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Brigii M1 dust chamber

Brigii M1 handheld vacuum cleaner Review - practical everyday helper

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 27. April 2024

If something accidentally goes wrong, you don't always want to dig out the big cylinder vacuum cleaner. A practical addition is the compact hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is quickly to hand and removes dirt just as well with little effort.

A model around 50 euros is the handy and battery-powered Brigii M1, which can be used not only as a vacuum cleaner, but also as an air pump. The Brigii M1 was able to prove itself in the test.

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Brigii M1: Handy design

Let's start testing the Brigii M1 right away. Visually, the Brigii handheld vacuum cleaner is a bit reminiscent of a thermos. It can even be put upright like a thermos. The design is space-saving and handy. The dimensions are 57 x 57 x 260 mm and the weight is a moderate 485g.

Brigii M1: scope of delivery

The handheld vacuum cleaner is ideally delivered with accessories. In fact, there are a little more accessories than other brands.

Brigii M1 scope of delivery

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, it also includes 5 attachments (see photo), a flexible hose, a USB-C charging cable and a practical bag in which the vacuum cleaner and accessories can be stowed. A charger is missing, but you can use any conventional smartphone charger as long as it charges with at least 2 amps.

Brigii M1: mini dust chamber

At the top is the dust chamber with a capacity of 100 ml. There is enough space for fallen potting soil, toast and chips crumbs or dirt in the sofa. In the case of coarse soiling, it is better to use a larger device.

Brigii M1 dust chamber

The lid is held in place with a slide lock and can be opened quickly for emptying. You simply knock the trapped dirt into the trash can. It doesn't always work without getting your hands dirty. Hair can get caught in the metal filter and you have to help.

Brigii M1 removed dust chamber

Alternatively, the dust chamber can be completely removed. The metal filter and the HEPA filter are also separable and easy to clean under running water. Replacement HEPA filters are not yet available, but according to Brigii, spare parts will soon be available to order from Amazon.

Brigii M1 metal filter and HEPA filter

Brigii M1: Versatile

The Brigii M1 is versatile. Thanks to the compact design and the practical attachments, the handheld vacuum cleaner can even reach places that are difficult to access and which a conventional cylinder vacuum cleaner would not be able to reach. Lamps, cracks in the sofa, cupboards and radiators are easy to clean.

Brigii M1 cleans tables

But the Brigii M1 is also a practical companion as a vacuum cleaner on the go, e.g. on longer car journeys. When the kids crumble the car, you have it to hand quickly. Stowed in the bag, it can be easily stowed away with its accessories in the glove compartment.


The suction power, which Brigii specifies as 65 watts or 6500 Pa, also plays a decisive role. That's enough to soak up most of the household dirt. There is only one suction level in total. Press the power button longer and the vacuum cleaner switches on, pressing the power button again switches the handheld vacuum cleaner off. The volume is comparable to a hair dryer on a high level. The suction attachments are simply inserted into the duct of the air inlet.

air pump

A special feature of the Brigii M1 is its use as an air pump. Brigii uses the air outlet for this by simply concentrating the air drawn in at the front and blown out at the rear. All attachments can also be attached to the air outlet.

Brigii M1 cleans the keyboard

The function has proven to be extremely practical in the test. With the nozzle attached, keyboards or PCs, for example, can be cleaned excellently. The power is also sufficient to inflate air mattresses or balloons.


The 6000 mAh battery is charged via the USB-C socket on the side. Brigii happily points out that a 5V charger with at least 2A charging current should be used. During the charging process, the LED on the power button flashes red. If the LED lights up red continuously, the battery is charged. A full charge takes approximately 4 hours.

Brigii M1 USB-C charging socket

The battery life is just under 20 minutes. To say something quickly, the running time is completely sufficient. However, if you want to vacuum an entire car, you have to hurry! When switched on and fully charged, the LED lights up white. When the battery level is low, the LED flashes red repeatedly.

Brigii M1 dust chamber

Brigii M1


Sophisticated design
Good workmanship
Good suction power


Battery life could be longer


The Brigii M1 is a useful everyday helper and an ideal addition to the cylinder vacuum cleaner. The suction power is good if you use the handheld vacuum cleaner for household dirt. With a battery life of 20 minutes and a charging time of 4 hours, the vacuum cleaner ranks in the lower midfield from a battery perspective.

The well thought-out design is praiseworthy. This is shown above all by the fact that Brigii even makes ideal use of the air outlet and the device can be used as a practical air pump. In addition, the dust chamber and filter can be completely dismantled and cleaned. From a price-performance point of view, the Brigii M1 is a recommendable handheld vacuum cleaner.

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Brigii M1


Suction power: 6500 Pa
Leistung: 65W

Capacity: 3x 2000 mAh
Charging voltage: 5V
Charge current: 2A

Charging time: 4 hours
Runtime: 20 minutes

Size: 57 57 x x 260 mm
Weight: 485g