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BlitzWolf BW-GM3 Curved Gaming Monitor product details

Banggood's own brand “BlitzWolf” now also has a gaming monitor in its range. The BlitzWolf BW-GM3 is a 34 inch curved monitor that supports the Xiaomi Curved Monitor not only looks similar, but also has a similar data sheet. The centerpiece is a 34 inch VA panel with 1500R curvaturethat with a 21: 9 aspect ratio in 3440 1440 x pixels dissolves. The manufacturer of the panel is not known, but suggests a Samsung panel.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3 gaming monitor front

In contrast to the Xiaomi monitor, the BlitzWolf BW-GM3 has a slightly higher one Refresh rate of 165 Hz. According to Banggood, a 144 Hz output also via HDMI supported. In terms of response time, the VA panel type is rather unsuitable for (professional) gamers. If you gamble something here and there and also use the monitor in everyday life, you will 11 ms grayscale response time hardly a problem though. The BlitzWolf Curved Gaming Monitor supports the avoidance of picture breaks and streaks during gaming AMD FreeSync.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3 gaming monitor connections

Auch der Contrast coincides 4000:1 slightly higher than the counterpart of the well-known brand. The maximum brightness of the display 300 cd / m², with an even Illumination by 88 Prozent. This is typical for VA panels high viewing angle stabilitythat at horizontal / vertical angles up to 178 ° amounts to. The output of HDR content is due to the maximum 8bit color depth not possible. The sRGB color space is covered to 120 percent.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3 Gaming Monitor back

For the eye, there is an RGB light on the back of the monitor that puts the wall behind the monitor in the limelight. The connections include an HDMI socket, two DisplayPorts, a USB socket and a 3.5 mm jack connector. It is not known which HDMI and DP standards are used. We have already sent the seller a request about this. The monitor has not built in a loudspeaker. Special functions of the OSD are PIP (Picture-in-Picture) and PBP (picture-by-picture), On height-adjustable foot with flexible suspension allows individual alignment.


dataBrand: BlitzWolf
Model: BW-GM3
Type: Curved Monitor
Panel: VA
Diagonal: 34 inches
Radius: 1500R
Resolution: 3440 x 1440
Refresh rate: up to 165 Hz
Contrast Ratio: 4000: 1
Response time: 11 ms (grayscale)
Adaptive-Sync: Freesync
Brightness: 300 cd / m²
Color space: 85% NTSC, 120% sRGB
DimensionsWeight: 5,9 kg
Size: 80,8 x 56,5 x 20 cm

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Q: What type of panel does the BlitzWolf Gaming Monitor use?

A: A VA panel is installed, which is characterized by natural color rendering, high contrast and far-reaching viewing angle stability. High response times speak against VA panels.

Q: Is the monitor VESA compatible?

A: Yes, the monitor is VESA compatible.

Q: Does the monitor have a built-in speaker?

A: No, a loudspeaker is not installed.

Q: Is HDR supported?

A: No, there is no HDR support.

Q: Are FreeSync and G-Sync supported?

A: The monitor is only FreeSync compatible. Nvidia cards from the 10 series also support FreeSync.

BlitzWolf BW-GM3 Curved Gaming Monitor Reviews

There is currently no review for the BlitzWolf BW-GM3. As soon as we receive a test copy, we will test the monitor extensively and use the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor to compare. Should the monitor drop in price even further, it could become a serious competitor!

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