BenQ ScreenBar Lite Test - Smart Notebook Lamp

by 24. May 2019
BenQ's ScreenBar lighting system has been extended by a new model! The BenQ ScreenBar Lite is a compact version of last year's BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading lamp. Specially designed for notebooks, the Lite model is aimed primarily at the mobile user. More about this in the test.



BenQ ScreenBar Lite


Type: 50 Bi-Color SMD LEDs
Illuminance: 700 Lux (45 cm distance)
Brightness: 250 Lumens
Color temperature: 2700K - 6500K
Power: max. 5W

Dimmable: Yes
Auto dimming function: Yes
Brightness levels: Yes
Color temperature selection: Yes
App: Yes

Material: aluminum and polycarbonate
Power supply: USB

Size: 26 x 5.5 x 4.6 cm
Weight: 170g

What's in the box

1x lamp
1x transport box

Foreword: BenQ ScreenBar Lite

BenQ released the smart one last year "ScreenBar" lighting system, which can be attached to each monitor to save space and replace the old-established desk lamp. One year later, the manufacturer brings with the ScreenBar Lite a more compact Notebook version on the market. The word "Lite" should not be misleading! Functionally, the ScreenBar Lite is in no way inferior to the "big brother"!

Here you can buy the BenQ ScreenBar Lite.

Design, workmanship and delivery

The ScreenBar Lite uses a unique, triangular design, The case is mostly made of aluminum and measures 26 cm in length, That's just under half the normal ScreenBar. The lamp is operated via 7 touch sensor buttons, The power supply is via USB. Unlike the normal ScreenBar, the cable is unfortunately not removable.

The quality of workmanship is good. To criticize is, as with the normal ScreenBar, the sensitive control that really attracts scratches and fingerprints. The lamp is delivered in a practical plastic box. A user manual is not included. Instead, reference is made to online instructions.

Getting started for use

The ScreenBar Lite is attached by attaching it directly to the display. The clip is provided on both sides with rubber and prevents scratches on the housing. The display frame should not be wider than 9 mm. A cutout on the clip prevents the camera usually placed above the display from being obscured. For power supply, the lamp only needs to be plugged into any USB type-A socket.

Practical test of the ScreenBar Lite

Für den field test The ScreenBar Lite has been with me for several weeks in everyday life. The lamp was used with a Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook, Assembly and disassembly of the ScreenBar Lite are child's play. Connect, switch on, done! The retaining clip is particularly gentle due to the rubber coating. The suspension of the clip keeps the ScreenBar Lite slipping.


The control buttons of the ScreenBar Lite are located at the front and are easily accessible. At the center there are buttons for controlling the brightness and color temperature, on the left and right-outside each a selection button, to the right of one Auto-dimming button and next to it the power button. A Favorites button allows you to save and retrieve a preference profile.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite Auto Dimming Function

Activated auto-dimming function

Practical is the lighting of the function and control buttons, which allows easy operation in the dark. The ambient light detects the ScreenBar Lite using a Ambient light sensor, For a targeted illumination, the Lamp tilted by 85 ° .

A smart control option offers the "Screenbar SmartLite App"you over can download. The software is available for both Windows, as well as for macOS systems, All functions of the lamp can be controlled by the software. In addition, the app can also adjust the brightness and color temperature of the monitor and activate the auto-dimming function after a timer. For simplicity, the whole thing is presented graphically appealing.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite App Software


On a length of 26 cm are total 50 Bi-Color SMD LEDs arranged alternately. This makes the ScreenBar Lite a particularly capable warm light color (2700 Kelvin) but also a lot cool light color (6500 Kelvin) to create. The warm white light is especially suitable for the late evening hours, for example when you want to relax in front of the computer. The cool light in turn promotes concentration and is suitable for the workplace. Unfortunately, RGB light does not produce the ScreenBar. This feature would have been interesting especially for gamers. The Color rendering index (CRI) gives BenQ 88

The light falls off vertically in front of the screen so that no disturbing reflections arise. The distance measured in the 45 cm center illuminance is about 700 Lux, The total light output is close 250 lumens, That may not sound like much, but the ScreenBar Lite also lights up directly from the screen and does not scatter like a conventional desk lamp. An eye-straining flicker or flicker does not occur. Just as there is no noise from the ballast electronics.

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Final Words


Mobile use
Easy installation and operation
Uncomplicated USB power supply
No reflections on the display
No flickering and no whirring
Uniform light distribution
Brightness and color temperature adjustable
Software control


Scratch and fingerprint sensitive control
USB cable cannot be removed

First impression
everyday practicality
power consumption

With the ScreenBar Lite, BenQ has once again launched an excellent lighting system. Functionally, the Lite model even topped the last year's ScreenBar for desktop computers. Due to the compact design and the practical transport box, the ScreenBar Lite can be used very easily on the move. Whether relaxed reading at night or concentrated work during the day, the various color temperatures and brightness levels are the limits of application.

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