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Chuwi ILIFE V7

Chuwi ILIFE V7 test - vacuum robot

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 17. May 2021

With the “ILIFE series”, the manufacturer “Chuwi”, which is mainly known for tablets, has created a robot vacuum division that has only recently reached the local market. With the Chuwi ILIFE V7, the manufacturer promises a powerful vacuum robot with innovative app control and a sophisticated infrared sensor system. In this test report you can find out whether the ILIFE V7 is really an innovative vacuum robot and how it performs overall.

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 First impression of the Chuwi ILIFE V7 

The Chuwi ILIFE vacuum robot was delivered in a comparatively large cardboard box, which, in addition to the ILIFE V7, also contains a charging unit and an extensive set of accessories. The accessories include a remote control with batteries (2x AAA), an additional brush, a microfiber wipe, two filters for the dust container and an English and Chinese instruction manual including a guarantee card.

The processing of the vacuum robot is very good. The wheels are made of harder rubber and are cleanly processed. The brush unit is sprung and has very fine plastic brushes with alternating rubber lips. The dust container can be reached via the hinged top of the housing. This is made of harder plastic and uses a two-filter system. In addition, there is an illuminated, capacitive button on the top of the housing, with which the cleaning process can be started. On the side of the case and on the bottom are a total of 15 infrared sensors.

The weight of the Chuwi ILIFE V7 is about 3kg. The height is 8cm and the diameter is 34cm. Thanks to an integrated Bluetooth module, the ILIFE V7 can also be controlled via an app. The capacity of the built-in batteries is 2600mAh.

A less good impression has left the charging station. This is comparatively cheap and is extremely light, which guarantees no firm footing.

Chuwi ILIFE V7 Unboxing (Review Part 1) [German]


Commissioning and control

The device is already delivered to a ready state. All brushes are already mounted and the dust container and filter are also located in the vacuum robot. For the first trial eye, the ILIFE V7 can also be used without a charging station. The battery was already fully charged at the factory.

The charging station is powered by a 24V 0.5A power supply, which has a Chinese power plug. Usually, the dealers attach a suitable power adapter. Because of the low weight of the charging station you should definitely put it against a solid wall or object. In addition, there should be no obstacles in the two meter radius around the charging station. Once the robotic vacuum cleaner has done its cleaning work, it goes back to the charging station.

Chuwi ILIFE V7 Vacuum Robot Review (Review Part 2) [German]

The robot vacuum cleaner can be operated using various control options. The “Clean” button on the housing can be pressed to start a simple, automatic cleaning process. Alternatively, the V7 can also be controlled using the included remote control. In addition to a control pad, this also offers a "Clean" button, but also various mode buttons.

The ILIFE V7 can also be controlled via an Android or iOS app via the integrated Bluetooth module. For Android, the app can only be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. The app offers the same functions as the infrared remote control. The only disadvantage of the app is that it wasn't even translated into English. Nevertheless, the app is understandable thanks to the symbols used and the Bluetooth connection can also be established without knowledge of Chinese.



The Chuwi ILIFE V7 vacuum robot has 3 different suction profiles that can be called up manually, but also automatically. In normal cleaning mode, the robotic vacuum cleaner moves around the room at random and returns to the charging station at the end of the cleaning process. When cleaning edges, the V7 orients itself to the edges of the room and drives along them. The robot finally works its way towards the center of the room in lanes. With active circular cleaning, the ILIFE V7 drives snail-shell-like circles, whereby the radius increases with each turn.

ILIFE vacuum robot spare parts set

Time and plan

With a set time, which can be set using the remote control as well as the app, and a scheduled cleaning time, the ILIFE V7 automatically switches to cleaning mode. Unfortunately, you can only set a schedule time here.


The suction power of the Chuwi ILIFE V7 is extremely good. The vacuum robot picks up dust but also small snippets very well. The volume remains low at around 50dB. The dust container has a capacity of 0.3l. After a cleaning run you should therefore empty the container in any case, as the filling quantity is quickly reached. The cleaning turns out to be very easy. The filter units can be removed, which means that the container can simply be tipped out. The microfiber cloth can also be completely removed from the robot vacuum and is easy to clean. It should be noted, however, that this device cannot replace a real vacuum cleaner. A daily cleaning trip helps to keep the apartment as clean as possible.

Other functions

"Return to Home"

The vacuum robot can automatically return to its station after a completed cleaning drive. In the test, this function has worked so far as well. It should be noted, however, that the station needs a firm footing, because the V7 likes to drag it along because of its low weight. The "Return to Home" function can also be selected manually via the remote control or app. The vacuum robot slowly works its way through the room until it finds the signal from the station. Then he drives carefully on the contacts of the charging station.


