BenQ MH535 Review - Multimedia projector for private & business

by 19th of June 2020

In this test, we take a look at the BenQ MH535 projector. The full HD projector with 3500 ANSI lumens brightness is strictly a meeting room projector. The high light output also makes it interesting for domestic use.




BenQ MH535


Type: DLP
Chip: Texas Instruments 1080p
Colors: 1,07 billion colors

Light source: lamp (210W)
Brightness: 3500 ANSI Lumens
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Picture format: Physical 16: 9
Projection size: 1,52 m ~ 7,62 m (60 "- 300")
Projection ratio: 1.37 - 1.64
Contrast: 15.000: 1

Zoom: factor 1.2x
Lens control: Manual zoom
Keystone correction: Vertical ± 40 degrees

1x composite video
1x S-video
2x computer input
1x audio input
1x USB type Mini B
1x RS232 interface
1x monitor output
1x audio output

Lamp life: 5000 hours (normal) /15.000 hours (SmartEco)
Noise level: 32/29 dBA
Speaker: 1x 2W
WiFi: no
3D: Yes, via HDMI

Power consumption: 260W (max) / <0.5W (standby) Size: 333 x 99 x 215 mm Weight: 2.42 kg

Test: BenQ MH535

Anyone who has decided to buy a projector will quickly find that many manufacturers differentiate between "home cinema" and "business projectors". But what does it do? Difference out?

BenQ MH535 front with lens.


Home theater projectors are, as the name suggests, primarily designed for entertainment. Be it the playing of films and series or for gaming. The decisive factors here are particularly strong colors, a high contrast ratio and features such as high dynamic range (HDR).

Business projector in turn are designed for presentations. A particularly high light output, versatile connection options and flexible positioning count here.

The advantages of one are usually the disadvantages of the other. It is often the case that the high light output is detrimental to the image quality. This results in a lower contrast ratio and less color fidelity.

But is that always the case?

Design, workmanship and delivery

After this introduction, we go straight to Design of the BenQ MH535 about. BenQ does not dare to design experiments here and has opted for a tried and tested, yet contemporary design.

Top of the BenQ MH535 projector.

A Housing dimensions by 333 x 99 x 215 mm the MH535 is one of the more compact models. In addition, that will Weight: with only 2,42 kg kept pleasantly low, so that the projector can be used very mobile. A film screening with friends? No problem! Only the right transport bag is missing.

BenQ MH535 projector side.

The Plastic housing overall looks high quality and is well processed. The design is rounded off by the structured surface of the top of the housing. There are generously chosen pages ventsthat provide extensive ventilation.

Three height-adjustable feet on the underside allow flexible and precise positioning. The front foot is secured by a quick lock. This means that the projector can also be locked at the desired position in height and incline during operation. A ceiling attachment is of course also possible.

Connections of the BenQ MH535 projector.

All connection options are inside the back of the case. It is particularly important there that the BenQ MH535 is designed as a business projector. In addition to two HDMI 1.4a video inputs, there are even more special inputs than there are VGA (RGB / Component), S-Video and an RS323 control interface. The high-speed DVI or DisplayPort interfaces have been dispensed with. Sound can be input or output via an audio-in and audio-out socket. In addition to RS323, control data can also be transferred via USB (Mini B). A Kensington recess secures the projector (provided the appropriate lock is provided) against theft.

BenQ MH535 projector base.

The lens is manually adjustable. A focus and zoom wheel is embedded in the front part of the projector. As expected, there is no motorized solution with LensMemory in this price range. There is exactly the same no optical lens shift, but only one digital keystone correction.


The BenQ MH535 does that DLP projection technology from Texas Instruments advantage. The heart of this "digital light processing" technology is the DMD chip, a component provided with micromirrors. BenQ does not provide any further details on the chip.

The native resolution is 1920 1080 x pixels and aspect ratio and improve at 16:9. The illuminant of choice is one 210 watt lamp with maximum 3500 ANSI lumens Luminous intensity. The 10-bit color depth enables the display of 1,07 billion colors. The contrast ratio will with 15.000:1 specified. A optical zoom enlarges the picture 1,2-fold.

Focus and zoom wheel of the BenQ MH535.

The Lifespan of the lamp varies depending on the brightness mode. At full brightness ("Normal" mode), the lifespan is approximately 5.000 hours. The SmartEco mode, which automatically adjusts the image brightness to the content displayed, increases the lifespan to approximately 15.000 hours. That doesn't sound like much, but even if you use the projector for 4 hours in SmartEco mode every day, it would theoretically only be necessary to change the lamp after about 10 years! It is possible to replace the lamp yourself. A replacement lamp costs around 80 euros. The lamp cover is held by a screw on the side.

Commissioning and user interface


Commissioning the BenQ MH535 is easy for beginners. After switching on for the first time, you will be greeted by the OSD (on-screen display), which suggests several languages ​​to choose from. Connected source devices are recognized immediately.

