The Depstech DEFJ0006 quadrocopter in the test

by 11. October 2015
The Depstech DEFJ0006 Quadrocopter is particularly beginner-friendly and comes in a nice overall package. What he has to offer and why this little quadcopter really brings much joy, I'll tell you now!



Depstech DEFJ0006


* Main rotor diameter: 5,8 cm
* Channel: 4
*Material: Plastic
* Control mode: 2,4 GHz
* Remote control battery: 4 x 1.5V AA next battery (not included)
* Charging time: 45 minutes
* Suitable: from 12 years
* Dimensions: (13.5 x 13.5 x 3.5) cm (L x W x H)
* Weight: 467g

What's in the box

* Depstech Quadrocopter with Bumper
* Remote control with LCD display
* 4 eraser motors
* 2 chargers (a dual charger and a standard charger)
* 2GB SD card + SD card reader
* 2 batteries (350mAh)
* Tongs to remove the rotors
* Operating instructions (English and Chinese)

Test report for the Depstech quadrocopter


The Depstech Quadrocopter is delivered in a nice, squeaky cardboard box, which provides the first indications of the model. Unpacked you get presented the small quadrocopter including the extensive accessories. The accessories are really above average. Here, other manufacturers should really cut off a slice of.

Flight with the Depstech DEFJ0006 2.4 GHz RC Mini Quadcopter

The quadrocopter measures with bumper 13.5mx13.5x3.5cm, the housing alone measures 8.5x8.5x3.5cm. The bumper is attached to the underside and can be easily removed so that the quadrocopter can also fly without protection. Despite the small size, an HD camera is integrated in the housing, which records remarkable pictures in 720p, directly on an SD card.

The remote looks like a gamepad and is also in the hand. You can easily reach all buttons and even beginners should get no problems with this remote control. The remote control is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are not included.

Above, there is also a small LCD display on which the current status of the quadrocopter can be read off. Among other things, you can see here the connection strength of the remote control to the quadrocopter, the current battery level, whether a recording was started and how the quadrocopter is currently trimmed, as well as the speed in percent.

The remote control can also be used to calibrate the drone, as well as trigger the flip mode, balance the rudder, and even turn off the LED lights altogether.

Depstech Quadcopter Test - Carton

Depstech Quadcopter Test - Scope of delivery

First impressions / commissioning

Before the Depstech drone is ready, you should recharge the battery. This is pushed on the underside of the quadrocopter in a small shaft. The loading time is about 45 minutes, the flight time with about 7-10 minutes seemed a bit small, but so far I have flown with lighting and partly running recording.

The red button on the remote control turns it on, which is also confirmed by a shrill beeping. To ensure that the motors of the quadrocopter are active, you must first deactivate the fuse. Simply move the throttle lever back and forth quickly. Here, too, a beeping sounds again and the LEDs of the quadrocopter now light up permanently.

So far I have flown the drone only indoors. It is very stable in the air and can be held in one place without major readjustment. The remote control responds very accurately and passes the inputs to the drone without any delay. The flip mode works very well as well. After a flip, the drone is back at the starting position. With many comparable models, you often have to give a boost after a flip so that the drone does not crash. I could not find any comparable here.

The camera can be activated via the remote control, where you can choose between a picture mode and a video mode. The video and picture quality convinced me personally. The video quality is not the best, but you can look at the recordings.

A major crash has already survived the quadrocopter (see video). Often the rotors do not remain undamaged in such a crash. Here, however, the bumper has intercepted the impact well and saved the rotors from damage.
My first impression is consistently positive and the small Depstrech Quadrocopter has earned a recommendation.

Desptech Quadcopter Test - Without Bumper

Desptech Quadcopter Test - Close

Final Words


Great scope of delivery
Good and quiet flight behavior
Good picture and video quality


Remote control looks a bit cheap

First impression
everyday practicality
video quality
picture quality

The Depstech Quadcopter is suitable for both beginners and frequent flyers. With the small part you will definitely have a lot of fun.

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