The ILIFE V7 robot vacuum cleaner has a total of 15 infrared sensors, which are located on the side and bottom of the housing. On the one hand, these sensors prevent a collision with obstacles, but also a fall. For additional protection in the event of collisions, the robot vacuum cleaner has a buffer zone and silicone protection, which are intended to prevent major damage. In the test, the vacuum robot ran into obstacles, but only touched them gently. A gentle collision is also wanted so that the V7 can orient itself in space. The sensors never failed during the test. Landings are also not a problem. As soon as the vacuum robot approaches a landing, it changes the direction of travel.

What the vacuum cleaner but has problems are carpets. Even with a 1 ½ cm high rug, it may be that the V7 shuts off because of the crash sensor or likes to hang on the edges of the rug.

Chuwi ILIFE V7

ILIFE V7 Vacuum Cleaner


Good workmanship
Low volume
Different control options
Return to home function
Easy to clean


Chinese app
Problems with paragraphs


The Chuwi ILIFE V7 is a low-cost vacuum cleaner with good suction power and well-functioning sensor system. The workmanship is excellent and also the accessories are satisfactory. In the suction profiles, the ILIFE V7 works exactly and also the plan mode was convincing in the test, even if only one schedule time can be defined.

Disadvantage of the vacuum robot is that it even at low elevations, such as carpets, gets problems. Especially at carpet edges, the device likes to hang. Another disadvantage is the untranslated app which is, however, understandable by the, with the remote control identical icons.

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  1. Joe

    9. July 2016 11 to: 42

    Thank you for the cool and informative test. What I am missing, however, is whether the robot can move from room to room and find its way around, so to speak, remembers where it has already been and then returns from another room to the room where the charging station is located?

    • Timo admin

      9. July 2016 12 to: 03

      Hi Joe, yes the ILIFE V7 can move between rooms. The suction pattern is largely arbitrary. Obstacles are easily avoided. As soon as the battery weakens, the robot vacuum switches to return mode. The automatic return works so far for me, but the signal can also be easily disturbed (WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.). So far, however, he has always found the station with me within a radius of 5m.

  2. Kidney

    2. August 2016 22 to: 13

    Finally received today, the V7s.
    But where can I find the app controls?

    • Timo admin

      2. August 2016 22 to: 52

      Hi Rene,
      the app is available here:

      As far as I know, the ILIFE V7S does not have a Bluetooth module and can only be controlled with the remote control included in the scope of delivery.

      • Winni

        3. September 2016 20 to: 48

        Is the app also available in English? Chinese is so difficult to decipher ... but it works

        • Timo admin

          4. September 2016 14 to: 48

          No, unfortunately the manufacturer did not bother to translate the app.

          • Ben

            29. January 2017 12 to: 54

            I recently became the owner of an ILIFE v7 and took a look at the apk. The app is pieced together quite haphazardly, the programmers have never heard of decent, consistent resource management. I was able to translate a few things (cover picture, Bluetooth menu, main menu, scheduling and robot status) into English (German terms are too long for many buttons), but not a lot (texts of the exit dialog, a few other buttons and a lot of info texts, how stupidly also the error messages, the developers left in the code and unfortunately not outsourced them to resources)

            The adapted app can be downloaded here:

            I am not responsible for any damage to the smartphone or robot and I do not give any support.

  3. Chris

    6. November 2016 19 to: 59

    Is there a difference between the V7 and V7S?

    • Timo admin

      6. November 2016 20 to: 09

      Hi Chris, the V7 has additional control via a smartphone app. Instead, the V7S has an additional water tank and a larger mop pad.

  4. Wolfgang

    15. November 2016 17 to: 14

    Hello, so far it has always worked very well to drive the ILive V7 back to the station, but now it drives to the charging station and switches itself off and on again and again. Can someone help me what I can do so that the ILive v7 goes cleanly back into the charging station.
    Thank you in advance

  5. Wolfgang

    19. November 2016 09 to: 12

    A question, how can you turn off the planned time again?
    Thank you in advance for an answer

    • French

      2. August 2017 13 to: 32

      Set the planned time to 0:00

      • Raphael

        24. May 2018 15 to: 10

        or 12:00 AM

  6. Blaze35

    26. September 2017 13 to: 14

    Where can I download the app for IOS?

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ILIFE V7 Vacuum Cleaner


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Size: 340 x 340 x 80mm
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