Bluedio AS Air Test - Bluetooth Speaker

by 8. March 2016
With the Bluedio AS, the Chinese manufacturer "Bluedio" has launched a new-fangled loudspeaker that can not only be addressed via Bluetooth, but also has a WLAN module to which music can be transferred. In the test more.



Bluedio AS (Air)


Driver units: 2
Driver size: 52mm
Output power: (2x) 5W

Bluetooth: 4.1
Bluetooth range: 10m
Frequency response: 10Hz-22kHz
Audio communication protocol: AirPlay, DLNA

Standby time: 1000 hours
Play time: about 5 hours
Charging time: approx. 3-5 hours

What's in the box

1x Bluedio AS (Air)
1x Audio Cable (3.5mm)
1x micro USB cable
1x carrying case with carabiner
1x Operating Instructions

First impression of Bluedio AS

Bluedio AS (Air) Speaker / Speaker Test | Review | Hands-On

What's in the box

The Bluedio AS (Air) Speaker or speaker was delivered in a modern cardboard box (similar to the Bluedio BS-2 or Bs-3), are printed on the descriptions of the individual functions of the speaker. Also located on the back of the box certificate of authenticity in the form of a small sticker.


Unpacked is the Bluedio speaker in one neoprene complete with carrying handle and snap hook. Laterally there is another, smaller bag with a 3.5mm jack audio cable and a micro USB charging cable, A Operating Instructions Of course, it was also included in the delivery, whereby the German translation is hardly to be used and one prefers to rely on the reasonably understandable, English translation.

The speaker itself makes a good impression. The printed design, consisting of continents including countries is not only an eye-catcher, the pressure was also applied cleanly and without any errors. Above there are also several function keys, which, depending on the keypress, have different functions. The pressure point of the buttons is fine, but I would have liked a slightly higher quality processing, because the buttons are not only made of plastic, but also have some play. Above the buttons are small LEDs that indicate, among other things, the current playback mode.

Next to the two 52mm driver units the Bluedio AS speaker has one more Microphone integrated. This can make calls of the smartphone via the speaker. Use the function keys to accept and reject calls.

On the bottom of the Bluedio speaker is a slightly thicker rubber coating with small rubber feet. On the back are the micro USB charging port and an 3.5mm jack audio input.

Commissioning and App

The Bluedio speaker can be over Bluetooth connect to a Bluetooth compatible playback device, you can play music over Wifi play as well as music can be connected via a connection Audio cable play.

When I first wanted to put the loudspeaker into operation, I first thought the device was delivered defective. The operating instructions did not indicate that you have to hold down the power button for a comparatively long time until the loudspeaker turns on. Then the device switches to pairing mode. If the speaker has already been set up via a compatible device, it connects automatically.

The WLAN mode of the Bluedio AS Air can be activated with the mode button. Hereby the loudspeaker builds its own WLAN, to which one can connect. Music can then be played back via Airplay / DLNA. To be able to use the WLAN mode completely one needs the "Bluedio App". Unfortunately, this app does not exist in the Google PlayStore, but you have to scan the QR code on the last page of the manual, which then gives you a link to the app.

The app is provided on a Chinese server. During the installation, I noticed negatively that the App needs numerous permissionswhich have no relation to the functions of the app. For example, the app wants access to the image and video function of the smartphone; it wants to read the contact data and even change the system settings afterwards. You should seriously consider whether you want to install this app on his smartphone. Within the app we can configure the WLAN (name and password), we can update the app and also the "Bypass mode" activate. Bridging mode, also known as bridge mode, keeps the player connected to the home Wi-Fi network and has Internet access. Especially if you want to stream music from the Internet to the speaker, this feature is almost essential.


The sound of the Bluedio loudspeaker is powerful and with activated "3D sound"Very voluminous. The bass can be felt at full volume. The maximum volume is considerable and the sound remains relatively clear. A noise or even scratching I could not find. Both over Bluetooth, as well as over WLAN the transmission quality was the same. The interference-free range over Bluetooth I would estimate at about 12 meters.

Final Words


Powerful sound
3D sound (bass boost)
Modern design
Maximum volume
Easy commissioning
What's in the box


App esp. Bridge mode
Processing the function keys

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The Bluedio AS speaker provides a really good and powerful sound. The design is appealing and the scope of delivery was convincing. The workmanship is good, but could be improved just in the function keys something.

The only thing that bothered me about this speaker was the app, which needs a lot of permissions and the non functioning bridge mode. Who wants to play music locally and this would like to fall back on the WLAN function, which is also good without an app. However, anyone who wants to stream music from the Internet via Wi-Fi to the loudspeaker, could have problems because of the not fully mature app.

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