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BlitzWolf BW-VS3 ALR Black Projector Screen 4K UHD Anti-Light Reflection 100-Inch Ultra Narrow Frame High Brightness Compatible for All UST Laser Projector Beamer for XIAOMI FENGMI WEMAX

BlitzWolf BW-VS3 ARL screen from 292 €

127° 292€ 313€ (-7%)
Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 8. September 2023

With this Banggood offer you can buy the BlitzWolf BW-VS3 ARL screen from only 292 €! Shipping is direct from Europe, so there are no additional costs.

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BlitzWolf BW-VS3 product details

Update 11. November 2021

New offer for the BlitzWolf BW-VS3 ALR screen! With our discount code you can currently buy the canvas at Banggood for only 292 euros. This is the new best price! Shipping is free of charge throughout Europe from the EU warehouse. This does not result in any further costs.

Buy BlitzWolf BW-VS3 ALR at Banggood.

BlitzWolf ARL Beamer projection screen

Attention home theater fans! Today we would like to introduce you to the BlitzWolf BW-VS3 ALR Projector Screen. It is a high-contrast screen specially designed for short-distance projectors. Especially in bright rooms or in daylight, it is very difficult for projectors to conjure up a high-contrast image on the wall. With an ALR high-contrast screen (Ambient Light Rejecting) it is possible to increase the black level enormously, because scattered light is simply absorbed by the wafer-thin multi-layers on the contrasting cloth.

The BlitzWolf BW-VS3 is such a screen that improves the picture in a bright living room. The typically gray 100 inch ALR contrast cloth (2234 x 1265 mm) including a solid metal frame (16: 9 aspect ratio), which you only have to set up, is supplied. You can see assembly instructions in the video below. Located in the low-gain range, the gain factor of the BlitzWolf BW-VS3 is 0.6. According to BlitzWolf, up to 92% scattered light is absorbed. This allows an extremely wide viewing angle of up to 160 °.

BlitzWolf BW-VS3 reviews

Test écran Blitzwolf BW-VS3 (assembly)

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