost the same, the Dragon Touch X10's display is worlds better!