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The Sades SA-708 headset in the test

Updated by Timo A on the 12. May 2021

If you are looking for a cheap gaming headset, you can hardly avoid the headsets from the manufacturer "Sades". The Sades SA-708 gaming headset costs just € 18 and should still sound good. If you want to know what you can actually expect at this price, you should read on now!

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What's in the box

The Sade SA-708 Headset comes in a stylish cardboard box, which should appeal to the target group of gamers. In addition to the Sades SA-708, the scope of supply included an operating manual in English and Chinese. You really do not need the operating instructions because the installation is quite simple.


The Sades SA-708 has two 3.5mm phone plugs. Once for the headphones and the microphone. The headphones can thus be used on all devices that have an 3.5mm audio jack. A driver installation is completely eliminated.


I am neither audiophile nor musician, yet I am trying to explain how the Sades SA-708 headset sounds to me personally. I have a AKG K530 for comparison, but of course in a very different price range plays and must be considered.
I have heard several titles in rock, electronics, pop and classical rehearsals. The SA-708 has a balanced bass, which makes the music not quite as neutral as I am used to. The overall picture can be seen. Nothing seems overdriven and no sounds are swallowed.

For a price of just 18 € so not bad. Of course you can not expect hi-fi headphones here.


I tested the microphone with Teamspeak with friends. I was clearly understood. Noise, the microphone caught no.

Workmanship and feel

The Sades SA-708 headphones are made entirely of hard plastic, with the earcups and the temple padded. Overall, the Sades SA-708 headset looks pretty stable. The microphone sits neatly and can be simply pushed down or up. On the cable of the Sade SA-708 is a small control box which in addition to the volume and the microphone can be switched on or off. Unfortunately, the cable is not covered by textile.
The wearing comfort of the headphones is quite pleasant. Although it looks a bit small at first glance, but the hanger can be a little larger. The padded ear cups sit neatly and ensure a really good noise isolation. Longer game sessions are possible without any problems.


Anyone who has children or pets in the household knows that headphones break every now and then. If it was also an expensive one, the pain is often deep. For only € 18 you really can't go wrong with this headset. I have to admit, I already had headsets in my hand that were far more expensive and couldn't do more than the SA-708. You can't expect a hi-fi miracle, but you get an overall round gaming headset.

What bothered me a bit, but again is not to be expected at this price, is that the SA-708 does not have a textile-coated cable. Cable breaks in particular are not uncommon with headsets. A USB connection instead of a 3.5mm jack would have been great. The headset can also be used with other playback devices. I was also a bit surprised by the size of the SA-708. The auricles seem a bit small, but wearing them turned out to be unproblematic in the end. The size of the SA-708 is also great for children.

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