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by 14. April 2016
The Cheerson CX-10W is a nano or mini quadcopter equipped with a WiFi module and a small camera. What distinguishes this small quadrocopter from others of its kind and how it beats, you will learn in this review of the Cheerson CX-10W.



Cheerson CX-10W (WiFi)


Engine: Brushed
Remote control: App or 2.4GHz
Gyro: Yes
LED: Yes
Channel: 4 channel
Battery: 150mAh (not changeable)

Size: 62x62x20mm
Weight: 15g

Range: ~ 15 meters
Flight time: max. 5 minutes
Charging time: 60 minutes

What's in the box

1x Cheerson CX-10W
1x charging cable
1x battery
1x user manual
4x replacement rotors

First impression of the Cheerson CX-10W

Cheerson belongs to the best known quadrocopter manufacturers and produces high quality quadcopter in all sizes and price ranges. Of the Cheerson CX-10W is a so-called Nano or mini quadrocopter just once 62x62x20mm measures. Unlike other models, this model was without remote control delivered. Only the Quadcopter, USB charging cable, 4 replacement rotors and English manual were included.

The Cheerson CX-10W is controlled via an app that works for both iOS and Android is available. The "CX-10WiFi" app can be downloaded from the respective App Store.

Externally, the CX-10W Quadrocopter hardly differs from its namesakes of the CX-10 series. Only that Weight is slightly higher, what about the extra WiFi module and the little one 0.3 megapixel camera is also comprehensible. At the same time, however, the capacity of the battery was slightly increased. The CX-10W has one non-removable 150mAh battery installed. Comparable models are usually only on 100mAh.

Another difference is the small one WiFi antenna of the CX-10W Quadcopter. This was attached to the side and serves as an improved connection to the smartphone. If you do not want to let the antenna stand out, you can attach it to the underside at the intended location.

Overall, my first impression of the Cheerson CX-10W Nano-Quadcropter is more than positive. It is amazing that such a technique was housed in this small aircraft. In addition, the convinced excellent workmanship.

Commissioning and App

The operating instructions explain the commissioning in detail. There is both the name of the app, after which you can search for yourself in the App Store, as well as were QR codes shown, which link directly to the app. After you have switched on the quadrocopter, this builds own wifi you need to connect to your smartphone or tablet. If you then open the app, which is controlled by the Cheerson CX-10W, you get one Live image including the joysticks and the settings options displayed.

About the control surface You can shoot pictures, start video recordings and watch recordings. Regarding the setting options, the speed can be set, the gyro mode can be activated, all elements can be hidden and the quadrocopter can be balanced.

For the actual control, the throttle stick and joystick as well as the respective trimmers are available. Those who prefer to do without the app control can also control the quadrocopter via a 2.4GHz remote control.

flight behavior

The Cheerson CX-10W is despite the getting used to app control beginner-friendly to fly, After a short adjustment phase, I was able to hold the quadrocopter in the air very calmly. A delay between input and implementation I did not notice. The model reacted to all inputs at the same time. Also, the transmission of the live image was not offset or disturbed. A very useful feature are the blue and red LEDs, which are located on the bottom of the quadrocopter. These not only make a visual sense, but also serve as an orientation with regard to the direction of flight.

Im Gyro Mode The quadcopter is controlled via the gyroscope of the smartphone. Depending on how the smartphone rotates and tilts, the quadrocopter flies in exactly this direction. This mode can also be described as a Beginner mode, as in this mode the CX-10W can be controlled most accurately.

The stable Flight range is about 15 meters.

Picture and video recordings

The recording function is a nice additional feature of the Cheerson CX-10W. Recordings are stored directly on the smartphone or tablet. An additional SD memory card is not needed by the quadrocopter. Of course, no miracle is to be expected in the quality of the recording. The test photos are noisy and seem a bit too dark, but correspond to those of an 0.3 megapixel camera.


The battery of the Cheerson CX-10W has one Capacity of 150mAh. Flight time is about 5 minuteswhereas the Charging time at just over an hour lies. Unfortunately, the battery can not be changed.

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Final Words


High quality
Stable flight behavior
App in the app store
LED lighting
replacement rotors


Battery not changeable
Charging time of the battery

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

This little gadget is not only addictive but also makes you want larger aircraft. The Cheerson CX-10W has been perfectly implemented and is suitable for both total beginners, but also for professionals who like to live indoors their hobby. Especially as a beginner you should start small in the RC area, as a crash can be very expensive very quickly. The WiFi control is getting used to at first, but with a little practice you get along with this quickly. The camera is a nice additional feature, but you should not set too high expectations. Only thing bothers me is the low battery life and the high charging time. Although this model is not an isolated case, but the fact that the battery can not be changed, you must inevitably take a break after every short flight unit

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