Test of the DIVOIX DV99 in-ear

by 13. April 2016
Under the name "DIVOIX" marketed UMi a wide range of low-priced in-ears. The cheapest model currently is the DIVOIX DV99, which also comes along with a wired remote control including microphone. in the Test of the DIVOIX DV99 Let's take a closer look at the new UMi In-Ear.



DIVOIX DV99 amplitude X180


Driver: ɸ10mm
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3dB
Power consumption: 10mW
Frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz

Microphone sensitivity: -58dB
Frequency Range Microphone: 50Hz ~ 10KHz

Connection: 3.5mm jack
Cable length: 1.2 meters

What's in the box

1x In-Ear DV99
1x metal box
3x silicone earpads (S / M / L)
1x user manual

First impression of the DIVOIX DV99

Also, the DV99 was in the typical for DIVOIX In-Ears metal box delivered. This compact box is not only visually appealing, it is also ideal for transporting the in-ear. Included were the DIVOIX DV99, two pairs of extra Silicone earpads in the color red, whereby a total of three different sizes are available (Small, Medium, Large), as well as one Manual in English.

Externally leaves the DV99 in-ear a decent impression. Of the orchestras Although made of plastic, but thanks to the soft-touch coating and the red DIVOIX logo, the DV99 offers an interesting design. The inscription "L" and "R" is clearly visible despite the black plastic. The Cables the in-ear is 1.2 meters long. This is a ribbon cable that is wrapped with a silicone sheath. On the left inlet is also a small remote control with a one-button operation and a Microphone, The four-pin, 3.5mm jack plug is gold plated.

The workmanship is clean and the price. What I did not like so much is the supply of the ribbon cable to the jack plug, as well as to the orchestra. These points are very sensitive, which makes it impossible to rule out a cable break, especially with a thin ribbon cable.

Sound of the DIVOIX DV99

The sound of the DIVOIX DV99 I would as unexciting describe. At a market price below 10 €, however, was not expected much. The in-ear clearly lacks the dynamics, which makes it mostly flat. Also, in this in-ear the mids and heights are lost a bit, whereas the lows easily dominate. Unfortunately, the room image is too spacious, which makes the source appear too far away.

In view of the low price no HiFi sound was to be expected, so the sound is still the price.

Remote control and microphone

The one-button operation works as described by the manufacturer. Press the button once to pause and resume music playback. Likewise, calls can be accepted and rejected. If you press the button for about 2 seconds, you can suppress calls. You can switch to the next song by double pressing the button, you can switch back by pressing the button three times.

The Recording quality of the microphone is good. In the test, my interlocutor could understand me clearly. Only the recording volume was a bit low.


Due to the special shape of the DIVOIX DV99 also the wearing comfort is correspondingly "special". Personally, the DV99 sits too loose. Although the in-ear can be placed correctly with a little instinct, but in the long run I had the feeling that the in-ear falls out at any moment.

Final Words


Good workmanship
Attractive design


Sounded unspectacular

First impression

With an in-ear under 10 € no HiFi sound and no perfect wearing comfort was to be expected. Nevertheless, the DIVOIX DV99 does justice to its price. The design is overall appealing and the functionality including one-button operation and microphone is remarkable at this price. If you are looking for a sporty in-ear with just these features, you will certainly be satisfied with the DV99.

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