BenQ ScreenBar Review - Space saving e-reading lamp

by 24. May 2018
The BenQ ScreenBar sees itself as a revolutionary lighting system that replaces the old-fashioned desk lamp in a particularly space-saving way. In the test lasting several weeks, the ScreenBar was able to prove its abilities.



BenQ ScreenBar


Type: 90 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Illuminance: 800 Lux (45 cm distance)
Brightness: 320 Lumens
Color temperature: 2700K - 6500K
Power: max. 5W

Dimmable: Yes
Auto dimming function: Yes
Brightness levels: Yes
Color temperature selection: Yes

Material: aluminum and polycarbonate
Power supply: USB

Size: 45 x 9.0 x 9.2 cm
Weight: 530g

What's in the box

1x lamp
1x bracket
1x USB Cable (1.5 Meter)

Foreword: BenQ ScreenBar

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, you're probably already thinking about it Illumination of the workplace made. Most of the time you can rely on a conventional desk or floor lamp, which illuminates the workplace to some extent, but also occupies a lot of space and does not always optimally distribute the light. The BenQ ScreenBar promises to address these problems by being attached to save space directly on the monitor and ensures according to the manufacturer for a perfect light distribution.

Box of ScreenBar with references to the product

Design, workmanship and delivery

The BenQ ScreenBar uses a unique, asymmetrical optical design, For attachment needed 45 cm long lamp no base or pedestal, but is placed with the help of a clip and counterweight directly on the monitor housing. To avoid scratches, the support surface of the retaining clip is gummed accordingly.

Opened box with the complete scope of delivery

The ScreenBar is made Aluminium, The closing ends and the holder are again made of plastic. For operation are located in the middle of the lamp 4 touch sensor buttonswhich, among other things, regulates the brightness and the color temperature. There is also a power button and an automatic dimming function via a Ambient light sensor is controlled. The power supply is via USB. The connection cable is removable and is connected via a MicroUSB socket placed on the back.

The quality of workmanship the ScreenBar is neat. There is a point of criticism regarding the operating element. This uses a sensitive plastic cover, which is why scratches remained on the plastic surface even after the holder had been disconnected and attached twice.

Scope of delivery of the ScreenBar with lamp, holder and cable

The What's in the box includes the BenQ ScreenBar, the holding clip and a MicroUSB cable with a length of 1.5 meters. A user manual is not included. Instead, the individual operating steps are explained briefly and concisely on the cardboard insert of the packaging.

Getting started for use

Despite the Spartan hints for using the lamp, the commissioning hurdles to cope with. By inserting the ScreenBar into the holder and turning it lightly, it is firmly connected to the holder.

Mount the ScreenBar

Afterwards, the ScreenBar and its holder only have to be placed on the frame top of the Minitor housing. Monitors with a maximum frame thickness of 1 to 3 cm are suitable. If the lamp is positioned, the light incidence can be readjusted in the 10 ° angle. Now just connect the lamp to a conventional USB Type-A socket and the ScreenBar is ready for use.

LEDs of the ScreenBar

Practical test of the ScreenBar

For the test I tested the ScreenBar with different monitor models. On both monitors, this was easy to attach, although the older model has a sweeping, sloping back. The movable counterweight can be easily bent backwards in the case of protruding monitors. Problems can be caused by the somewhat short USB cable. Especially with a desktop PC, which is also placed on the floor, the 1.5 meter long cable could be too short!


In terms of equipment, the BenQ ScreenBar comes along without a lot of bells and whistles. There is no smart app control or other software connection. The ScreenBar is operated purely via the 4 touch sensor buttons. These are easy to reach and sufficiently marked.

Touch control (1)

These are divided into one Dimming button, One Color temperature key, One Auto-dimming button and Power button, The change of color temperature is infinitely variable. The brightness can be adjusted manually in 15 steps.

Touch control (2)

The Auto dimming function is realized by the ambient light sensor. This automatically detects the lighting conditions and adjusts the lamp brightness to the ambient light. Unfortunately, the Auto Dimming function overwrites the selected color temperature. At the same time, the color temperature is not adjusted to the ambient light. Again, in practice, the ScreenBar remembers the last used brightness and color temperature settings after repeatedly turning it off and on.


Bright mode Bright with 6500K light color

On a length of 45 cm are total 90 Bi-Color SMD LEDs arranged alternately. This makes the ScreenBar a particularly capable warm light color (2700 Kelvin) but also a lot cool light color (6500 Kelvin) to create. The warm white light is especially suitable for the late evening hours, for example when you want to relax in front of the computer. The cool light in turn promotes concentration and is suitable for the workplace. Unfortunately, RGB light does not produce the ScreenBar. This feature would have been interesting especially for gamers. The Color rendering index (CRI) BenQ only gives> 80.

Light scattering in bright lighting mode

By unidirectional radiation of light, this falls down vertically on the image surface, without affecting the representation by reflections. At the same time, the light does not fall into the field of view of the viewer, so that it is not dazzled. The main thing is that which is located one meter in front of the screen.

Bright mode Bright with 2700K light color

The distance measured below the ScreenBar and in 50 cm distance illuminance is 780 Lux, The whole light output is close 320 lumens, Although this may not sound like an average LED desk lamp, which usually reaches a luminous flux of 500 lumens or more, it should be kept in mind that the BenQ ScreenBar lights up directly from the monitor.

Light scattering in warm light mode

Despite dimmability, the ScreenBar no flicker or flicker on. Nor does it come to disturbing noises, such as a high-frequency buzzing, which is often caused by vibrations of the ballast electronics and also occurs frequently in branded products. BenQ has done a first class job here.

Product page of the manufacturer: Link

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Final Words


Can be used to save space
Easy handling
Uncomplicated USB power supply
No reflections on the display
No flickering and no whirring
Uniform light distribution
15 brightness levels
Generates warm and cool light


Bracket scratched plastic surface of the control element
Auto dimming function overrides color temperature

First impression
everyday practicality
power consumption

In summary, the BenQ ScreenBar can confirm the extremely space-saving feature and the excellent light fall. The asymmetrical optical design illuminates the work area in the best possible way, without dazzling the user or causing light reflections on the screen. By displaying different light colors, the ScreenBar is suitable for relaxed, but also concentrated work, reading or gaming.

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How high should the upper edge of the monitor be at most so that the screen bar does not dazzle? The upper edge of my 40 "4K monitor is 58cm from the table top due to the size of the display. I'm afraid that the screen bar would dazzle me if I sit in the chair, not 100% straight, but rather relaxed.

Greetings - Alexander