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CHERRY XTRFY: Global launch of the new gaming brand

The famous keyboard brand CHERRY presents CHERRY XTRFY, an innovative gaming peripheral brand. At a launch event in Cologne, the company unveiled three keyboard models with groundbreaking Advanced Wireless Technology.


Earlier this year, CHERRY, the legendary German manufacturer of keyboards and mechanical switches, acquired the Swedish peripheral manufacturer XTRFY and launched the new gaming brand "CHERRY XTRFY".

With eSports in focus, the company was able to win well-known eSports organizations such as SK Gaming, Vitality and HEROIC as well as the Counter-Strike legend "f0rest" as partners under the umbrella of the XTRFY FAMILY.

In a spectacular event at the XPERION in Cologne, the company presented three revolutionary keyboard models, the CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL Wireless, the CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless and the CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless.

Introducing CHERRY gaming gear – 3 new WIRELESS keyboards!

Innovative technology meets attractive design

The keyboards are equipped with the latest CHERRY technology and, in addition to the well-known CHERRY MX switches, offer a triple connection option: cable, Bluetooth and a proprietary 2,4 GHz connection.

The latest CHERRY achievement is Advanced Wireless Technology, a special Low Latency Mode (LLM) that reduces the response time to just one millisecond. To avoid interference to other wireless devices, 40 radio channels are available, which are switched up to 1600 times per second.

 CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL Wireless : The slim all-rounder

The MX 8.2 TKL Wireless comes in a slim aluminum housing and has a total of 87 keys due to the lack of a numpad. The keyboard is available in black, white or pink with a choice of MX Black, Blue, Brown, Red or Silent Red switches.

CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL Wireless Lifestyle

It features N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, Windows keylock and a 16M color RGB backlight controllable via Cherry Gaming Software. The price is 209,99 euros (RRP).

 CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless : The signature model

The MX 3.0S Wireless is based on the classic MX Board 3.0S and has a total of 105 keys including the numeric keypad. The equipment is almost identical to the MK 8.2 TKL Wireless. This keyboard is also available in black, white or pink and with the switches mentioned above. The price is 179,99 euros (RRP).

CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless Lifestyle

 CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless : The compact wireless solution

The MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless is a compact, space-saving 68-key model that uses low-profile switches. These switches have a shorter key travel than traditional switches.

CHERRY MX LP 2.1 Wireless Lifestyle

The keyboard features an attractive, colorful retro design. The price for this model is 139,99 euros.


The keyboards will be available from May and can already be found on the CHERRY website be pre-ordered. More gaming peripherals from the XTRFY brand will follow shortly.

Source: press release & product page

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