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by 14. August 2015
Smartwatches are the trend 2105 and so the market is flooded by many models. Even the big manufacturers are involved, but at prices from 180 € upwards you should consider 2x, if you really need such a gadget. However, there are also cheap alternatives from smaller manufacturers, which already exist for under 100 €. The GT08 smartwatch is one such model. If she's any good, I'll tell you now.

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* SoC: MTK6260A
* Memory: 128 MB + 64 M; Support max 32GB TF
* Display: 1.54 inches, TFT HD LCD, resolution 240x240 pixels
* Touch Screen: OGS capacitive screen
* Bluetooth: Ver.3.0
* Camera: 3.0M
* Battery: Standby: More than 7 days
* Accelerometer
* Sleep Monitor
* G-Sensor
* Networks: GSM / GPRS 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

What's in the box

* Smart Watch
*USB cable
*User Guide

First impression of the GT08 Watch

COOLER / King Wear / CYUC / IPEKOO GT08 SmartWatch - Features

The GT08 Smartwatch comes in a chic, hinged cardboard box therefore. In addition to the smartwatch, the package included a USB ribbon charging cable, a small 350mAh Li-Po battery and an operating manual in English and Chinese.

The watch looks very much like the model of the big apple company. Although Google Android Wear was not used as the operating system, an Android version adapted for Mediatek processors runs on the clock. Incidentally, thanks to the integrated SIM card slot, you can also use the smartwatch like a small smartphone. Telephony and surfing are thus easily possible. By the way, surfing works only via GPRS.

Regarding the processing, there is nothing to moan. Unclean processed places I could not discover on the whole Smartwatch. The bracelet is made of silicone, yet feels very good on the skin and can be easily closed by two pressure points. Also, the back can still be tightly closed after repeated removal. Except for the cap for the micro USB port, the power button and the back, the housing is made entirely of metal.

The smartwatch weighs 205g and is therefore still comfortable to wear. It looks by its size of 48x40x11.8mm also not oversized and looks even on narrower wrists very well.


Although the operating instructions are not in German, commissioning is easy. First, the back is to be solved, which works well with a fingernail. Then you can insert a SIM card, but you do not have to. The SIM card is only for additional functions such as calling or surfing with the smartwatch. Finally, insert the battery and press the power button.
The watch is similar to a smartphone to use. To create a link with the smartphone / tablet (Android) you need an additional app. In the official Playstore, I found an app called 'Mediatek SmartDevice' that allowed me to easily connect the smartphone to my watch. The manual also contains a link to an alternative app that should work similarly.

Incidentally, the GT08 can also be used with iOS. However, I do not know how to proceed here because I do not have an iOS device.


The watch has many features. Here are some that I particularly like:

As already mentioned, one can telephone with inserted SIM card and also over GPRS to surf. In addition, you can forward the notifications of the smartphone directly to the clock. For example, if you receive an SMS or a WhatsApp message, it will be displayed on the clock at the same time.

In addition, the clock has a 0.3 megapixel camera, a pedometer, a sleep tracker and a built-in radio. A media player for listening to music is also part of the game. The GT08 has a total of 3 Themes to customize the background and 3 Watch Faces. The best you look at my video, so you get a rough overview.

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Final Words


Good functionality
Great design
Fitness Tracker
Notification function


No Android Wear
No updates
Few watch faces

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

Visually I like the GT08 very well. She looks simple and does not look too pretentious. The size I feel as exactly right. Functionally, the watch can easily keep up with the more expensive models. There are really many features and there should be something for everyone. My personal highlight, of course, are the notifications that the clock issues. Especially when you're on the move and the smartphone vibrates in your pants, I find it extremely useful to be able to read your notifications directly from the smartwatch. Incidentally, messages are transmitted together with their content. So you can read the entire content of a WhatsApp message via the smartwatch.

I also like the integrated fitness tracker very well. In addition to the running steps, you also get the burned calories, the speed and the run track. Although he counts fewer steps than my MiBand, but which device is now more accurate, I can not say unfortunately.

The built-in hardware is not bad for the price. The display has a good contrast and reacts quickly to movements. Apps can be opened and closed in a timely manner. Ruckler I could not find any. Unfortunately, there is no Android Wear on the clock. I suppose it runs a special Mediatek Android on the clock, which is also used in the smartphones with Mediatek chip. Nevertheless, features from Android Wear have been adopted so that the watch is fully usable as a smartwatch. A function to update I have also missed the menu. Also I could find no updates in the net. Apps can not be installed later either.

Watch Faces and Themes are only available in 3. One way to import your own watch faces or themes is missing. Although the smartwatch can not compete with the high-end models, it is still a reasonably priced alternative.

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