Bluboo Edge - 5.5 Custom Phablet in Curvy Design

by Timo17. November 2016

China smartphones in the Curvy design, ie with a rounded display, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are currently fully in vogue. Bluboo also jumps on this move and releases the Bluboo Edge, an 5.5 inch smartphone that is located in the lower middle class. All information about the new Bluboo smartphone can be found in this post.

Bluboo Edge

The Low Budget S7 Edge?

Hardware for the small purse

At first glance, the Bluboo Edge looks a bit like a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on the front. Nevertheless, one should not be fooled, because under the hood, this smartphone has built much weaker hardware. The processor amounts to a thrifty one MediaTek MTK6737 SoC, which has a total of 4 cores that clock with a maximum of 1.3GHz. The processor graphic is a Mali-T720 GPU, which copes well with not too demanding games. But if you want to play more graphically demanding games on your future smartphone, you should choose a more powerful smartphone. With a Work memory of 2GB The smartphone is suitable for smaller multitasking tasks and should be sufficient in everyday life for a smooth operation. Of the internal memory falls with only 16GB comparatively small, but can be expanded with an SD memory card to maximally more 256GB. Note, however, that you have to do without the dual-SIM function when using the memory expansion, because the Bluboo Edge is just a so-called "Hybrid-SIM slot" equipped.

Bluboo Edge specifications

A look at the display

Many smartphones are called "Bezel-less" or "Edge-less" announced and actually offer this feature on the render images. Once the device is available, however, the disappointment is often great, because what looked in the photos borderless, is in fact far from it. The Bluboo Edge also promises 5.5 inch OGS HD display in curvy design, similar to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you look at previously published videos to the device, the display is actually a damn near a "bezel-less display".

Bluboo Edge features the Curvy Display Like Samsung S7 Edge

To implement the Curvy display Bluboo starts on Sharp OGS display panel, Here, the touch screen and the display form a unit, whereby an even better color representation is achieved. Also, the weight can be reduced by an OGS panel, since the additional glass layer between the display and the touch screen is dispensed with. The disadvantage, however, is that in the case of a display damage, the touch screen will be affected.

Camera, fingerprint scanner and more!

The Main camera of the Bluboo Edge resolves megapixels with 13. However, this value is interpolated, so digitally extrapolated, which is why the native resolution is only at 8 megapixels. About the exact name of the image sensor, the manufacturer is silent. Installed is a "custom Sony sensor". The main camera also comes with an autofocus and an LED flash therefore. The front camera resolves with interpolated 8 or native 5 megapixels.

Another feature is the Fingerprint scannerwhich is housed inside the home button. Bluboo promises a low unlock time of under one second, an 360 ° detection, as well as it is possible to save up to 5 finger profiles. The Home button also offers smart operating options and is illuminated at the outer edges.

An extraordinary feature is a small one Heart Rate Monitorwhich is below the LED flash. It works by a green LED and a photosensitive photodiode that measures the blood flow.

Heart Rate Monitor

In keeping with the price, the Bluboo Edge is equipped with only the most necessary sensors. Included are among others one Proximity sensor, brightness sensor, Accelerometer, as well as one G-Sensor. GPS Compass is supported. Also available are one Bluetooth 4.0 Module as well as a WiFi module (802.11b / g / n), The smartphone is also to everyone 2G, 3G, as well as 4G network standards compatible (also LTE band 20!). The Capacity of the battery is comparatively low 2600 mAh.

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