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by 20. November 2020
No matter whether invoices, delivery notes, prescriptions or other documents - with "Docutain" documents can be scanned and managed in next to no time, so that they are readily available from anywhere. I took a closer look at the document management app from INFOSOFT GmbH based in Koblenz.

Test: docutain

Docutain Best Scanner App 2019

Privacy and security

Before installing the app, I wanted to know how Docutain handles the data and what access authorizations the application requires.

Docutain is an app "Made in Germany" and comes from the INFOSOFT Information and Documentation Systems GmbH based in Koblenz. The company is transparent about handling the data.

All data will be exclusively local stored on the end device and can also be accessed by the user with a Encryption be provided. The encryption prevents third parties from reading the documents in plain text. If you load the encrypted app data into the cloud, you don't have to worry that third parties with access to the cloud will also have access to the documents. The key that is used for encryption is a key entered by the user during the initial setup Password generated. This password should be remembered well, because so that Docutain can guarantee the user maximum security, the password is never saved with Docutain. There is therefore no way to restore the password if it is lost.

Bug reports and statistics for app use are saved by the Microsoft App Center. The collection of such analysis data is common, but it is anonymized and does not contain any personal data.

The access permissions The app includes the camera, which is used to scan documents, the memory for storing the scanned documents and Internet access, if you want to transfer data to the cloud.

Purposes and functions

Easy and quick scan

Docutain promises with any type of document to get by. Application examples are:

  • Digitization of invoices and receipts
  • Management of contracts of any kind
  • Scanning and managing recipes from newspapers or screenshots
  • Summary of operating instructions
  • Digitization of homework and worksheets

So for a test run, I grabbed a folder and scanned different types of documents.

The first scan was surprisingly quick and easy. Hold your smartphone camera over the document, wait for the green overlay and Docutain will do the rest. in the automatic mode triggers the app with perfect alignment without user intervention. in the manual mode the user - as the name suggests - has to operate the release button himself.

Ideal lighting conditions or a high-contrast background are not a prerequisite. The scan worked without any obstacles in most cases. If the distance to the document is incorrect, the app advises the user to move the camera closer to the document. Sharpening, cutting and aligning is done in the automatic post-processing. Of course it is also possible to carry out your own processing (cutting, rotating, filtering).

Comprehensive administration

Scanned documents can be sent with Metadata (Name, date, keywords, address, amount, tax relevance) and after Document types Categorize (invoices, prescriptions, certificates, etc.).

Similar to a classic folder - just digital - all documents stored in Docutain can be searched for using the metadata provided. With the help of OCR (text recognition) it is even possible to search directly in the text content of the documents. In addition, documents can be shared from the app as searchable PDF or as images (JPG).

PDF and cloud

In principle, Docutain saves all documents in a file format that can only be opened with Docutain. The Export to PDF format can be activated via the settings, but is not available to users of the Pro version.

A practical feature to be able to use Docutain across devices from anywhere is the Cloud connection. The following cloud providers are supported: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, STRATO HiDrive, MagentaCloud,, GMX Cloud, Box, WebDAV, Nextcloud and ownCloud.

iOS, Android and Windows

Docutain can be installed on pretty much any device. Apple iOS and Android users can use the app completely free of charge in the respective app store download. Fortunately, INFOSOFT does not use advertising. An upgrade to Docutain Pro is possible as an in-app purchase and costs one-time € 4,99. Docutain Pro offers, among other things, a batch scan, a reminder function and the option of importing PDF files. Here is an overview of the Pro features:

Docutain Pro functions

In addition to the app, Docutain is also available as a Windows application. In contrast to the app version, the desktop version is part of a 14-day trial period usable free of charge. After the test phase, Docutain Desktop can be used for € 24,99 annually / € 2,99 monthly (Business: 199,00 € / 19,99 €). When purchasing the Windows desktop license, Docutain Pro is automatically activated on mobile devices.

Climate Protection

Those who use Docutain also contribute to climate protection. As a partner of Tree-Nation reforestation project Docutain helps with the replanting of our planet. Scanned documents mean trees that benefit the Tree-Nation project.

Docutain - this is how we support climate protection with your help

At the time of this article, Docutain has already been used 14857 trees contributed to the project! You can see how many trees you have contributed yourself via the “Climate Protection” menu item in the app.

You can find more information about Docutain climate protection at:

Final Words


In conclusion, Docutain is a successful document management app. With Docutain, invoices, receipts, contracts, letters, business cards and just about any other document can be scanned and managed.

Documents can be digitized in no time. The scanning process is self-explanatory and in only rare cases does the automatic post-processing have to be assisted. The document management is clearly structured so that you do not have to search long for the desired document. Finding instead of searching is the keyword here.

Particularly noteworthy is the exclusively local storage of the data, which can also be provided with encryption. This ensures more security and eliminates data protection concerns.

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