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Bluedio US UFO test

Bluedio US (UFO) test - Spacious Bluetooth speaker

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on February 16, 2022

What a spacey part - were the first words when we unwrapped the Bluedio US (UFO). The new Bluedio speaker not only looks futuristic, but also promises a powerful stereo sound and other interesting features that we've explored in this review.

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First impression to Bluedio US

What's in the box

Bluedio is known for including a wide range of accessories with its audio products. With this Bluetooth speaker, too, all accessory options have been exhausted. In addition to a multilingual user manual, it also includes a USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and even a carrying strap with a carabiner.

Original Bluedio

The authenticity of the loudspeaker can be checked using a code on the back of the packaging. There is an authenticity seal with a code that can be scratched off. A link that leads to the Bluedio homepage can then be used to check whether it is actually an original Bluedio loudspeaker.

Design and workmanship

The most outstanding feature of the Bluedio US is the design. The name “UFO” already indicates the speaker’s spacey appearance. In the middle is a 59mm bass driver. The side arms or wings consist of two 40mm drivers. The 310 x 170 x 105 mm loudspeaker can be placed upright and, as standard, on the anti-slip pads on the underside of the wings.

The workmanship of Bluedio US (UFO) is good. The housing part, which shines so beautifully on the pictures, is not made of plastic, but actually made of metal. With rich 921g, the Bluedio US speaker is anything but a lightweight. The black housing part is made of plastic, but is still very well matched to the metal part and also processed properly. Only the plastic control buttons and the adjacent LEDs could be better matched to the rest of the housing.

Commissioning & functions

Anyone who has ever put a Bluetooth speaker into operation, will also get no problems with the Bluedio US (UFO). In pairing mode, the speaker can be easily and without password input connected to a compatible Bluetooth playback device. The enclosed operating instructions describe in detail the commissioning, operation and also individual functions.

A bluetooth speaker should be able to play music. The Bluedio US can receive music via Bluetooth (A2DP), but also via a 3.5mm audio input. In addition to playing music, the loudspeaker can also be used to accept and make phone calls (HSP, HFP) from a connected smartphone. For this purpose, there is a small microphone below the control buttons, which enables the hands-free function.

The most interesting feature is the 3D mode. This can be activated at the push of a button and produces a more voluminous sound. More on how the loudspeaker sounds in the next point.

Bluedio US UFO Review


In normal mode, the sound of the Bluedio US (UFO) appears neutral and low in bass. The sound could be described as almost unspectacular if you mostly like bass-rich music. The speaker experiences a real bass and sound boost with active 3D mode. Only in this mode does the 59mm bass driver (5W) really come into its own. Music sounds significantly more voluminous and a certain spatial sound is actually created. The two 40mm (5W) drivers also appear more dynamic and warmer. In a direct comparison with the Bluedio AS loudspeaker - which also has a 3D mode - you can clearly see that the Bluedio US (UFO) has significantly more powerful loudspeakers and the sound is better coordinated overall.

The maximum volume is also impressive. A scratching or shouting has not made itself felt in even the most shrill and bass-rich music. Only the mids and heights are somewhat lost due to the increasing volume. There are sound differences depending on whether the speaker is connected via the 3.5mm audio connection or via Bluetooth. In the cable network, the control buttons are obsolete and the speaker is used purely passive. The powerful 3D mode can not be activated then. Wireless is the maximum transmission range at well 15 meters.


Bluedio does not provide any information on the type or capacity of the battery. The battery cannot be changed. The manufacturer only specifies the running time as up to 5 hours. In practice, the 7 hours are very long and can only be reached with a low volume. A value of around 4 hours with normal volume and an active Bluetooth connection is realistic. Two LEDs serve as a charging indicator. If the loudspeaker is connected to the power, a red LED indicates the current charging process. When the loudspeaker is fully charged, a blue LED indicates that the battery is fully charged. A full battery charge took 4 hours in the test.

Bluedio US UFO test

Bluedio US (UFO)


Spacious design
Good bluetooth range
3.5mm audio connector
3D mode with powerful sound
Good battery life


Unsightly control buttons
No 3D mode via 3.5mm audio connection
Battery not replaceable


With this Bluetooth speaker, the design clearly comes to the fore. In addition to the interesting design, reminiscent of the "Enterprise" by the 3 separate drivers, the Bluedio US (UFO) also offers a surprisingly good sound. In normal mode, the speaker sounds unspectacular, but activating the 3D mode, the speaker delivers a powerful and spatial sound.

Of course, the Bluedio US speaker is not perfect either. So the control buttons do not necessarily match the design. In addition, in 3.5mm composite no 3D mode can be activated. Another criticism is the non-replaceable battery.

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Bluedio US (UFO)


Bass driver: 1x 5W
Page driver: 2x 2.5W
Frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz
RF frequency range: 2,4 GHz-2.48GHz

Default: V4.1
Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Range: 10-15 meters

Standby: up to 1.000 hours
Runtime: 3-5 hours
Charging time: 4-5 hours

Size: 310 170 x x 105 mm
Weight: 921g

What's in the box

1x Bluedio US (UFO)
1x charging cable
1x 3.5mm audio cable
1x carrying strap
1x user manual