BALMUDA Rain - humidifier with enzyme pre-filter

by Timo19. September 2019

Winter time is cold time - BALMUDA's Rain design features a humidifier with an elegant design, an effective air purification effect and an enzyme pre-filter to produce a pleasant and healthy level of humidity in a particularly hygienic way.






Air volume: 150 - 600 ml / h
Operating Levels: 5
Operating noise: 6 - 42 dB
Water tank capacity: 4.2 l
Humidification time: 6-25 hours

Power consumption: 2 - 23 W (* 2)
Size: 350 350 x x 374 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg (10 kg after filling)


Dry heating air is responsible for common cold in the upcoming heating season, as it creates a favorable climate for harmful viruses and their survival time. The humidity in rooms should be around 50 percent. With the Rain, BALMUDA offers an aesthetic and natural air humidifier with air purifying action and enzyme pre-filter, hygienically producing a pleasant and healthy air humidity level.

Rain can be filled directly with water. In the case of Rain, as with all the products of the Japanese manufacturer, BALMUDA attaches importance to a particularly simple and natural operation. The adjustment is made via a control ring and a clearly legible display. The Red Dot award-winning device, with its vase design, follows the company's philosophy of creating aesthetic home appliances in harmony with their natural purpose.

Easy handling and enzyme prefilter

The BALMUDA Rain comes complete without water tank and is filled directly with tap water. The sophisticated Evaporation process works particularly energy-saving and prevents over humidification of the room air.

The Enzyme prefilter captures germs, dust and bacteria and prevents dirt from spreading through the humidifier in the room. For smooth operation, the filter should be replaced as needed for all 6-12 months.

Balmuda Rain humidifier design

Easy cleaning and intuitive operation

The open one Design in the form of a vase Prevents bacteria from settling in corners and allows easy cleaning. The filter should be cleaned every two to four weeks with lukewarm water and citric acid.

The operation of the Rain takes place via a control ring, The bright and easy to read OLED display at the head of the Rain indicates as soon as the cleaning of the filter is necessary or the water level comes to the end. If there is too little water in the tank, the Rain automatically stops its operation.

Balmuda Rain Humidifier Operation

Automatic and manual operating mode with timer

The Rain can be operated automatically and manually and includes an 24 hour timer. Of the timer Determines a period of time, in which the Rain should be on or off. in the automatic mode a pre-selected humidity is continuously maintained. in the manual mode You can choose between five different air volume levels. A childlock can be activated and deactivated via the power button. To prevent damage to the unit, it turns off as soon as it is moved.

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