Chuwi LapBook 15.6 - all information, offers and price comparison

by Timo17. December 2016
Chuwi not only produces inexpensive and convincing tablets, but also has the first Windows 15.6 notebook in its range, the Chuwi LapBook 10. All information about the device, numerous offers and a price comparison can be found in the following post!

Hold on


CHuwi LapBook 15.6


Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Diagonal: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel Cherry Trail Z8350
Internal memory: 64GB eMMC

1x USB 2.0
1x USB 3.0
1x Mini HDMI
1x headphone jack
1x MicroSD slot
1x power input

Capacity: 10.000 mAh (3.6V)
Runtime: up to 9 hours
Charging time: 250 minutes

WiFi: Single WiFi (2.4)
Bluetooth: BT 4.0
Speaker: Stereo
Fingerprint scanner: no

Size: 371 240 x x 22 mm
Weight: 1.86 kg

Chuwi LapBook 15.6 - Laptop or Notebook?

Yes, what is it, laptop or notebook? Previously, the term notebook was mainly used for a compact and very lightweight laptop, which did not necessarily focus on the hardware features, but rather on the mobility of the device. Meanwhile, both names are used as it were. Appeared that is Chuwi LapBook 15.6 already in November 2016. Price is just 172 €.

Here you can buy the Chuwi LapBook 15.6.

Large display with a thin frame

The Chuwi LapBook 15.6 measures 37.1 x 24.0 x 2.2 cm at a weight of 1.86 kg, Thus, the device is not a dwarf and lightweight, but reaches almost not the size of a full-fledged laptop. The housing is made of plastic. The Diagonal display is 15.6 inch, Dissolve in Full HD (1920 x 1080) at a Aspect ratio of 16: 9, It is interesting to note the small gap between the display and the case frame. This is only 10 mm on the left side and 14 mm on the right side. Why the manufacturer opted for a non-uniform frame is not known.

Every day greets the Z8350

Inside works an Intel Atom processor called Cherry Trail Z8350, This, meanwhile somewhat aged processor possesses altogether 4 cores with a Basic clock of 1.44GHz and a Burst frequency of 1.92GHz, This processor is mainly used in cheap China tablets, which is why it is surprising to see this processor installed in an 15.6 inch notebook for the first time. The performance is to be estimated as average. Windows 10 runs reasonably smoothly with this processor. Who only a device for Office work and some web browsing looking, for the performance of the Cherry Trail Z8350 will be sufficient. In addition, the Chwui LapBook 15.6 4GB DDR3L RAM and one 64GB large flash memory, A memory expansion by means of an SD memory card is possible.

Other features

Of course, a LapBook needs one front camera for video telephony. Installed is one 2 megapixel camerain which no miracles are to be expected, which should however be sufficient for a spontaneous video transmission. Of course, a microphone is also integrated. The connection options amount to one USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 socket, One Mini HDMI socket and one 3.5 mm headphone jack, On WiFi module (802.11b / g / n) and an Bluetooth 4.0 module available. The LapBook 15.6 is equipped with a multifunctional touchpad that also recognizes gestures. The keyboard has an English-language layout. Unfortunately, the buttons are not lit.

Powerful battery

The battery of the Chuwi LapBook 15.6 comes with it 10.000mAh comparatively large. In addition, the Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 processor is comparatively economical. From a long-lasting battery life you can go out quite well. The Chuwi notebook is charged via a DC socket. By the Quick Charge Function (5V 3A) the battery should be fully charged in no time.

Our impression

The Chuwi LapBook looks good on the datasheet. All necessary connections are available, the display is high-resolution and the performance should be sufficient for not too demanding work. Would be desirable, however, a Chuwi notebook with the current Skylake processor. However, this could not be produced at such a comparatively low price. Irritating is the different size precipitating display frame. It also remains unclear whether the notebook is also convincing in terms of build quality.

You are also interested in other notebooks of the manufacturer? Then take a look at our contributions to Chuwi LapBook Air und dem Chuwi LapBook 12.3.

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