To the required projection distance To be able to estimate, BenQ provides a detailed table. Especially the vertical offset should be kept in mind. The lens is at one Inclination of 7% fixed.

The projection distances of the BenQ MH535.

It takes a maximum of 60 seconds for the projector to reach its operating heat. The image is then projected at full brightness.


The operation can be carried out directly via an on the projector Control panel or the remote control. The extensive control panel is easily accessible on the top of the housing. There is no key lighting. Next to the control panel are 3 LED indicators, which provide information on energy supply, temperature and the lamp.

The remote control of the BenQ MH535.

The compact Remote Control is adequately labeled and partially marked with understandable symbols. There is no key lighting here either. The infrared receiver is located on the front of the housing. Despite the one-sided placement of the receiver, the projector can be operated from almost any position, including from the rear.

The on-screen display OSD of the BenQ MH535.

The OSD is clearly structured and easy to use. The individual sections are clearly arranged and the essential settings can be found in no time.


Home cinema, presentation and gaming suitability

picture quality

The BenQ MH535 was given various test tasks to assess the image quality. The measurements were made on the default settings with a Spyder5 colorimeter in the completely darkened room.

Color space coverage of the BenQ MH535.


The following measurement results were obtained after several test measurements on one 90 inch projection screen with Gain 1.0.

  • Luminous flux: BenQ specifies the maximum brightness with 3500 ANSI lumens. The luminous flux measured in the center of the picture is reached 2.513 lumens in normal mode and 1.103 lumens in "Eco" mode.
  • Black level: The black value is included 1,491 lumens (Normal) or 1,029 lumens (Eco).
  • Contrast ratio: The contrast ratio is given by BenQ at 15.000: 1. That determined by measurements static contrast ratio is 1.685:1 (Normal) or 1.072:1 (Eco).

BenQ MH535 Gamma.

Subjective impression

After switching on the BenQ MH535 for the first time, I immediately feel that outstanding brightness noticed the projection. The room was not completely darkened, the projection size was 90 inches and still a usable image was generated. Not every projector can definitely say that!

The brightness of the BenQ MH535 in comparison.

Brightness comparison - daylight - darkened - dark

The display is pleasantly sharp across the screen. Smaller waste in the definition there is towards the edges. To a perfectly acceptable degree, however. Small fonts remain legible right into the corners. A Pixel grid can only be recognized on closer inspection. You have to stand in front of the screen to see the individual pixels! Visible irregularities in the brightness distribution hardly occur.

In contrast to real home cinema projectors, which boast numerous image enhancers, the BenQ MH535 offers practically no enhancement technologies. Only "Brilliant Color", an algorithm for color processing and system level improvements, ensures vivid and particularly natural colors. And that is understandable. For a business projector, the MH535 offers remarkable color fidelity. The projector copes well with difficult, high-contrast scenes without the color and detail reproduction suffering too much.

Audio and 3D

The 2 Watt speaker is clear in sound, but does not reach a particularly high volume. If you want to use the projector in your home theater, you should definitely use an external sound system. The necessary connections are available.

BenQ MH535 front with lens.

The playback of 3D content is in the form of DLP Link supported. 3D glasses are not included in the scope of delivery, but are available as optional accessories. You can choose between the 3D modes "Up-Down", "Frame-Sequential", "Frame-Packing" and "Side By Side". Extensive 3D color settings allow precise adjustment to your own needs. The 3D rendering was convincing in the test. The 3D image is rendered bright, with strong colors and a good contrast.

Operation Volume

The operating noise amounts to Normal modeat an ordinary seat pitch, at about 34 decibels. Mode "Eco" were still 30 decibels measured. The fan noises can only be heard in quiet film moments.

Gaming suitability

In the last point we take a look at the gaming suitability of the BenQ MH535. The maximal refresh rate is 60 Hz. There is no special gaming mode. This is also not necessary, because this is also the case with gaming (console and PC) no noticeable input lag on.

Price Comparison

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Final Words


Compact design
Good workmanship
Many connection options
Flexible positioning
Long lamp life
Good color representation
Clear image
Very high brightness


No DVI / DisplayPort
No wireless streaming options
Weak speaker

First impression
Home theater capability
Gaming suitability
picture quality
Operation Volume

The BenQ MH535 is an all-rounder in its price range. What is remarkable is the very high brightness and yet strong color rendering. BenQ's “Brilliant Color” algorithm also contributes to this, which visibly improves the display and makes it particularly suitable for home cinema.

Thanks to its compact design and numerous connection options, the projector can be used flexibly. A spontaneous movie night with friends or setting up a projector for a sports broadcast in the garden? No problem with the MH535.

Whether presentation, home theater or gaming, the MH535 can be used universally and copes very well with each of these areas of application.

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