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Creality Falcon Laser Engraver Product Image

Creality Falcon laser engraver from 299€

45° 299€ 399€ (-25%)
Updated by Julian Maas on June 25th, 2017,

With this Creality offer you can buy the Creality Falcon laser engraver from just €299 instead of €399! Shipping is direct from the German warehouse within 2-5 working days. There are no additional costs for this article.

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Creality Falcon Product Details

If you have always been interested in laser engraving but were put off by the high purchase costs and complicated operation, the Creality Falcon laser engraver could be just the thing for you. The entry-level models of the CR-Laser Falcon series have a compact design, are easy to use and offer an attractive price-performance ratio.

Creality Falcon Laser Hero

Precise engravings on many materials

The Falcon laser engravers can create razor-sharp designs and lettering on a wide variety of surfaces. Whether wood, leather, paper, acrylic or even metal. With a precision of up to 0,06 mm and engraving speeds of up to 10.000 mm/min, even delicate motifs can be implemented effortlessly.

The 5W and 10W laser modules cut plywood up to 12 mm thick in one pass. This makes the devices perfect for making signs, decorative objects, personalized gifts and much more. The working area of ​​400 x 415 mm offers enough space for most craft projects.

Easy to use

Anyone who fears that operating a laser engraver requires expert knowledge can breathe a sigh of relief. The CR-Laser Falcon models are specially designed for easy handling.

The most important functions such as start, stop and pause can be controlled using a single button. Thanks to the preview function with blue light, you can see exactly where the laser will be placed. Fine adjustments can be made in no time at all. Even setting up the device is a breeze thanks to the included templates.

Creality Falcon Laser Engraver Product Image

Safe and environmentally friendly

When engraving with lasers, safety is paramount. The Falcon series meets the strict guidelines of the American FDA Laser Class 1. A cover filters out up to 90% of the harmful laser radiation. This means you can work safely right next to the device, even without protective goggles.

A built-in fan with an activated carbon filter reliably extracts any fumes and dust that are created. This not only protects the respiratory tract, but also improves the engraving quality by preventing the lens from becoming dirty.

Attractive entry-level prices

The Falcon laser engravers are currently available at particularly attractive prices. The 5W model is currently available for just €189 instead of €299. The 10W version is reduced from €379 to €269. If you buy now, you can save a lot.

Accessories expand the possibilities

Creality offers practical accessories to match the engravers. A honeycomb table support ensures cleaner cutting edges when cutting through holes. Spacers allow the processing of objects up to 150 mm high.

The protective cover is particularly interesting. It keeps dust and particles at bay and reduces noise. This is a real gain in safety and comfort, especially when the engraver is used at home or in schools.

Creality Community

Interested? Creality has an active community on Facebook (Link), which also exchanges information about the Falcon laser engraver. There you will find useful help, tips and tricks for the Falcon series.


Product CR-Laser Falcon Engraver
Key Features Compact and user-friendly design, reliable and precise performance
usage scenarios Ideal for personal projects, small crafts and educational purposes
Recommended users Beginners, hobbyists, schools and educational institutions
Optical performance CR Laser Falcon 5W
CR Laser Falcon 10W
Engraving precision Up to 0,1mm
Up to 0,06mm
Cutting ability Cuts 5mm basswood at once
Cuts 12mm basswood at once
Laser spot 0.06 * 0.06mm
0.06 * 0.08mm
Engraving area 400mm * 415mm
Engraving speed Up to 10.000mm/min
Laser engraving software LightBurn, LaserGRBL
Operating system Windows / Mac OS
Supported file formats Jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, svg, dxf, etc.
Suitable materials Works with cardboard, paper, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, metal etc.
Certifications IEC60825, FDA, CE, ROHS, FCC, UKCA, UL Report, PSE

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