UMI DIVOIX DV110 In-Ears in the test

by 6. September 2015
Above all, UMI is known for its inexpensive yet high-quality smartphones. However, the Chinese manufacturer UMI is also gaining more and more prominence in other product areas and has just released In-Ears, the UMI Voix. If you want to know how these In-Ears beat, you should read on.





* Headphone Type: In-Ear
* Cable length: 1.2m
* Diaphragm size: 13mm
* Speaker impedance: 32 Ohm
* Sensitivity: 100dB
* Maximum recording power: 3mW
* Rated transmission range: 20Hz-20,000Hz
* Connector type: 3.5mm jack

What's in the box

* DV110
* metal box
* 3 pair of silicone pads

Review of the UMI Divoix DV110 in-ear

First impression

The UMIX Voix are glazed in a beautiful small metal box with the inscription "Voix", which is also ideal for transport. In addition to the Voix are additional silicone pads in various sizes included. Thus one can choose between three different sizes. In terms of color, however, they are black, in contrast to the standard transparent silicone pads.

UMI Voix in-ear test report

Visually, the UMI Voix looks futuristic. The body is slightly larger than other in-ears and looks like a UFO. In addition, it is made of aluminum, which he leaves a high-quality impression. Due to its size, the body of Voix ensures rich bass and a very good isolation from background noise. Within the body is also a 13mm large driver unit. To the sound but later more.

The cable of the Voix is ​​also different from other in-ears. It is about 120cm long, made of rubber and is a so-called ribbon cable. In addition, in the upper third of a remote control attached, with which one can regulate the music playback, but also can make calls. In fact, an additional microphone is integrated in the remote control.

The jack plug of the Voix is ​​gold-plated and ensures perfect signal transmission. Incidentally, the Voix are also compatible with iPhones and iPads!



The sound of the Voix shines through rich basses, which is mainly due to the size of the body and the material used.

For some, the UMI Voix will certainly be bass-heavy. Personally, I listened to the song "A Tribe Called Red" by Angel Haze with the Voix. This song is characterized on the one hand by its deep bass, but also by its shrill heights. The basses were there and that neat. The heights were also to be heard, whereby they seemed rather warm. For electronic music, the Voix are ideally suited.

For quieter music, such as classical music, the Voix are rather not suitable. I have listened to the Jurassic Park soundtrack, but lacked the neutrality and clarity of each note.

I would describe the timbre of the Voix as rather warm. Especially the lows, but also the mids are emphasized.

But as always, the sound is a highly personal matter. For electronic music I will certainly use the UMI Voix.


Final Words


Good comfort
Good sound with a lot of bass
Aluminum orchestra


No textile covering of the cable

First impression
everyday practicality

The Voix are really excellent in-ears. The workmanship is really very good and also the Voix are very high quality due to the aluminum body. Visually, the Voix also do a lot. Thanks to the UFO-shaped sounding body and the ribbon cable, the UMI In-Ears stand out clearly from conventional in-ears.

What bothered me regarding the packaging, however, was that the additional silicone pads were put under the foam of the metal box and thus were literally crushed. Here UMI could rectify something.

Sonically, the Voix are extremely good when it comes to electronic music. Nevertheless, you can not go wrong for the small price to which the UMI Voix is ​​offered. Especially if you are used to the standard in-ears, which are included with every new smartphone purchase, the Voix will make a clear difference.

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