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Babahu X1 toothbrush

Babahu X1 - the smartest toothbrush in the world ?!

For many, the perfect toothbrush is electric and smart. This is also how the company “Bairui Oral Care” sees it, which presented the Babahu X1, an AI-controlled toothbrush, on the “Indiegogo” crowdfunding platform. What is striking is the unusual design, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of whimsicality.

Babahu X1

Fully automatic and “hands-free”

Brush your teeth fully automatically, without worrying about whether you are brushing effectively and correctly. That is what the Babahu X1 promises. But how does it all work? 

Instead of a conventional brush head, the “smartest toothbrush in the world” uses a mouthpiece that is specially adapted to the teeth. The user only has to spread toothpaste on the mouthpiece, bite on it and the toothbrush does the rest fully automatically. At the same time, you have both hands free and can do other things while cleaning (at least in theory).

Babahu X1 (1)

Mouthpiece with 6D soft bristles

The U-shaped mouthpiece is equipped with “6D soft bristles”. The bristles are not made of nylon, but of silicone, which the manufacturer promises will make them easier to clean and last longer. Arranged at a 45° angle, the bristles cover the entire mouth area. Gentle vibrations clean teeth and spaces between teeth and massage the gums. The mouthpieces are available in different sizes. The manufacturer has not yet provided any information on how often a mouthpiece needs to be replaced.

Babahu X1 (2)

AI and Real-Time Monitoring

The heart of the Babahu X1 is in the handle of the toothbrush. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), the manufacturer wants to optimize teeth brushing. Intelligent cleaning algorithms divide the teeth into 6 cleaning areas. Each area is cleaned with a different level of vibration that is tailored to the user. The toothbrush becomes smart thanks to its app connection. Real-time data is transmitted to the app via Bluetooth. The cleaning behavior is in turn optimized from the collected data.

Price and availability

The Babahu X1 is already available in China and costs a whopping 1299 yuan, which is roughly € 165. Replacement brush heads cost 299 yuan, around € 37. It will be a while before the international sales of the toothbrush are launched. In the meantime, interested parties can ask about the Indiegogo campaign page to receive further information.

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