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Chuwi Hi9 Pro Tablet

Chuwi Hi9 Pro - LTE tablet with 8.4 inch display

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro is a tablet with high resolution 8.4 IPS display, MediaTek Helio X20 processor and 4G LTE module. Strictly speaking, it is a compact offshoot of the recently reviewed Air model. All information about the tablet you can find summarized in the post.

Chuwi Hi9 Pro

Design and display

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro is a handy tablet with dimensions of 21.5 x 12.6 x 0.6 cm and a weight of 384g. The housing is made of aluminum and is held in a so-called unibody. Accordingly, the housing frame and the rear of the housing are not composed of several parts, but the entire housing was made from just one piece. Design features are the rounded edges and the striking red power button. The connection options amount to a microUSB socket and a 3.5 mm jack audio output. There is no HDMI output! In addition to the dual SIM slot (2x micro), there is also a microSD memory card slot.

Thin design of the Chuwi Hi9 Pro

The display is a "full lamination" IPS panel with an 8.4 inch diagonal and 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. The panel is produced by Japan Display Inc. (JDI). The “full lamination” technology is characterized by the fact that the LCD, touchscreen and protective glass are not glued together in multiple layers, but rather form a unit. The production enables an overall more compact panel with higher color intensity and better light transmission. The touchscreen supports multitouch with up to 10 simultaneous entries.

JDI panel with 8.4 inch diagonal

Processor and memory

The hardware basis is the MediaTek Helio X2016 System-on-Chip, which was released at the beginning of 20 and was mainly designed for smartphones. The SoC's CPU consists of 10 processor cores, which in turn are divided into 3 clusters. The high-performance cluster consists of 2x Cortex A72 cores that clock at up to 2.3 GHz. The performance cluster consists of 4x Cortex A53 cores, which in turn clock with up to 1.85 GHz. For efficient work, there is also an energy-saving cluster with 4x Cortex A53 cores and a 1.4 GHz clock rate. The SoC's GPU is an ARM Mali-T880 MP4 GPU that clocks at up to 780 MHz.

Powerful Helio X20 SoC

In terms of memory, the Chuwi Hi9 Pro is equipped with a combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB data storage. A notable difference to the Chuwi Hi9 Air is the RAM type. The Hi9 Pro uses slower DDR3 RAM, whereas the Hi9 Air uses faster LPDDR4 RAM. The data storage device is of the eMMC 5.1 type. A memory expansion using a microSD memory card is possible with up to 128GB.

Experience has shown that the Helio X20 SoC can cope with demanding applications. One or the other current mobile game can also be played smoothly. To what extent Chuwi adapted the operating system to the chip remains to be seen. Here showed the similarly equipped Chuwi Hi9 Air significant weaknesses, which is why it came in the test more often to hangers and even total crashes.

Connectivity, battery and others

The tablet is equipped with a dual micro SIM slot and supports 2G, 3G and 4G cellular frequencies. The LTE bands 3, 7 and 20 commonly used in Germany are available. Here is an overview of the frequencies and bands:

GSM: 2/3/5/8 (1900/1800/850/900 MHz)
WCDMA: 1/2/5/8 (2100/1900/850/900 MHz)
LTE: 1/2/3/5/7/8/20/40 (2100/1900/1800/850/2600/900/800/2300 MHz)

GPS and GLONASS navigation

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro is also equipped with a dual-AC WiFi module and Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless data transmission. There is a 5 megapixel front camera on the front. A microphone is also available so that the tablet can also be used for video calls. A rear 8 megapixel main camera with Samsung image sensor and LED flash enables one or two snapshots. Navigating is also possible thanks to GPS. The capacity of the battery is 5000 mAh. One charge is enough for 4 hours of gaming, 6 hours of watching movies or 20 hours of listening to music.

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