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Cube WP10

Cube WP10 - 6.98 inch Windows 10 Mobile Phablet

China smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile are rather rare. With the Cube WP10, a real Windows phablet has been released for a long time, which is particularly surprising in terms of price. We have summarized all information about the new Cube Phablet for you in this post!

Cube WP10 - Windows 10 Mobile Phablet


Large display, low resolution

The manufacturer Cube is usually known for high quality and high performance China tablets. With the Cube WP10, the manufacturer dares this time to use a Windows 10 mobile smartphone, which is more of the Phabelts (half smartphone, half tablet) due to the enormous display size of 6.98 inches. Despite the above-average display size, the resolution of the display is comparatively low at 1280 x 720 pixels. With 210 PPI, individual pixels can only be seen on closer inspection. According to Cube, an IPS panel is installed, which speaks for an accurate color display and high viewing angle stability.

Cube WP10 datasheet

Budget facilities

The built-in processor is a Qualcomm MSM8909, which is also known as the “Snapdragon 210”. This now old processor was released in 2014 and has a total of 4 cores that clock at up to 1.1 GHz. 2GB of RAM ensure smooth multitasking. The internal memory only measures 16GB, but can be expanded by a maximum of another 128GB with an additional SD memory card.

The main focus of the Cube WP10 is the mix of smartphone and tablet with Windows 10 Mobile as the operating system. Two SIM slots provide extensive telephony options. In addition to the 2G and 3G standards, 4G LTE with 1800/2100 MHz is also supported. LTE band 20 or 800MHz is missing! Of course, a main and front camera should not be missing from a phablet. The main camera of the WP10 has a resolution of 5 megapixels. The front camera with 2 megapixels. There are no test shots to evaluate the image quality, but with such a low budget device you shouldn't expect too much from the camera.

Again it is interesting that a GPS module has been integrated. A G-sensor and a proximity sensor are also available. The manufacturer has not given any information on a gyroscope, which is why it can be assumed that one is missing. The capacity of the battery is given as 2.850mAh. 

The Cube WP10 is clearly a niche product that is second to none because of its size and Windows 10 Mobile as the operating system. Although the equipment seems out of date at first glance, you can still get an inexpensive phablet for around 80 €.

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  1. Frank E.

    10. November 2016 19 to: 00

    Super, have long been looking for a Windows Mobile Phone with a large display. Will you test it?

    • Timo admin

      10. November 2016 19 to: 45

      So far I do not have it in the program. As soon as I have new information, I will of course update the post.

  2. Frank E.

    24. January 2017 12 to: 28

    Me again. I just ordered the Cube WP10 when it was on sale at Gearbest. Here are my experiences with the device. For something over 100 €, what you get is not bad, but you really do not know where Cube wanted to steer the part. Performance is mediocre with the Snapdragon 210. Notable is that eg when you start several apps at the same time or depending on which app you start.

    The display shows single pixels because of the HD resolution and the size of the display. But it did not bother me any further. The camera is useless. Telephoning works well, but the speaker is extremely quiet. The battery life is, well, average. Unfortunately, with the WP10 you do not get anything in half and nothing in total. But it's enough for me as a phablet. Everyone has to make their own experiences with it.

    • Timo admin

      25. January 2017 10 to: 43

      Thanks for your feedback. That the WP10 is a niche product was to be expected somehow.

  3. champion

    29. January 2017 12 to: 51

    servus, I've been a cube wp10 owner for a month now. I can only agree with Frank. I've been driving the device quite well for a month. For the price you really can not complain.

  4. reduction

    22. April 2017 12 to: 35

    Perfect phable for field technicians who own the 5MP camera. Most of the time it also saves memory when you take many pictures. For test reports always enough. I'll buy a second one for private.

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