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Bluedio Air headphones

Bluedio Air Test - Ultralight Bluetooth headphones

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 17. May 2021

Bluedio wants to shake up the "Head Fi" market again and has released the Bluedio Air. A headphone that makes a visual impression at first glance. If the inner values ​​of the Bluedio Air are also correct, you can find out in this review.

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Bluedio Air 3D Sound Bluetooth Headphones - Testbericht / Review

First impression of Bluedio Air

What's in the box

Bluedio is known for the hinged cardboard box. With the Bluedio Air, this is particularly large, because the cardboard box contains a hard-shell case with a transport handle and carabiner, with which the Air can be transported safely and easily when on the move. Also included is a neoprene bag with accessory cables. The cables are a 3.5mm jack audio cable, an audio cable with remote control, a so-called Y-cable that splits the headphones' signals into a microphone and audio signal and of course a micro USB charging cable. An operating manual is also included in the scope of delivery, which explains all the functions of the headphones in a beautiful way.


The Bluedio Air uses the latest Bluetooth standard, namely Bluetooth 4.1. If you have a Bluetooth 4.0 playback device, the connection for both the headphones and the playback device is particularly easy on the battery. If the headphones are fully charged, you can listen to music for about 20 hours. The standby time is approximately 1000 hours.

The Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP are supported. The aptX codec is unfortunately not supported. In addition to wireless operation, the headphones can also be operated with the audio cables supplied. Differences in sound quality were not noticeable. Only the so-called "white noise", which is common with Bluetooth devices, disappears when operated via an audio cable.

The Air also has a hands-free function that can be used to take calls. Calls can also be made using the integrated microphone. Another feature is a 3D audio module, which makes the sound a lot more spatial. The 3D mode is activated via the function keys.

Design and comfort

The housing of the Bluedio Air is on the one hand flexible and yet stable. Although the headphones are almost entirely made of plastic, they still don't look inferior. The temple was printed with the so-called heat transfer printing technique, which makes the headphones look very attractive. Thanks to the flexible bracket, the Bluedio Air sits particularly comfortably on the head. Even after long periods of wear, the Air sits comfortably on your head.



Compared to the R series, the Bluedio Air only has one driver unit per auricle. The size of the driver unit is an impressive 57mm. The 3D sound module creates an artificial 3D surround sound. The sound is emulated by software adapted by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the Bluedio Air does not have an integrated equalizer.

For me personally, the Bluedio Air sounds rather neutral. The bass is there, but not as strong as the Bluedio R series. This makes the Air ideal for a wide range of music. Mids and heights are nicely displayed thanks to the large driver unit. The maximum volume is also impressive.

Bluedio Air headphones

Bluedio Air


Very good sound
3D sound
Perfect comfort
Good workmanship
Huge range of accessories
Great design
Good connection stability via Bluetooth


Plastic housing


The sound of the Air is exactly right. Bass, mids and treble are clear and balanced. Nothing seems overdriven. Especially the 3D Surround Sound is very interesting. The spatial sound is ideal for movies. The comfort is very good. I could not find any pressing parts. Thanks to the flexible strap and the low weight, the headset sits particularly well and you can wear it over longer sessions.

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Bluedio Air


Bluetooth version: V 4.1
Supported: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Range: 10 meters

Frequency range: 15Hz-25KHz
Driver: Φ57mm x 2
Impedance: 16 Ω
Sound pressure level: 118dB

Standby time: up to 1000 hours
Play time: about 20 hours
Charging time: about 2,5 hours

Size: 6.7 "× 7.5" × 2.8 "
Weight: 255g

What's in the box

1x Bluedio Air Headphones
1x manual
1x audio cable 3.5mm
1x USB charging cable
1x Y-cable
1x cable for call with remote control and microphone 3.5mm
1x Hardcase