BALMUDA Rain Test - humidifier with enzyme pre-filter

by 24. November 2019
Winter time is cold time! The BALMUDA Rain is a humidifier with an elegant design, effective air purifying effect and enzyme pre-filter to produce a pleasant and healthy humidity level in a particularly hygienic way. How the rain beats, reveals my long-term test.





Air volume: 150 - 600 ml / h
Operating Levels: 5
Operating noise: 6 - 42 dB
Water tank capacity: 4.2 l
Humidification time: 6-25 hours

Power consumption: 2 - 23 W (* 2)
Size: 350 350 x x 374 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg (10 kg after filling)


Especially in winter, many households struggle with dry heating air. The humidity in the room falls below 30 percent, which in turn causes dry mucous membranes and promotes colds. The optimum indoor humidity should be between 40-50 percent. To achieve such values, we recommend a humidifier such as the BALMUDA Rain.

Modern design

If you hear the word "humidifier", many will most likely think of one of these compact ultrasonic humidifiers. Quite different is the Rain, the with Dimensions of 35 x 35 x 37.4 cm and a Dead weight of proud 5.7kg anything but compact.BALMUDA Rain Humidifier

Just as own is that too Design of the Rain, BALMUDA draws the comparison to the elegant one Vase, Visitors who were allowed to view the Rain over the past few weeks saw in it a chunky something, an urn, but also a vase. However, the design is a matter of taste, which is why I will not go into detail here. Many like the design of the Rain, many not.

It can be said, however, that the design is actually thought through. Hard-to-reach corners do not exist because of the round structure, so that no stubborn dirt can accumulate.

The BALMUDA Rain in everyday life

Building and refilling the Rain

Removed from the pack is the Rain ready to use in no time, The upper control unit with the display and the control ring can be removed from the lower water tank with filter system by merely lifting. The instructions clearly explain how the filters are put together. Place the Rain in the side 30cm distance and 120cm the upper distance to walls and objects.

BALMUDA Rain Filter with main filter, enzyme pre-filter and ion cartridge

To fill the Rain, the water is poured directly onto the slightly curved top. Behind this hides the display, which jumps when filling the water level indicator. The container has a capacity of 5 liters of water. Oils and other additives are taboo! Distilled water does not necessarily have to be used. In the long-term test, there were no disadvantages when using tap water. However, one should keep in mind the local hardness of the water. If there is no water in the rain, or if the water level is near the end, the humidifier switches off automatically.

BALMUDA Rain Water top up

Operation of the Rain

The operation is done by Turn and click the control ring at the top. The top center OLED display provides information about the operating status. The water level, the current humidity in the room, the operating mode and the air volume level are displayed. The operating modes are in turn divided into one automatic mode, which keeps the humidity level between 40-60 percent depending on the setting, and the manual mode, which controls the room humidity after a total of five air volume levels. On 24h timer with 1 hours distance is additionally programmable.

BALMUDA Rain control buttons on the side of the humidifier

The power button and an overlying 24h timer button are located on the back of the Rain. If you keep the power button pressed in the switched-on state for 2 seconds, the childproof lock activates, which blocks the operation. All entries are confirmed by a service tone. In the Settings Among other things, the display brightness and speaker volume can be adjusted. If not operated, the display darkens automatically.

Operation and volume of the rain

The BALMUDA Rain is especially suitable for large living spaces. Up to 600 ml / h (level 5), the device maintains the humidity in the room upright. The humidification is done by a natural and very energy-efficient evaporation process.

In the test, the Rain was allowed to let off steam in an 40m² room with 35% humidity. In automatic mode, with the preset 50% humidity level, it takes about 30 minutes at 50% humidity to reach. The Rain switches very quickly to operating level 4, which is clearly audible. On Operating level 1-2 the humidifier is barely audible. From Operating level 3 the operating volume increases significantly. Continuous operation at 4 and 5 levels can be annoying!

BALMUDA Rain OLED display with info display

The Energy consumption is according to BALMUDA between 2 and 23 watts. This also corresponds approximately to the values ​​recorded in the test. It was in the Standby 3 Watt, on Level 1 low 5 Watt and on Level 5 only 26 Watt measured.

Filter system and cleaning of the rain

BALMUDA recommends the main filter all 6 months exchange. Replacement filters cost about 45 €. During operation, the Rain informs about an upcoming cleaning, which should be carried out monthly depending on the intensity of use. By the way, unpleasant odors did not occur in the long-term test.

The Cleaning the main filter Can be done completely uncomplicated with warm water, citric acid and baking soda / soda. The enzyme pre-filter is cleaned by simply vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner. The silver ion cartridge is washed off under running water.

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Final Words


Modern design
Good workmanship
Easy construction
Easy handling
Easy maintenance
Geringer Energieverbrauch


High purchase price
Operation volume at high levels

First impression
Operation Volume
Energy consumption

The BALMUDA Rain is a super humidifier. The design is modern, the handling extremely easy and the performance respectable. In addition, there is an extremely low energy consumption, which leaves no crying eye in continuous operation. To criticize is in turn the operating volume, which significantly increases from level 3 and 5 at the highest level can be perceived as unpleasant.

However, those who are not afraid of the high purchase price of the Rain, receives a very interesting humidifier, which copes well with large premises and its sophisticated filter system not only moistens the air, but also keeps clean.

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